How to Add a PDF in Excel Using Three Best Tools?

July 31, 2023 756 views

Sometimes, the spreadsheet may have more room to include all the necessary information. Or sometimes you want to include the images. By learning to add PDF in Excel, you can easily include more info or visuals directly in your spreadsheet, which prevents the user from having to exit it and locate another document. Many organizations need to keep an audit trail of when data is stored and updated. It can be done by embedding a PDF into Excel, then noting the necessary information in the adjacent cells. This Article helps you learn three ways to learn how to add a pdf in excel.

How to Add a PDF in Excel Using Adobe Acrobat

Follow these simple steps to add a pdf in excel:

  • Open your files. Open the Excel spreadsheet you want to place the Link into and select Insert > Object.

  • Add your PDF. Tap and Create > Browse to check the PDF you want to insert.

  • Check the Display. Before clicking OK, check the boxes that say Link to file and Display as the icon.

  • Select Format Object on the right-click of the PDF icon.

  • Embed your PDF. Click Properties from the pop-up window, then size, and move within cells.

How to Add a PDF in Excel Using PDFelement

Follow these steps to add a pdf in excel :

  • Tap the "Insert" > "Object" button in the Text section by opening an excel document.

  • In the pop-up dialog box, go to the "Create from File" tab and use the "Browse" button to select the PDF document that you want to insert.

  • Change the icon display name by Selecting "Display as an icon."

  • To complete the process, then click the "OK" button.

How to Add a PDF in Excel Using WPS Office

Follow these steps to add a pdf in excel as an object :

  • First, you open your Excel spreadsheet and then go to the insert tab.

  • You will have to select where the object option in the Text section in the right corner.

  • Select where it is created from the file and check your folder so that you can select the PDF you want to insert through the pop-up window.

  • To finish, you must click the OK button to import the PDF to your Excel document as an attached document type.

Follow these steps to add a pdf in excel as a link :

  • You must open your Excel document.

  • Click the Insert tab, and tap where the images option is to insert an image in Excel.

  • Right-click through the image in Excel and then select. Now, you can select a PDF file to link to the image.

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