Facts and Detail: BullZip PDF Printer

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The portable Document Format is known as PDF. It is a file format that converts every part of a printed document into a digital image that can be viewed, navigated, printed, or forwarded to another person.

WPS Office, Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Capture, and other programs are used to create PDF files. A PDF file can be opened and viewed on any operating system, including Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android because the PDF format is an independent platform.

A PDF file may be opened and viewed by anyone, regardless of whether they have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on their computer, due to their universal compatibility. To create business documents that are print-ready, use the PDF format.

Sharing information that can contain important or secret information can be done safely by using PDFs. If they are encrypted, only people with the proper permissions can access the data contained in the file. In order to prevent your data, there is also a format that is challenging to edit.

Since anyone can open and read PDF files, regardless of the software they have installed on their computers, they are accessible. Password-protected PDF files make sure that only anyone with the right password can access the file's contents. Your data is further secured as a result.

There are many benefits to printing to PDF. That saves us time and effort. Users must use a third-party PDF printer software because there is no printing to PDF option in Windows. With PDF printers, you may print and save PDF files. The WPS PDF printer software makes printing PDF files on any computer simple.

What is a Bullzip PDF Printer?

Bullzip PDF printer is one of the PDF Printers that is used to edit a PDF. You can create PDF documents using almost any Microsoft Windows application by using the Bullzip PDF Printer, which functions as a Microsoft Windows printer.

This program is free from restrictions, thus there is a free version for both personal and professional use with a maximum of 10 users. They can not show any pop-up ads or advertisements on it. There are commercial versions with advanced features and functionality available for commercial applications with more than 10 users.

Programs running on Microsoft Windows operating systems can create Portable Document Format (PDF) files by choosing to "print" to the Bullzip PDF printer rather than a real printer using the free virtual printer software Bullzip PDF printer. It was created with simplicity for users and supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

How to Get Prints Using Bullzip PDF Printer in Windows

The following steps can help you in making your PDF Prints by using Bullzip:

  • Open the Bullzip software and launch it

  • After launching Open the software that created the file you want to print or go into your documents.

  • Open this document.

  • Click the "File" button and then the "Print" buttons inside the file.

  • To view the list of possible Printers, select "Options" after clicking the "Print" button.

  • The list of available Printers should include the Bullzip PDF Printer.

  • You can use this program to print once you choose Bullzip PDF Printer.

You don't need to select Save As after clicking File and Print. Instead, by selecting the Bullzip PDF print option, you can quickly create a PDF. See the dialogue window that opens when you click the Bullzip PDF Printer for more complicated actions.

How Can You Download the Bullzip PDF Printer

  • Using the Bullzip PDF Printer for Windows is a simple process.

  • Go to the official website of Bullzip and open it.

  • Click on the button “download”.

  • You must first download the software for the Windows version

  • The first thing you should do is download the Bullzip and Ghostscript applications.

  • The Bullzip PDF Printer needs users to install Ghostscript each time they use it,

  • However, users can decline this and other repeated request warnings.

Is It Possible to Use a Bullzip PDF Printer in Mac?

The main disadvantage of using a Bullzip PDF Printer is that it can not be used on Mac. So, you should use WPS Office instead of Bullzip because you can get many unlimited features for professional use. So isn't it better to use WPS Office instead of Bullzip software? What's even better is that you can use it on Mac too. We recommend WPS Office for all PDF-related work.

Guide to Use WPS Office Instead of BullZip PDF

It's not too difficult to use the Bullzip PDF Printer for Windows. Users should first download the Windows version of the app. Downloading the Bullzip and Ghostscript programmes needs to be the first thing a user does. But the main disadvantage of using the BullZip PDF Printer is it does not support the Mac user. So it is useless for Mac users to use or download BullZip. So, you can use Wps Office for PDF Print, even for all the PDF related work . Here is a complete guide on how you can use WPS Office.

Open WPS Office:

Open WPS Office, then drag and drop the PDF file you want to print to PDF, or click "Open PDF" and choose a file from your device to open it.


When you open the PDF document, the homepage provides many options, including the ability to add text, insert images, crop pages, divide pages, add headers and footers, and add links if you want to include links in your PDF.

On the insert page, you can then add pages, page numbers, a text box, and highlight a phrase. In addition, the toolbar has the comment, edit, page, protect, and most important tools, as well as options to convert your PDF document. However, the free WPS Office includes all of the tools you need to create high-quality documents.

Print option:

Choose "print." for more options. After that click on the menu button on the toolbar in the free 2023 best WPS office online and offline application.

Select the required option:

Choose Document and Note Contents from the Print content drop-down menu to the right of the pop-up box.


In the preview window, the note markings will be visible. For us, there are two options. The first step is to reopen the print interface after selecting the Comment tab, Note Mode, and other choices. Select the Print button for printing.

How Can You Download WPS Office by Using a Mac?

  • Go and click on the Official website of the WPS Office

  • After opening the website scroll down the site you will see the Downloading option

  • Click on the button” Download for Mac”

  • After that install WPS Office,

  • You can see the download file below,

  • Just open and click it.

Why Should You Prefer WPS Office?

Bullzip is best for the PDF Prints and  documents editions as well as this app is free for the 10 limited users for both personal and professional use. Bullzip app supports windows but it does not support Mac devices. For more features you have to get their paid version. So it is better to start using WPS Office. You need to be able to select the ideal free PDF maker for your requirements. WPS has all the essential capabilities, including an OCR tool and annotations. With the help of WPS Office, you may password-protect your document to stop unwanted copying and modification.

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