How Much Does Microsoft Copilot Cost: Subscription Price Disclosed

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AI-powered tools like Microsoft Copilot have become more and more important in our daily work. It enables us to achieve more in less time and make informed choices based on our insights. However, readers have no idea how much Microsoft Copilot costs to subscribe to Microsoft Copilot.The following article will provide you with useful information.

What is Microsoft Copilot

The business environment is very fast-paced nowadays, and organizations must focus on staying updated every day. One of the best ways to do so is by incorporating the best technologies to add productivity and efficiency to your functions.

Microsoft Copilot is one of the most anticipated AI-powered tools that can transform your work life by boosting outcomes and reducing costs for your business. Now, you can personalise your Windows 11 experience as you want. Here are some important things Microsoft copilot can do for you.

Assistance for MS Word

Windows copilot aims to make document creation and editing easier than ever for its users. From spell-checking to typesetting, complex layouts, formatting, and much more, the Copilot aims to offer all solutions in simple steps.

Microsoft Copilot on MS Word

Better Use of Excel

All coding tasks within Visual Studio can be easily streamlined with the help of Copilot. It offers suggestions along the way and provides autocomplete facilities. This way, you can ensure functionality and efficiency while saving your time and effort.

Microsoft Copilot on MS Excel

Better PowerPoint Presentations

Many users are unable to utilise the full potential of PowerPoint. The Microsoft copilot helps users with multiple slide designs, layout suggestions, and much more to create useful and captivating presentations.

Microsoft Copilot on PowerPoint

Enhanced Communication on Teams and Outlook

The creative abilities of Microsoft Copilot are not limited to content creation. They also help in streamlining communication by drafting messages and emails. You can follow the recommendations from the copilot and edit responses in real-time.

Microsoft Copilot on Outlook

How Much Does Microsoft Copilot Cost?

Every Microsoft user wants to know how much does Microsoft Copilot costs. According to Microsoft, the Copilot will be available for commercial use for Microsoft 365, E3, E5, Business, and premium standard customers for up to $36 per user every month.

The Microsoft copilot can help individuals and businesses generate articles, documents, and presentations within minutes. It is one of the best ways to add efficiency in day-to-day lives.

According to the breakdown, the Microsoft Copilot will be available for Office 365 E3 Licence for $23 a month, Microsoft 365 E3 Licence users will be charged $36 every month, and Microsoft 365 Copilot will use this facility for $30 every month.

However, the ongoing controversy about Microsoft Copilot’s violation of open-source licences and external training is making users re-think their desire to look into how much Copilot costs.

Is It Worth It to Subscribe to Microsoft Copilot?

Looking at how much does Copilot cost, many people are considering if it is worth it for their business or individual use. The general cost of Microsoft Copilot goes up to 97 cents a day.

While there is no official announcement about the launch date yet, Microsoft has an impressive record of offering free trials. Hence, users can hope to find their answers by personal trials.

Here are some benefits of subscribing to Microsoft Copilot you must know.

Better Collaboration

Microsoft Copilot is not limited to document creation and drafting emails. It also integrates with Teams and Outlook to streamline communication and keep all team members in the loop effectively.

Increased Productivity

Microsoft Copilot aims to improve the development process for individuals and businesses. Hence, there will be a lot more productivity and positivity among the users, and the chances of burnout will also reduce significantly.

Faster Development

Microsoft Copilot accelerates the coding process by helping you avoid redundant mistakes. This way, you can develop effective codes with minimum mistakes. Hence, it will save you a lot of time.

Here is a Price Comparison of Similar Programs


Cost per Month for Individuals

Cost per Month for Businesses

Microsoft 365 Copilot











$99- $249






$49- $99



$3.67- $19.25

As you can see, Microsoft Copilot is not the only AI tool that can bring ease to the users. There are many other viable options that can suit your needs in better price plans.

Best Free Alternative to Microsoft Copilot - WPS AI

There is no reliable announcement about the commercial release of Microsoft Copilot. Of course, this leaves time for users to think about how much does Copilot cost. Yes, it is an expensive option. Hence, you can look into other reliable options, such as WPS AI.

WPS AI is the day-to-day creative helper that can help you streamline your work and personal life. This collaborative tool can be embedded with all WPS Office products. Hence, you can cut down a lot of time and burden from your shoulders.

Here are some features of WPS AI you must consider.

Better Document Generation

From writing blogs to preparing professional documents, WPS AI is an effective helper. It can draft documents just with a heading or outline. This tool can write grammatically apt and logical documents within minutes.

Dialogue Rounds

Unlike many other AI tools, WPS AI allows multiple dialogue rounds. It means that you can give natural language input throughout the document creation. This way, you can achieve results in less time without the need to start over everything.

Easy Document Processing

WPS AI offers multiple ways to process documents. You can add a command to extract key points, add conclusions, and summarise the contents whenever you want. All of this can be done in your preferred word length.

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
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  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

5,820,008 User
Algirdas Jasaitis

How to Download WPS AI

WPS AI is not available for download yet. However, you can join the waitlist to be among the first ones to gain access. This way, you will be updated as soon as WPS AI for commercial use.

Here is how you can join the waitlist for WPS AI.

Step 1 To download WPS AI, you can visit the WPS AI website:

Step 2 Click on the Free Download button

Click Free download

Click Free download

Step 3 Select the operating system that you are using.

 Choose your option

Choose your option

Step 4 The file will be downloaded automatically

Downloaded file

Downloaded file

Follow the instructions on the screen to install WPS AI.

Save Your Time

WPS AI saves your time by generating effective and useful content with simple instructions and natural language. You can get hours’ worth of work in minutes with grammatical accuracy and cohesiveness.

Improved Quality

A document generated by humans may always have a risk of inaccuracy and honest mistakes. However, WPS AI can generate high-quality content in little time. It improves the quality of your content and gives you more confidence.

Increased Productivity

WPS AI can make hefty tasks simpler and seamless. This way, you can get a lot of work done in a lot less time. Hence, you can avoid burnout and get more done with higher spirits.


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Microsoft Copilot.

Q. How to install Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is not available for commercial use yet. The team has not provided any tentative dates regarding the release, but you can head to to sign up for updates or join the community.

Microsoft 365 Copilot homepage

Q. How Does Microsoft Copilot work?

A. Microsoft Copilot combines all Microsoft 365 applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, etc., with GPT-4 Large Language Model (LLM) to incorporate your company’s content and context. This way, it creates and understands human language.

It follows your prompt to generate the needed documents, make changes, and generate responses according to your instructions.

Q. Will Copilot Replace Developers?

According to Microsoft, the name “Copilot” was chosen to emphasize that Microsoft Copilot will not replace the jobs of developers. Instead, it focuses on saving their time and energy by providing assistance.

Developers will still need to oversee all the processes to provide instructions and ensure the accuracy of outputs. Hence, the Microsoft Copilot focuses on easing the lives of developers rather than taking their jobs.

Descriptive Conclusion

This article discusses in detail how Microsoft WPS can be beneficial for individuals and businesses by streamlining processes and adding efficiency to daily tasks. Although there is no news about when the Microsoft Copilot will be released, understanding how much a Copilot costs can help make up your mind.

You can avoid extra costs by using WPS AI. You can visit to join the waitlist and stay updated about the launch of the application. It is a user-friendly platform that has several free features waiting for you.  

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