Free One Page Business Plan Templates in Word Doc

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A good business plan is pivotal in the growth and success of any business. This is why it is crucial to have a solid business plan to pitch to your investors. A business plan is an excellent tool to align your priorities and set targets. This will help you give an outline of the general ideas and help you stay focused. With the help of a good business plan, you can set a solid foundation for your business.

If you are not well versed in how business plans work and how to design one, then it is ideal to find a template online. But, with so many templates available online, how to find the perfect mix of a professional and engaging business plan?

Don't worry; WPS Templates has got you covered. With thousands of free and editable templates, you can create an engaging business plan in no time. WPS templates also offer one-page business plan templates that are efficient and easy to understand but covers all the critical aspects on a single page.

Before diving into the one-page business plan templates, let’s understand what a one-page business plan template is.

What is a One Page Business Plan Template in Word Doc?

If you like organizing a brief outline of your more detailed and complex ideas, then one-page business plans are for you. The one-page business plans condense all the business strategies and goals into a single page to help you focus on your targets without going through the whole business plan again and again.

With a one-page business plan, you can organize all the essential elements on a single page, making communicating more accessible and specific to the audience you are interacting with. For example, if you are talking to potential investors, a one-page business plan with projections will be much more effective than giving them a whole report.

Apart from that, your business plan may include the following depending on the audience.

  • The vision statement of your company and strategic objectives.

  • Market strategies along with projected future sales.

  • A brief overview of the products and services the business will provide.

  • Briefly describing the customer segments the business will cater to.

With multiple ways to design your one-page business plan or edit an existing one-page business plan template, you can easily customize and condense your business's essential ideas and goals on a single sheet to impress your audience.

As this article focuses on a one-page business plan template in Word doc, it is important to note that the word doc format allows you to easily edit the template according to your needs. You can make all the changes you want once you find the perfect template for your business.

When to use a one-page Business Plan Template in Word Doc?

While a one-page business plan might sound like a fantastic way to summarize all the important strategies for your business, it might not be appropriate all the time. Here are some ways that you can utilize your one-page business plan template in word doc or pdf:

Save Time and Manage Operations Effectively

As your business takes off, there will be a lot of quick decision-making involved, and that means that you can not always take your time looking through the detailed business plan. You need to have a brief one-page on your hand listing the vital strategies and targets you need to achieve. This will save your precious business time that you can later utilize on other essential matters.

Also, with a template finalized, you would know exactly what to do in a particular situation.

A Basic Outline for the Business

Think of a one-page business plan as a snapshot of all the operations and plan executions taking place. This plan provides a simple overview of everything happening in your business, along with all the steps and stakeholders.

This basic outline in the form of a one-page business plan in Word doc allows you to get a little sketch of all the things you want to accomplish with your business. Once you have a rough idea, you can hatch out the details in a more elaborate business plan. Or the one-page business plan can be a summary of your detailed plan to share with your employees and investors, so you are all aware of everything involved.

Convince all the Stakeholders Involved

Building upon the previous point, your business is successful only if all the stakeholders are satisfied, including your customers, employees, and financiers. While many of them may not be well-versed in business jargon, it will be beneficial if you can condense all the information on a single page in layman's terms. Or you can even extract different parts of your original and more detailed business plan according to the stakeholder. For example, you can use a summary of the financial statement, data like valuation, and future sales projections on your one-page business plan template to show them all the relevant data.

WPS Templates - Find Free and Editable One Page Business Plan Templates in Word Doc

If you are looking for an excellent template for one-page business plans, then we highly recommend WPS Office. WPS Templates allows you to access thousands of professionally designed templates, and that too for free. There is an extensive collection of free and premium templates you can download by purchasing a premium subscription.

WPS is available as an application, and you can also access the website directly and download the templates from there. We highly recommend downloading the app for a more wholesome experience.

The best part about these templates is that they are available in multiple formats, themes, and styles to suit your needs. You can find the templates in Word doc and the presentation format so that you can insert the template without too much hassle.

