Faster Way to Export InDesign to PowerPoint

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PowerPoint and InDesign are the most popular creativity tools. PowerPoint is used for creating eye-catching and dynamic presentations. Whereas InDesign is Adobe's premier desktop publishing software. However, users often need help in converting designs created in InDesign to PowerPoint. The article presents a step-by-step guide on how to export InDesign to PowerPoint Online for free. In addition, the article will introduce the best alternative to Microsoft Office.

What is InDesign?

InDesign is a versatile desktop publishing software developed by Adobe that enables users to create sophisticated layouts and designs for various print and digital media. InDesign has various built-in creative tools along with an intuitive design environment. Although it is widely used for designing advanced documents such as brochures, magazines, and books, InDesign also offers a unique capability of creating presentation slides. If you want to export your slides created in InDesign into PowerPoint for free, keep reading the article.

Adobe InDesign vs. PowerPoint:

InDesign and PowerPoint are creativity tools for creating presentations and other digital media. However, it is very difficult to decide which is more suitable. Following are the pros and cons of InDesign and PowerPoint:  

Pros of InDesign:

  • It has advanced layouts, typography, and print-ready designs for publications

  • It is the best choice to handle high-resolution images to get the quality output of printing materials

Cons of InDesign:

  • The advanced features of the software are complex and require huge time to learn and use

  • It lacks features related to animations and transitions

Pros of PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint has an easy-to-use interface that enables users to create quick presentations

  • It offers a variety of animations, transitions, and effects that make presentations visually appealing

  • The presenter tools like notes, timers, and slide previews offer a hassle-free experience of presentation

Cons of PowerPoint:

  • It has limited layouts for presentation design

  • It cannot be used to get good-quality prints

How to Export InDesign to PowerPoint?

Converting an InDesign file to PowerPoint is not a straightforward process. Following is the step-by-step guide to doing it:

Step 1: Open the InDesign file that you want to convert into PowerPoint

Step 2: Go to File and Click on the Export button

Clicking on the Export Button

Clicking on the Export Button

Step 3: Choose Export to Adobe PDF

Clicking on the Export to PDF button

Clicking on the Export to PDF button

Step 4: Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Step 5: Go to Export and click on Export to PowerPoint

Clicking on the Export to PowerPoint button

Clicking on the Export to PowerPoint button

Step 6: Save the PowerPoint file in the desired location on your PC

Best Alternative to Microsoft Office - WPS Office:

WPS Office is a dynamic suite of office tools designed to enhance workflow and increase productivity. It is the best alternative to Microsoft Office and offers remarkable features for documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and PDFs. Moreover, WPS Office harmoniously integrates all your documents and files seamlessly, preserving the integrity of your content.

Additionally, WPS offers a wide range of InDesign templates that provide the aesthetic edge to your designs. If you want to get benefit from the convenience, compatibility, and creativity offered by WPS Office, click on the link to download it for free

Features of WPS Office

Features of WPS Office

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  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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  1. What formats can InDesign export to?

Adobe InDesign can be exported to various formats, allowing you to adapt your designs for different purposes and platforms. Some of the formats InDesign can export to include:

  • PDF

  • EPUB

  • JPEG

  • PNG

  • HTML

  1. Why is InDesign low quality?

Following are a few common reasons why the design created in InDesign appears low quality:

  • Image Resolution: If images used in your InDesign document have low resolution, they can appear pixelated or blurry when printed or exported.

  • Export Settings: When exporting your InDesign document, choosing incorrect settings for compression or resolution can lead to a loss of image quality.

  • Imported Graphics: If you're importing graphics from other software or sources, their original quality becomes low and impacts the quality of InDesign.

    Is there a presentation mode in InDesign?

Yes, InDesign's presentation mode lets you preview your design on the entire screen. You can access the presentation mode by pressing Ctrl + W, and you can exit the presentation mode using the same shortcut.


In Conclusion, the article provides a guide on exporting Adobe InDesign files to Microsoft PowerPoint. After briefly introducing InDesign, the article outlines a step-by-step guide to seamlessly convert the InDesign files to PowerPoint. The article also underlines the pros and cons of both InDesign and PowerPoint. Additionally, the article introduces WPS Office as a compelling alternative to Microsoft Office. Whether you want to do personal projects or fulfill your professional endeavors, WPS Office will empower you with its comprehensive toolkit offering innovation, reliability, and ease of use.

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