Fill, Edit and Sign PDFs: Choose WPS or iLovePDF?

July 31, 2023 1.2K views

Whether you are a student who is likely read a great many reading materials in PDF every day, or an employee who tends to deal with lots of working files in PDF frequently, you may need to fill in PDF forms, edit or sign PDFs. 

If you search online, you may find that many users are considering what PDF filler to choose.


Of course, there are several free PDF fillers, including WPS PDF filler and iLovePDF filler. Both are very poppular and have recieved multiple reviews from customers. This article will provide you with abundant resources and information of these two fillers to help you make a wiser choice! 

Are You Familiar with WPS?

In 1989, Founder of Kingsoft, Bojun Qiu announced the launch of WPS Office Software 1.0. After over 33 years of research and development, WPS has been a leading office productivity suite for both PC and mobile, fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. It helps to create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PPT slides, and PDF on Windows, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Over 1.2 billion users have installed it across the globe.

How Much Do You Know about iLovePDF?

Born and based in Barcelona in 2010, iLovePDF aims at offering top-quality service of dealing with PDFs and making managing them effortless. It provides two applications for users, including iLovePDF Mobile App that allows you to modify PDF files on the go, as well as the iLovePDF Desktop that helps you process files offline.

Do You Choose WPS PDF Filler or iLovePDF Filler?




Adding comments and annotation, filling forms

Signing contracts, cropping pages

Image and text editing, header and footer setting

Collaborative viewing

Compatible with 47 common file formats

including Adobe PDF


Editing and repairing

Adding page numbers and watermarks

Simple and user-friendly interface

Supporting 25 languages

Eliminating all your archives within 2 hours


Free Service

Access to Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and PDF Editor

PDF Fill-in, Annotation, Text Comment, Export Annotation


Access to iLovePDF tools

Limited document processing

Simple Electronic Signatures



$18.99/6 months$29.99/1year $7/1 month $48/1 year



One account with WPS Premium can be used on

up to 9 devices at the same time

(3 PCs and 6 mobiles)

20 GB of Cloud storage

Cloud collaboration


Managing your own team to share

   default actions

Adding a watermark with a corporate logo

Setting a page number format

Getting the job done faster








WPS or iLovePDF? Why Not WPS?

After having a glimpse of two fillers, WPS PDF and iLove PDF, now you have been more familiar with their histories, features, free services, premium services, price, etc.

I strongly recommend you to try WPS, for its high quality, convenience and resonable price! Apart from enjoying services that its PDF filler provides, you can also give it a try to its functions of Word, Excel and PPT!


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