If you are using WPS templates online, you will see it allows you to sneak a preview of the template before downloading it to see if it suits you. It also allows you to edit the template in the browser or download it and then edit it in your word app.

Besides this, the website and the application are effortless to navigate with a very intuitive interface that will ensure you find what you are looking for without much fuss.

We recommend WPS not just because of the extensive range of designs and formats but also because you easily find what you are looking for, whether free or not. It can be pretty troublesome looking for templates, finally finding one, and realizing it's either not in the correct format or free. In WPS, the premium and free templates are easily distinguishable, so you can find something that fits your pocket.

So, make sure you check out WPS templates if you want top-quality editable one-page business plan templates for download.

How to Use a One Page Business Plan Template?

It is important to understand that not all types of one-page business plan templates might be suitable for specific use. Multiple online templates help you create a one-page business plan for what you need.

There are numerous ways you can utilize your business plan. You might want to tweak your one-page business plan depending on who you are addressing. While editing, keep in mind that you might need to put specific information on the one-page business plan since it is supposed to be concise, allowing you to sift through all the essential details.

Here is how a business plan template can help you make an impression:

  • You can use the business plan template to mark critical milestones for your business and the strategies required to achieve them.

  • The one-page business plan can be an excellent way to guide your employees on how they can coordinate to bring the product to the market.

  • The one-page business plan can also help the marketing and sales department target customer segments interested in the product or services.

  • With the help of the business plan template, you can put together all the financial data and projections on a single page to provide evidence for the growth you are expecting in the future.

Where to Download a one-page Business Plan Template?

While the internet allows you to access a plethora of business plan templates, it might take hours until you can find something you like and then download it. An easier way around this is going directly to WPS Templates.

WPS has an extensive library featuring free and premium templates to choose from. These templates will fulfill all your business plan needs and then some. All of these templates are top quality, so you will definitely be satisfied with the results.

To download an editable one-page business plan template, follow the steps below:

  • Start by opening your browser and going to the WPS Template store.

  • Next, sign up using your email credentials.

  • Once signed in, go to the top search bar and write a one-page business plan. If you want something specific, add additional keywords like finance or marketing to find templates accordingly. The editable one-page business plans for word doc and the presentation will be available.

  • If you do not find what you are looking for in the free versions, you can check out the premium templates, which are incredibly light on the pocket.

  • If a template catches your eye, you can click on the template to get a preview of the template.

  • In case the template suits your needs, you can hit the download button to download, or you can start editing in the browser if you want to edit it there.

  • You can then customize your template as you want and add in all the information you want.

  • WPS allows its premium members to personalize the template by changing colors and fonts.

Best 3 Editable One Page Business Plan Templates

If this is your first time working with a one-page business plan template, then let us help you through the process. While finding an existing template rather than making your own may sound easy, but it can be tricky.

WPS features a range of different one-page business plan templates, but how do you know which one is best for you and when to use each one? Here are some templates to give you an idea to get you started:

1. The Business Model Diagram

The Business Model Diagram is a version of the Business Model canvas that helps you identify the roles and values created by key stakeholders like suppliers, customers, and staff. Other than that, it also highlights key activities and core activities required by the business. You can easily compare the capital injected and the resources required to see if the product is on par with the market demand.

2. One Page Business Plan

The One Page Business Plan is another template that will allow you to create milestones and assign them a time period to be accomplished. These milestones can be for working towards a long-term goal like a vision or a short-term goal. An action plan like this one will encourage employees and motivate them towards their end goal.

3. Business Sales Form

This Business Sales Plan is specially designed to ensure all the projections can be easily seen to deduce the company's future growth. Apart from that, the template shows how the profit and the sales are divided between the three products.

Wrap Up

With so many templates accessible at WPS Templates, you would never have to create a business plan or any other plan from scratch again. These editable one-page business plan templates will not only save your precious time and energy but will also add a professional quality to your work, especially if you are new at designing one-page business plans.

We highly recommend that you download WPS office for a more seamless experience. You can download your templates and then edit them in WPS Office using the range of tools available.

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