How Can I Use A PDF Editor Using MacOS?

July 31, 2023 804 views

Today, PDF file formats have become popular in Businesses, education, online literature, and any government institute. The reason for the popularity is that they are easy to use, and also they remain in their original format. But there are some PDF editors that are not able to edit it; they can just open it as a PDF viewer or reader. But you can add comments and signatures in these PDF editors, but they are in fully-fledged form. Mac users face some difficulties in using PDF editors, it may be challenging because many PDF editors update over time.  So, for editing a text you will need a good, free, or reasonable PDF editor. Another big problem is that there are many other PDF editors available in the market but they are not freely available, they are almost available with premium features.

So, you know that editing is only possible with a good and featured PDF editor.

Well, if you want the best and most reasonable PDF editor that can help you in editing your important files without any damage or threat, then you should use the WPS Office. For the best and most valuable editing, you can also get its premium features from WPS Office, which is available for a very reasonable amount. You'll avoid wasting dollars on your other editor.

For Mac, if you use the WPS PDF tool, it can help you edit and create a PDF document. There are many sources available for editing PDFs but if you want to go for advanced features then download this.

What benefit can you get from this WPS tool? You can not only edit it but also can get it online, you can convert your Word file into PDF easily.  So, what are you waiting for?

How to Add Pages in a PDF On MacOS:

If you want to a page in a PDF editor on Mac, And if you do not know how to add pages in PDF, then we will tell you how to Add pages on a Mac in a very simple way:-

  • Open the preview App on your Mac device and after that open the PDF that you want to need change.

  • For adding a page in a PDF, You have to select the page you want to add the new page before or after the current page.

  • Now click the Edit button, and then select the “insert” button.

  • Select the page or Blank page

  • Now your new page is inserted.

How Can You Edit Your PDF Text on Mac?

If you are a Mac user and you need to edit PDF on Mac then click on the PDF file, this PDF file will result in a preview file, which means that when you open the PDF for editing it will only show you this preview. The preview app does not allow you to edit text or insert any images or any video, it only allows you to add comments and signatures, etc.

After hearing the advantages of WPS, you must be thinking that it should be used, right? Follow these steps to know about how to edit a text in WPS.

  • If you don't have WPS Office, then go and download

  • After downloading, launch it.

  • Go to the WPS premium

  • Now click the Edit button

  • Now click on Edit Content in the drop-down menu.

  • You will see the Text option  when you Check the show Text Boundary option

  • After that go and click on the text box

  • You can see options like copy, paste, delete, etc.

  • You can now edit your text in PDF according to your need.

  • After editing then click on the save button to view the final text.

Is It Possible to Use PDF Editor Online on Mac?

Of course, WPS provides a facility for Mac users to use online, and that software enables online document and spreadsheet creation and management. There are various methods to get started with it, and downloading and using it are both free.

WPS Office is initially offered as a standalone program or as a component of an online service. Simply install the standalone program, select one of its available templates, and begin working. Installing is not necessary for the online service; simply create a WPS account (which is free for new users) and use the application as you would any other online tool to get started.

A variety of capabilities, such as document generation, spreadsheet management, emailing, and collaboration tools, are available in both systems. WPS Office is a free online office program that makes it simple to handle documents.

Can I Use WPS Office Free for Mac?

Yes definitely, you can easily and freely use WPS Office and get a benefit from this. This is considered the biggest advantage for Mac users because Mac users can not use or download free any other software.WPS Office offers a free subscription and allows users to use it freely, although much other software is available for Mac users they can not provide a free service with many unlimited features.

Every Mac user gets to enjoy their features and function but there is also a premium feature that is also available. While WPS Premium subscribers have access to more advanced tools made available to them, common users of WPS Office for Mac enjoy a variety of features and functions that cover most of their demands in daily work. The option to go premium or not depends on your own requirements.

How Can You Convert Your PDF into Another Format through Mac?

PDF format is used for unchanged and for good reading experiences or may be used for the Presentation purpose. Obviously, you need a format like a word, ppt, or excel for some changes or for editing.

If you are a Mac user and find it difficult to convert your PDF into word format, then don't worry, here is a complete solution. By following these steps you can convert your PDF into another format:-

  • Open the software WPS Office and after that drop and open a PDF in WPS Office

  • On the right side of tool just Click on the “Export PDF tool

  • Now select the “word Document” from the dropdown list and then click on the Export button.

  • Now, your file is ready in a word document and you can edit it.

  • If you want to more edit a document, you can do only by pressing the Edit option on the top

Why You Should Only Use WPS PDF Editor for Mac?

Although editing PDF files can be a difficult and time-consuming task, there are some excellent online PDF editors that greatly speed up the process. You may quickly and easily create, edit, and add comments to your documents by using an online WPS PDF tool. These are some WPS Office free online PDF editors for Mac features:

Easy to use:

It is simple and easy to use with many loaded features including commenting and signature tools


It is a commonly used, cost-free professional PDF editor that is compatible with most platforms.


WPS Office has amazing built-in security features that allow you to protect your files by password and you can restrict access to specific users.


WPS is also common in all Mac devices because of its user friendly nature and performance

Why Choose WPS Office for Mac?

Using a PDF editor on Mac is a bit difficult because the preview app does not work properly on Mac devices because it does not allow you to edit your text or other editing. So, you should choose a reliable and best PDF editor that allows advanced features.

WPS Office, a free PDF editor for Mac, has many useful and great features, like commenting and annotating features. It allows users to add sticky notes, add photos, and text. It even enables users to convert PDF files into a number of different file types, such as JPG and PNG.

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