Free Resume Samples For High School Student

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Once a person has completed their high school their next and foremost step is to build a Resume, so that they can apply for a job. The job for a high school student is something related to giving their service to others. High school students are young so they have the power to assist, learn and are expected to have particular talents. You can rather be a dance teacher, a childcare provider, or a substitute teacher, you will need a resume to get your foot in the door in the particular sector where you want to work.

To create a resume, you can use various resumes for high school student formats in words that are easy to use. School principals and hiring committees are difficult to be pleased with these days. They look for academicians with the highest talents and qualities to hire for their company or school. As they can improve the future of their institutions. So, you must mention each and every detail of yourself in your resume. Here, we will review some sample resumes for high school students’ first job in India word format.

How Should a New High School Student Write a Resume

When you are a fresh high school student, it’s important to understand how to write a resume. The key point is to ensure that your resume contains relevant skills and experience for the job you apply for.

Make sure that all of your information is consistent with what is known about the position you are applying for. For example: if your resume of a high school student says that you have been into the public sector since high school and graduated from an accredited school, this should be reflected in the relevant sections of your resume.

If you don’t have work experience, these instructions can help you create a powerful resume for high school students.

1. Choose an Appropriate Resume Format

However, choosing the right resume format can be difficult for high school students who are just starting their careers. But, you can choose an appropriate free resume template for high school students from the WPS Office. Besides, you can also use WPS Office to create a professional-looking resume yourself. Because choosing the right resume format for high school students can help you stand out from the crowd. Instead of choosing a resume format that’s too basic or too creative, try one that will give your resume a professional look and feel.

But, no matter what type of resume template you use for high school students, you will have to choose the one that provides consistent information about you. This will engage the reader or hiring manager, increasing your chances of getting a job.

2. Use Resume Title

When applying for any job, you will have to use a descriptive resume title for high school students that is not only descriptive but also attention-getting. The title should be bold and easy to read so that the recruiter can quickly find your name and contact information when they need you.

In addition, this part should contain your contact information such as name, email address, or phone number. This part of the resume for high school students should include the first and last names of individuals interested in applying for the job.

After reviewing your resume as a high school student, some employers will ask for additional information about yourself, such as nationality, photo, or home address. For example, if you are from Canada or Spain, it would be appropriate to include those details in this section of your resume because employers might need to contact them directly if they wish to move forward with an interview process.

3. Write an Attractive Professional Summary

The executive summary is a brief paragraph that tells the hiring manager about your career goals, which will help them determine if you are the right candidate for their job.

Your statement of purpose should include your name, education, work experience, and relevant skills or qualifications. It should also include the job title you’re applying for and a brief description of what makes you qualified to fill this position.

A professional summary or statement includes your aspiration, qualification, experience, and skills. It describes your achievements and what you can provide for this job.

Remember: Professional summary or statement includes your aspiration, qualification, experience, and skills. It describes your achievements and what you can provide for this job. This is a summary of your entire resume, so make sure it’s concise. If there’s room, add any additional information that will help explain why you are perfect for the job.

4. Summarize your Education Achievements Related to the Job

Your education achievements can help you to stand out from other candidates. So, you can list your educational accomplishments in a separate section of your resume. If you have a lot of achievements, make sure to organize them properly so that it is easy for recruiters to read.

To clearly state your accomplishments, you must list all academic achievements related to the job you are applying for. These include major, courses taken, awards received, publications written, activities undertaken, and other relevant details about your academic record.

You don’t have to list every activity done at your university or all courses taken as long as they relate to the job you’re applying for. You can choose the most relevant ones based on your skills and interests so that recruiters can easily identify them among others with similar profiles and qualifications.

5. Highlight Your Work Experience

When writing a resume of a high school student, the most important thing you should do is highlight your work experience. Your work experience is a great place to gain attention because it shows that you can do the job.

Work experience includes internships, traineeships, volunteering, or other part-time jobs or extra-curricular activities.

