​How to Add a Button in Excel (Easy & Quick)

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People found many difficult tasks in their workplace data management projects, especially while dealing with data in Excel in bulk. So, they can add a button in excel to resolve most of their problems in one click.

In this article, you will come to know some learning aspects about how to add a button in excel without a macro and with how to add a button in excel with a macro – if you want or need it. You can have the most simple and easy steps ahead to follow to solve more than half of the problems while using Excel data dealing.

  • Types of Button Available in Excel

In Excel, you can have the opportunity to hyperlink the Button to specify some of the entries in the data to manage the entire sheet in an organized form. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how many types of Buttons are available in Excel.

Basically, Excel has two types of Buttons available that are Form Controls and ActiveX Controls, that can add convenience to your work.

What are Form Controls?

Form Controls are the compatible and original Excel controls used in the XLM macro sheet. Moreover, you can use the form controls to give a reference, interact, or redirect someone to the specified location, making the interacting data cell clickable without using the VBA code.

There are buttons in the Form Control below; you can see the screenshots for your comprehensive understanding.

“label of form controls group”

“form controls section of group box”

“button section in form controls”

“button of check box”

“button for options”

“list box button”

“flavor selection by combo box”

“left right scrolling option”

“button spinning option”

What are ActiveX Controls?

ActiveX Controls are also found in Excel features used in worksheet forms with or without macro or VBA code. If you want to have more flexible design requirements in your spreadsheet containing data and other information in bulk, you can use the ActiveX Form Controls to manage it in an organized and professional way by clicking on a clickable section of the interactive cell in the worksheet.

There are buttons in the Form Control below; you can see the screenshots for your comprehensive understanding.

“desirable marking”

“text boxes modifications”

“spin changes at multiple level”

“managing details as needed”

“labels for convenience”

“credible commanding way”

“further options system”

“labels and flavors listing procedure”

“additional featuring image touch”

“controlling technique of frame control section”

“extra control of form controls”

2. Preparation Before Adding Buttons in Excel

To work up to snuff in the management and features of data in excel and to create a button in excel, you should first get some preparations before you add buttons in the excel workbook.

In this article, you will come to know the basics and difficult techniques in a very simple and easy method, which is helpful for you during implantation in your own spreadsheet data at a desired location.

Enable/Visible Developer in Excel Ribbon Before Adding Buttons in Excel

First, before you go to add a button in excel, it is necessary to insert the Developer option in the top Excel Ribbon. For this purpose, you can get a simple guide from below mentioned comprehensive steps:

Step 1: In the Excel file section, directly go to the last portion containing the Options tab.

“excel bar with multiple options”

Step 2: In the Options section, go to the Customize Ribbon in Excel once a dialogue box will appear to you.

“desirable various custom options”

Step 3: Next to it, a dialogue box will appear to Customize the Ribbon that can add a Developer option by marking it tick.

“excel dialogue box ribbon options”

Step 4: Mark the box of the Developer section to allow it to appear on the Excel top ribbon location.

“features adding technique”

Step 5: After enabling the Developer in the Excel ribbon, you can check it after pressing; you will see there are options that can help you easily add a button in Excel.

“under sections in a top ribbon tab”

3. How to Add Form Buttons in Excel

There is a simple step-by-step method to add a button in Excel that can improve the functionality and productivity of your work.

Add Form Buttons in Excel (Using Form Controls)

Step 1: In the Developer section, go to the Insert icon that falls under the Controls group.

“excel spreadsheet commands ribbon”

Step 2: In the Form Controls, there is a Button option at first; click on it in drag-drop style.

“ribbons of inserting form controls”

Step 3: After selecting the designation name of the macro in the Assign Macro box, click OK.

“macro modifications”

Step 4: You can set the macro in the Assign Macro dialogue box and click OK.

Step 5: You can format the styling, formatting, size, color, or whatever changes you want to make; you can simply go to the Format Control option.

“button formatting and styling”

Step 6: When you click on the Format Control, a window will open where you can make changes in font or other formatting.

controlling formatting section of styling button

Step 7: Next to it, you can freeze the movement by going to the Properties tab, marking the section Don’t move or size with cells, and clicking OK very next to it.

“properties box for the styling modifications”

Add a Button (Form Control)

If you want to add a button in the data easily Excel sheet with form control, here you can have a few simple steps that you can follow to add a button in Excel without macro in the easiest way.

