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July 31, 2023 1.4K views

Foxit pdf Reader is a multilingual freemium portable document format application that allows users to create, view, edit, print, and digitally sign pdf files. Foxit Software develops Foxit Reader in Fuzhou, China.

The early versions of Foxit Reader were known for their fast startup times and small file sizes. Foxit 3.0 is comparable to Adobe Reader facilitated platforms.

The Foxit PdF Reader

Foxit Software is expanding support for downloads in new platforms while ending support for olds. Microsoft's Windows Mobile (CE), Windows RT, Windows Phone, and Windows 95 operating systems were all supported but are no longer available.

The Foxit website listed the new systems for users for free download, including Windows, Mac OS, and earlier versions of Linux. There are mobile Foxit versions for Android and Apple iOS-powered phones and tablets.

To get the complete guide of downloading Foxit, click right here.

Basic Information About The Application Before You Download Foxit

  • Publisher: and Foxit Software Inc.
  • Last Date Updated: 7/31/2022
  • First Added On: 2009-11-16
  • System Prerequisites: Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
  • Software License: free (Personal and business use)

With permission from Foxit Corporation, this free trial is ready for usage on portable devices. As one of the most heavily Downloaded applications used for creating, formatting, and printing pdfs, the Foxit apk, Foxit premium, and Foxit Pro links have millions of clicks from around the world.

A reliable and fast PDF reader

The main downloading point of the Foxit apk is its ability to open pdf files faster than other readers. It is fast performing because the reader does not contain any senseless plugins. These plugins increase the loading time of a pdf file because they require more processing.

The free download reader's text highlighting feature is another essential and handy feature. It lets you select specific pdf text or images. You can either accentuate or copy the selected items in the file. In addition, the reader offers the option of adding bookmarks or comments to the selected articles.

These small yet highly important features have increased the downloading rates of Foxit by multiple folds compared to other readers.

  • Security Components - When opened with any reader, some pdf files may contain malware or harmful programs that could damage your computer. Using Foxit Reader's JavaScript disabling feature is one way to prevent dangerous files from being activated. It prevents unknown programs from sending data to the Internet.
  • Protection of Documents – By downloading the Foxit premium and Foxit Pro allows you to enjoy pdf sensitive information. It contains encryption that renders the information on your pdf unreadable to anyone but the intended recipient.

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Why Should You Download It?

Downloading the Foxit free trial gives everything you need to open pdfs and read their contents. Further, it goes beyond mere preparation by allowing you to submit additional content of your own, such as comments or multimedia files. Many of the reader's features protect your PC from spyware or viruses that may be present in dubious pdfs.


Is There A Preferable Substitute For Downloading Foxit - WPS Pdf

WPS pdf viewer is one of the notable pieces of software. WPS only offers the essential features and accessing methods when it comes to opening pdf files, just like Foxit Reader's free trial.

It translates to extremely quick file loading on any kind of computer. The fact that WPS has a portable edition is an essential feature. There is no such need to install this program. It has an executable that can be used anywhere.

WPS Lite is launched from a USB stick if you need a portable pdf reader. WPS primarily offers the absolute best features in terms of opening PDF files. Therefore, if you ever come to terms that downloading Foxit apk, Foxit premium, or the Foxit Pro is not a cut-out for you, you can try the WPS office instead.

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