Free Excel timesheet template with formulas in 2022

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Having a monthly excel timesheet template will allow you to verify the activities performed by your employees on a daily, monthly basis if you are the company owner. 

There are several spreadsheet models available in Excel that allow you to organize the weekly schedules of your employees.

Excel has become a great tool because of its versatility. Keeping track of your employees' schedules will be easier with a monthly Excel timesheet template.

What is an Excel Timesheet Template?

Many employers are having trouble understanding what timesheets are and how to use them effectively, even though a variety of industries work with them. 

Employers and employees use timesheets to keep track of their working hours, including breaks. The functionality of timesheets is essentially the same regardless of the format, such as weekly and monthly. It is also possible to track double shifts on some timesheets, such as WPS Office' timesheet template

The total hours worked and the total breaks for a particular time should appear on every good timesheet, regardless of format or date range. 

Why an Excel Timesheet Template Matters

Accurate timekeeping not only ensures that your employees are paid correctly but also protects you in the event of an audit. Not only should you be familiar with federal payroll guidelines, but also each state's labor laws.

Using an accurate record of their work day, you can also compare it to any complaints received from customers. An employee timesheet can be used to determine when an employee(s) worked at the job site if a customer claims the job wasn't completed. Your reputation and employees are protected as well as your customer service is improved.

The purpose of tracking your time can be attributed to several factors. Here are some examples:

  • As part of continuous improvement or to build it into contract costs, you would like to measure how long it takes to prepare a proposal

  • As a result, you track work for future reference to be able to answer the client's question, how long will it take?

  • For billing purposes, you need to track work time for a client who pays you by the hour

  • To ensure you're getting value for your work, you want to track work time for a client who pays you by lump sum

  • You are on a retainer for a client and must log a certain number of hours each month

  • Clients want to know how much work you've done for them, so you track for transparency

Mistakes to Avoid in Excel Timesheet Templates

As business owners, we must sometimes wear the hat of accountants, even if we do not want to. Be sure you become familiar with all aspects of payroll processing. You can trip up by making the following mistakes:

  • Employees who are misclassified

  • Incorrect overtime calculations

  • Incorrectly paying taxes

  • Errors in data entry

  • Deadlines for payroll not being met

  • Keeping inaccurate records

  • Tax forms not being sent out 

To avoid making these common mistakes that can cost you a lot of money in the long run, make sure you understand each of these things before you start doing your payroll. Maintain a system for tracking your subs so you can refer to them when needed.

Excel Timesheet: How to Create One

When working with Excel and the amount of data, cells, and formulas that can be tracked, it's easy to get overwhelmed. With Excel, you can make a timesheet with just a few values. 

You won't find this useful for everyone, but it'll get you used to using Excel and include the most important features of a basic timesheet. 

It can be adapted to handle biweekly or monthly tracking as well. We will begin by tracking hours for one workweek.

Best Free Excel Spreadsheets Templates

1. Excel template for duty rosters

Organize your employees' shift schedules with this timesheet template that ensures the best design. A variety of tasks can be performed in it. Its simplicity makes it unique.

2. Template for monthly timesheets

Timesheets are designed to help you track how many hours your workers have worked each month. Employees' weekly activities are reflected in this spreadsheet. This is a modern quality sheet. Whenever you want, you can also download WPS Office to get the monthly excel timesheet template for 12 months.

3. Calculator for monthly timesheets

It is possible to calculate the amount of time your employees spend working with this Monthly Timesheet Template. You can cover all monthly hours with this hour, which includes multiple weekly tabs. A free excel timesheet template is available for download in Excel.

4. Timesheet template for monthly time in and out

Keep track of your weekly employee hours with this free clock in and clock out Excel timesheet template. The file can be downloaded easily. For sure, you should download the hourly timesheet template for Excel every month.

5. Approval status monthly timesheet excel

Managers and supervisors will benefit from this monthly excel timesheet template. Using it, you will be able to approve the time of your employees. It is available for download at any time. Made with quality, it is modern and stylish.

6. Excel template for basic monthly timesheets

You can use this simple monthly excel timesheet template to measure how your employees' schedules are changing each month. You can download this spreadsheet for free, and it's easy to use. 

7. Monthly view form excel template

The monthly excel timesheet template gives you a monthly overview of how your employees work. It is an easy-to-view and easy-to-download spreadsheet.

8. Template for employee monthly timesheets

You can learn how a monthly timesheet works and how your employees work their hours with this example of a spreadsheet. Therefore, you should not forget to download the monthly excel timesheet template for 6 months easily and quickly.

9. Monthly timesheet for tracking time

Keep track of your employees' monthly schedules with this monthly Excel timesheet template. Despite its modern appearance, it is a very high-quality spreadsheet. Thus, Excel has a weekly timesheet template for monthly expenses.