You can include the dates of each experience in chronological order or use bullet points to emphasize certain achievements or responsibilities. Try to quantify results, so they are easy to understand.

Moreover, any relevant part-time jobs or extra-curricular activities could be mentioned. When editing your work experience, you can also emphasize the responsibilities and achievements with a bullet point list.

6. Mention the Skills Relevant to the Job

Another important thing you can do is to list your skills and abilities. This will help employers understand how you can be an asset to their team.

The first step is identifying what skills employers look for in their job advertisements. Check out the job advertisements to get an idea of what skills are most valued by employers. Then, make a list of those skills from most important to least important, and put them in the order in which you would use them on your resume as a high school student.

7. Extra Parts Which can Help You Gain the Job

Your resume should be a summary of everything that you have done in life so far. You can also add some extra information about languages, hobbies and other qualifications which may help you gain the job.

Writing extra things will boost the competitiveness of your resume as a high school student.

Here are some extra parts you could include on your resume:

  • Language skills: Language skills are very important for nurses as they need to communicate effectively with patients, families, doctors, and other staff members to ensure their safety and comfort.

  • Hobbies: It is important for nurses interested in volunteering or working at a nursing home to mention their hobbies so that employers can get an idea of what kind of person they will be working with daily.

  • Additional Qualifications: You can add any additional qualifications like certificates, degrees, etc., which will help you in gaining job opportunities in a better way.

7 Top Free Resume Samples For High School Student

It is said by someone that high school is one of the best times of their life. But it sounds different if you are looking for your first job without experience. This begins with filling out applications, preparing for interviews and most importantly framing a resume.

Things get difficult when you write a resume without having previous experience in the particular field of the job. We all have been through all this struggle. So to overcome all your worries there are so many resume builders for high school students. We have tried to analyze thousands of resumes for high school students and learnt what exactly a high school student’s resume looks like. We have listed down 5 best free resume templates for high school students.

1. Resume for Students

This is one of the well organized and sophisticated resume templates. You can easily customize it according to your choice. It can be edited. This resume template for high school students will help you to look different from others. You can stand out from the herd. The design and the framing gives you an outlook of professionalism. You should try it, afterall first impression is the last impression.

2. Red Resume for Graduates

This is a super amazing, high resolution image resume template for high school students. The resume looks amazing aesthetically. You can do the editing and can customize it accordingly. It has an eye-catching design and it looks amazing. You can’t avoid trying this out at least once. You will definitely end up impressing the recruiter.

3. Simple Student Resume

You can look at this resume template for high school students provided here. You can make your resume look attractive. This resume is well organized and you edit it according to your choice. Black and white color combination of the resume gives it a high visual effect. You must try to impress the recruiter.

4. Business Style Resume for Students

You can make use of this blue coloured high school student’s resume template. This resume template can impress your recruiter. You can’t afford to miss out on it. You must use this template.

5. Resume for Undergraduates to Study Abroad

If you are searching for the best resume templates for undergraduate students then you came to the right place. These templates are minimalistic and well organized. It is a perfect resume for high school students who are undergraduate. All these templates are available for free on our wps official website.

6. Universal & Simple Resume

You can grab the attention of your employer by simply using this amazing and ordered template. This can be used as a high school student template word for part-time job or internship purposes.

7. Simple Fresh Graduates Resume

This is a high-resolution image template to grab your employer’s attention. A perfect resume for high school students helps you in standing out from the queue. You can freely describe this template.

We are very sure that you can easily frame a resume after going through the article. Here we have tried to mention all the aspects required in a resume for high school students. All the above mentioned tips are very easy to apply. There are free resume templates for high school students. You can make use of these samples directly.



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Part 2: Where to Find a Good Resume Template

When looking for a good resume template as a high school student, you have various options available online.

WPS Office

WPS is a software where you can find resume templates. You can find all kinds of resume templates in WPS, and many of them are suitable for high school students. And it is free to download resume templates in WPS, I highly recommend you to choose WPS templates to make your resume!  

