Free Printable Turkey Templates PDF Websites

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Thanksgiving Day brings people together to express gratitude and create turkey-themed decorations. Looking for something creative to gift your loved one during this heartwarming occasion? Use these free printable turkey templates in PDF to show your loved ones your love with some creativity and fun! Let’s explore these 3 reliable websites offering various templates and learn how to use WPS Office to customize and print your chosen design with precision and a personal touch.

Turkey Templates —— Download these PDFs

1. Printabulls

Printabulls has a large selection of beautifully designed printable turkey templates PDF that are perfect for Thanksgiving celebrations. Printabulls offers a wide range of creative and high-quality templates that will add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving decorations. Printabulls has turkey coloring pages, turkey cutouts, and turkey-themed crafts for you to enjoy.

The extensive interface is ideally suited for the educational sector, benefitting teachers and students.


  • The templates exude vibrant colors that are aesthetically pleasing.

  • Usage is free.


  • The presence of advertisements may lead to a slightly disrupted browsing experience.

  • The platform doesn't offer in-built editing tools for further personalization.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is a hub of creativity and inspiration, offering various free printable turkey templates PDF for your Thanksgiving craft projects. The diverse selection allows you to select templates that align with your creative vision.From adorable turkey coloring pages to intricate turkey paper crafts, you'll find an abundance of templates that are not only free but also easily printable in PDF format.

One of the great advantages of Pinterest is that users can effortlessly download these templates as images and then utilize WPS Office to convert them into PDF format. This seamless process enables you to customize and edit the templates according to your specific needs.

Pinterest is full of fantastic turkey printable templates for people who love to do DIY projects and make pretty Thanksgiving decorations.


  • Access to an extensive array of professionally crafted turkey templates.

  • Facilitates interaction and engagement via the comments section.


  • Pinterest lacks built-in editing or direct printing functionalities.

  • To customize the template, you must save it as a PDF file.

3. is a robust resource that provides an extensive collection of free turkey shape templates for various craft projects. has a wide range of turkey templates to suit your needs, whether you're looking to make Thanksgiving decorations, DIY projects, or artistic crafts. You can quickly access and download these templates using their simple interface to bring your creative ideas to life.

Artists who need a wide range of turkey designs for commercial or noncommercial use can benefit from these large turkey template printable pdf.


  • Abundant templates are available for free.

  • Easy-to-use interface for quick customization.


  • Some advanced features require a $2/month subscription.

  • The website contains multiple-page ads and pop-up ads, which can be distracting.



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  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

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Some Free templates available online:

1. Turkey Pilgrim Coloring Template

This template features a depiction of a turkey dressed as a pilgrim. it is perfect to be used for activities during the Thanksgiving season. The template likely includes a large illustration of the turkey pilgrim with various intricate patterns and details to color. It is intended to be a creative and enjoyable activity for children and adults alike, encouraging them to use their imagination and artistic skills to bring the illustration to life with colors

2. Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages For Kids

The template features a simple turkey outline that can be filled with colors, making it an enjoyable activity for children and adults alike during the Thanksgiving holiday. The straightforward design of the turkey allows for easy coloring, making it suitable for various age groups and skill levels.

3. Terrified Turkey Template

The template features a terrified face of a turkey indicating that it's a Thanksgiving-themed activity focused on a turkey illustration. However, with the term "terrified," the turkey may have a humorous or whimsical twist to it, possibly making it an entertaining and engaging coloring experience for children or even adults.

WPS Office — Edit and Print Your Turkey Template

To edit and print your Turkey Template printable PDF, users can take advantage of a WPS Office. With its advanced PDF editing tools, ability to convert files into various formats, and options of printing PDFs makes WPS Office a reliable tool to work and finalize your templates before Thanksgiving. Let’s learn how to use WPS Office to personalize and print your Turkey Template printable PDF:

Step 1: Launch WPS Office on your system

Step 2: Browse for the downloaded Turkey Template PDF.

Step 3: Head over to the ribbon menu and click on the “Edit” tab to access WPS Office editing features

Step 4: Users can add texts, erase parts of the images that they dislike, and also add images to add colors to their template.

Step 5: Users can also convert their images to PDF using WPS Office, simply head back to the ribbon menu and click on the “Convert” tab.

Step 6: Click on “Image to PDF”, upload the image that you want to convert and click on “Convert”

Step 7: You can print your personalized turkey template PDF using WPS Office. No need to switch between apps, WPS Office is a one stop solution for all your document management needs!


  • Clean and intuitive interface for a user-friendly experience.

  • Extensive collection of templates available within the WPS Office App.

  • Convenient cloud saving feature for easy access and storage.

  • Support for multi-person collaboration, enabling seamless teamwork on templates.


Q1. How can I craft my own Paper Turkey?

You can follow the simple guide below on how to create your Thanksgiving turkey by using the printable turkey template in two different methods:

  • The first way of using the template is to print out the cut-out template and trace it on paper to make your turkey.

  • The second method is to print out the entire coloring page template and customize it by coloring or decorating it yourself.

WPS Office is a useful tool to edit and print cut-out templates.

Q2. How do I assemble the Printable Cut-out Turkey?

The following steps present a clear and straightforward guide on how to generate the printable cut out turkey.

  • Print out the Turkey template.

  • Sketch around colored cardstock for feathered parts and body shapes.

  • Initiate by gluing the feathers into position.

  • Glue down the head and then the head on top. Make sure to glue the googly eyes down to add a creative look to your turkey template.

  • Utilize glue to stick on the beak and snood.

  • Stick on the feet.

Elevate Your Thanksgiving Crafts with Free Printable Turkey Templates

Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion that unites families and fills homes with the delightful aroma of a perfectly cooked turkey. It's a time to gather, express gratitude, and indulge in delicious meals. Adding to the festive spirit, sharing Thanksgiving turkey templates can be a delightful and creative idea.

In this article, we have curated a selection of websites where you can discover a wide range of these templates. Explore these websites to find the perfect template that suits your style and preferences. And don't forget to visit the WPS Template Store, which offers a plethora of turkey templates to choose from. Take a moment to explore the store today and unveil the exciting possibilities that await you.

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