10. Template for excel timesheets for free

To organize your employees' work schedules with ease, you can download this free monthly excel timesheet template. With this spreadsheet, you can plan everything about your workers' working hours with several modern and complete functions. The free monthly excel timesheet template has many features and is comprehensive.

11. Timesheet for monthly projects 

You can use this project hours tracker for Excel from Vertex42 to keep track of how many hours you've spent working on different projects.

You can break down your time by project rather than a day in this template, even though it looks similar to other working hours trackers. The usual details, such as name, department, and company, should be entered at the top. Add the names of the projects, the optional codes, and the total number of hours per day.

12. Biweekly or weekly timesheets with breaks

There might be a need for a timesheet with breaks in the day on a weekly or biweekly basis. If you work a split shift, you can enter morning and evening hours.

Enter your times in and out following the same format as the template. Your regular hours will be automatically updated at the end of the row, and your total payment will be calculated based on your rate and hours worked. Also, you can enter holiday, vacation, and sick time hours.

What are the Benefits of Using Timesheet Templates?

An Excel timesheet template offers two major benefits:

1. Gives a quick overview 

Since many people work on numerous projects simultaneously, keeping track of each employee is difficult.

You may find it even more challenging to supervise remote teams. The way each project is going and who is working on it won't be visible to you physically. 

It is easy to keep track of all the tasks your team members are working on with a simple timesheet. It is possible to monitor and gauge the progress of individual projects using this data. 

To help you plan better, you can summarize what everyone is working on and how long each task took. The progress can also be slowed down if issues are flagged and addressed.

2. Budgeting and payroll are simplified

You can use timesheets to pay your employees and bill your clients for the hours they have worked. 

A freelancer's total time on a client's project can easily be calculated if they are paid daily, weekly, or biweekly. A freelancer's payroll can then be generated and an accurate invoice can be sent to the client. 

Furthermore, timesheets allow you to track how long employees take to complete a task. Your estimates for a future project can be better calculated with this tracked data. It is even possible to build strategies to minimize your costs so that you can maximize your profits. 

Manual Timesheet Management Tips

The following tips will help you use a simple timesheet template: 

1. Educate your employees

Time tracking templates are more likely to be filled out correctly by employees if:

  • The Excel format is user-friendly

  • Formulas are predefined

  • Doesn't need much editing

Therefore, a simple timesheet template would be best. It is also possible to train new employees on how to use manual timesheet tools such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. They can automatically calculate using an Excel formula or pivot table with proper training.

2. Code each project

Do your employees keep track of how much time they spend on each project? Each project should have a code. The same project may be worked on by multiple employees under different names.

As an example, if one wants to write a blog post on virtual project management, then one can log it as virtual project management. The other can save under virtual project management in the project timesheet. 

It may not seem like a big deal, but when you're dealing with Excel spreadsheets, such small changes can be extremely challenging to navigate. 

Furthermore, by using project codes, one can track the resources allocated to specific projects and sort timesheets for payroll management more efficiently. 

3. Comply with government regulations

Some countries set guidelines on minimum wages, overtime, and recordkeeping. Non-exempt employees in the USA are entitled to overtime pay and minimum wages after 40 hours of regular work in a week, under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Keep track of hours, clock-ins, and timeouts to ensure overtime pay is calculated appropriately.

Timesheets created using tools like MS Excel, Google Docs, or Google Sheets, however, have many limitations due to the manual processing of data involved. These tips can only help you to an extent.

Gathering Timesheet Data

Collecting accurate timesheet information from employees is one of the greatest challenges customers face. The process of collecting data is often hampered by damaged, illegible, or missing timesheets.

Employees who work in the field face particular challenges when tracking their time. Everything from phone tags to sticky notes to coffee stains! It is very easy for your employees' hours to be collected incorrectly.

Therefore, you must have a system in place to ensure your employees are accurately recording their time so that your payroll runs consistently.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Ensure that time is turned in by a certain date

  • Each employee's time should be collected by a supervisor

  • Prepare and do payroll on a specific day

  • Ensure you collect all the information from every job site, along with the job costing

You will be more likely to stick with a system if it is easy to use. Make sure you don't put yourself in a position where you will fail. You are trying to simplify your payroll and time tracking process here. 

It won't do you much good to have a template for employee timesheets if your workers don't fill them out. You risk overpaying or underpaying your employees if they don't use the template or report their time to you regularly.


Employees can record their work hours and calculate their daily, weekly, or monthly payments with the help of a free timesheet template. Our templates can be customized to meet your needs by downloading them.

Human error is a common occurrence when it comes to Excel timesheets, however. It is better to use a timesheet calculator that automatically calculates the time.

The software offers time tracking as well as a variety of advanced features, such as a work schedule, detailed reports, and productivity ratings. To get started, download the WPS Office program.

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