The first step you need to consider is enabling the Developer tab, which is hidden by default in Excel.

“enabling Excel hidden sections”

Step 1: In the Developer section, there is the Controls group; click Insert and further click on Button under the section of Form Controls.

Step 2: Where you want that Button to appear, you can click here and manage the Assign Macro pop-up window.

Step 3: Once you are done with the settlement of Assign Macro, go with the OK.

Step 4: Now right-click on the Button and select Format Controls to specify the control properties on the selected location of a workbook.

4. How to Add ActiveX Buttons in Excel

If you are finding ways to add the ActiveX buttons in Excel to enable the command button in your Excel workbook sheet containing a lot of sheets and make your work look professional. So, you have to simply follow these steps to add ActiveX buttons in Excel, which can also be helpful for you to add a button in Excel with a macro. Here you go!

Step 1: In the Developer section, there is the Controls group; go and click Insert and then click the Command Button option under the ActiveX Controls section.

Step 2: Click on the desired location where you want to add the command button.

Step 3: In the Controls section, just click on the View Code. Make sure that the Click process is drop-down on the right list of a spreadsheet. You can run the macros when you set the Command Button 1_Click in the box that appears. Simply select the message and make desirable changes in the ActiveX Buttons in Excel.

“ActiveX adding commanding in excel”

Further, if you want to include the macro Button in your Excel sheet, you can simply consider the below-mentioned steps to improve your data in an organized way. Please let’s have a look below:

Step 1: Go to the Developer section; in the Control group section, click Insert, and in the Insert section, click Button under the Form Controls.

Step 2: Select the desired location in the worksheet where you want to appear; the Button in the upper-left corner, as the Assign Macro screen will appear in front of you.

Step 3: Once you assign a macro button, now click on OK.

Step 4: You can click on Format Control to specify the control properties in the selected section by right-clicking on the Button.

"featuring of macro from ribbon options”

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site allows official download suite

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"installation agreement process”

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"WPS Office downloading in quick time”

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"WPS Office main look after launch”

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"professional approach tools”

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  • Can I add a button to run the VBA code?

Yes, you can easily add a button to run VBA code in your Excel spreadsheet. In your Excel workbook, if it uses VBA code and you want others to run that code easily, then you can use a form control button, which is a great option.

VBA operating procedure

Here are some simple steps that you can opt to add a button in the Excel sheet to run VBA code smoothly:

Step 1: In the ribbon, go to the Developer section.

Step 2: Simply click on the Insert tab in the Controls section.

Step 3: Press on Button form control from the menu section.

Step 4: Now right-click by holding the mouse and go for the drag and release to create your Button to run.

Step 5: You will see a pop-up of Assign Macro, so now go to Select the VBA Procedure that you want to run from your desired Button.

Step 6: Click the OK option.

"macro assigning modification process”

  • Can I assign multiple macros to a single button?

Yes, you can easily assign the multiple macros to a single button with VBA code; just do with the following steps mentioned below:

Step 1: After clicking on Developer, go to the Insert tab and click on Button (Form Control).

"form control technique for inserting”

Step 2: By dragging the mouse, draw the Button on your current selected sheet. Also, in the Assign Macro box, click on the OK Button.

changings before button assigning macro

Step 3: To open Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, you can hold down the Alt + F11 key.

Step 4: Go to Module in the Insert tab and paste the code in the Module Window.

"multiple attempts in macro modifications”

Step 5: Click on Save. Now right-click the Button, then choose Assign Macro.

"change macro desirably in excel”

Step 6: In the Assign Macro box, select the Button Click option with multiple macro options to add; now insert the name you want to have here and click on the OK Button.

"multiple buttons click for macro accretion”

Step 7: Whenever you click on the Button, the specified macros will appear on a single button after each trigger.

Be Ahead of the Curve

To make productive changes in your professional and business level work, you may interact with the frequent use of spreadsheets, where organizing the difficult tasks by the easiest method is necessary.

And it can happen when you learn how to add a button in Excel in 2023 – a fast-paced technological world.

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WPS Office is a free office suite containing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and other essential features that help every user to get aided by it. Therefore, if you want to hyperlink the Button in Excel easily, you should install the WPS Office on your PC or Mac and be ready to benefit from it; solving your problem with WPS Office Excel – plays a significant role in boosting productivity and efficiency of work.

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