Here are some excellent resume templates available on WPS Office:

Creative Fresh Resume for Graduates:

Creative Fresh Resume for Graduates

  • Pros: This template has a standardized and formal design with a creative touch. It includes sections like self-evaluation to make the resume more comprehensive.

  • Suitable for: Graduates and high school students.

  • Download Link: Creative Fresh Resume for Graduates

Business Style Resume for Students:

Business Style Resume for Students

  • Pros: This formal resume template presents key information briefly, allowing the reader to quickly understand your profile.

  • Suitable for: Students seeking job opportunities.

  • Download Link: Business Style Resume for Students

Resume for Translator:

Resume for Translator

  • Pros: Designed for specific job seekers, this template focuses on showcasing information and skills relevant to a translator's role.

  • Suitable for: Individuals aspiring to work as translators.

  • Download Link: Resume for Translator

Resume for Accountant:

Resume for Accountant

  • Pros: Tailored for job seekers looking for accounting positions, this template emphasizes work experience to showcase internships and relevant accounting experience.

  • Suitable for: Individuals interested in accounting roles.

  • Download Link: Resume for Accountant

Simple Resume for Doctor:

Simple Resume for Doctor

  • Pros: This resume template features predominantly white colors, reflecting a style suitable for the medical profession.

  • Suitable for: Aspiring doctors and medical professionals.

  • Download Link: Simple Resume for Doctor

Feel free to explore these templates on WPS Office and choose the one that best fits your preferences and career aspirations. Remember to customize the template with your own information and experiences to create a personalized and impactful resume.



Jobseeker sounds like an excellent resource for creating a resume with its user-friendly interface and the ability to generate customized resumes based on individual needs. Having a formal format and beautiful design can make a significant difference in how your resume is perceived by potential employers or college admissions officers.

The automation feature, where you input your relevant information, and the website automatically generates the desired resume, can save a lot of time and effort for job seekers, especially for high school students who may be new to resume writing and need guidance.



Beamjobs sounds like another fantastic website that provides a wide selection of resume templates to cater to different styles and purposes. Having detailed and categorized templates can be highly beneficial for job seekers, including high school students, as it streamlines the process of finding the perfect resume format.

Categorizing templates by style and purpose allows users to quickly identify templates that align with their preferences and the specific job or college application they are targeting. This level of customization can help create resumes that are well-suited for various industries or roles.


Q1: What if I don't have any work experience to include?

Not having formal work experience is common for high school students. Instead, focus on other experiences like volunteer work, extracurricular activities, or projects you've been involved in. Highlight transferable skills gained from these experiences to showcase your potential to employers or colleges.

Q2: Can I include my hobbies and interests on my high school resume?

In general, it's not necessary to include hobbies and interests on a high school resume unless they directly relate to the job or demonstrate specific skills or qualities that the employer is seeking.

Q3: How long should a high school student's resume be?

A high school student's resume should ideally be one page long. Keeping it concise and relevant ensures that employers or colleges can quickly assess your qualifications and achievements.

Q4: What type of resume template is suitable for high school students?

High school students should look for resume templates that emphasize their personal skills and abilities. Since work experience might be limited, focus on templates that allow you to showcase extracurricular activities, achievements, and relevant projects. Make sure the template you choose aligns with the industry or field you are applying for.

Conclusion: Crafting Effective Resume Templates for High School Students

To conclude, the art of developing a compelling resume is of paramount importance for high school students aiming to distinguish themselves in both college applications and job pursuits. This article has delved into the fundamental aspects of constructing an impressive resume.

In the pursuit of locating the perfect resume template, one name stands out: WPS Office. Highly endorsed, this platform offers an extensive array of templates tailored to diverse requirements and aesthetics, rendering it an optimal choice for high school students. Through the utilization of WPS Office's templates, the creation of polished, visually captivating resumes becomes effortless, allowing for the effective exhibition of individual strengths and qualifications.

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