How to Add a PDF to Powerpoint

July 31, 2023 1.3K views

When we need to present ideas, we do that by either using PowerPoint or PDF documents. But a simple PDF can be too wordy for the audience and a PowerPoint can be too graphical. So, to avoid any of those issues, the best idea is to merge PDF to Powerpoint in a way that the audience will be kept hooked to the presentation.

There are a bunch of tools in the market that can solve this problem including Microsoft Office, WPS Office, etc. Let’s find out how the WPS office can help us in our quest of adding a PDF to PowerPoint.

WPS gives us this solution of adding PDF to the PowerPoint presentation in many elaborative ways, and that too, for free. So head over to the WPS office website and download the free software to make your lives easier.

This article will introduce two of the methods regarding how we can add a PDF to PowerPoint online/offline:

  1. Insert your PDF as a PowerPoint object.

  2. Convert your PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation.

Add PDF to PowerPoint by Inserting It as a PowerPoint Object

First and the easier way to add your WPS PDF file to your WPS Powerpoint presentation is to add the document as an object. The steps on how you will be able to do that are given below:

Note: This process is applicable on both, browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Android Web, Firefox, Opera) and application (Desktop and Mobile), versions.

1. Before you are ready to add your PDF to the PowerPoint presentation, you need to make sure you are done editing your WPS PDF file, since you won’t be able to edit the PDFs via Powerpoint.

(Using this method, you are only creating a shortcut of your PDF file into your WPS Presentation for them to open quickly.)

2. Once you have finalized your PDF document/file, you need to open your PowerPoint presentation using WPS software.

Note: Be certain that your WPS PDF file isn’t opened in any other program. If it is opened, Powerpoint won’t be able to use it yet.

3. Move to the Insert tab, and click the File Object option, as given in the image below.

4. This will open a window on your screen. Using that window, Select the PDF file you need to insert into your WPS Powerpoint presentation and click open.

5. Once you have added your PDF to your PowerPoint presentation, feel free to adjust its size or move it around to place it in the desired space on the slide.

Also, in case you want to hide it while showing the slide, you have the liberty to place it outside the slide area.

Kudos, you’ve added your PDF file to your WPS PPT. Now if you want to see if it works fine or not, double-click the PDF object in your WPS presentation to see if it is opening easily or not. If it does, you are ready to present it. If not, repeat the same process.

Add PDF to PowerPoint by Converting It into a PowerPoint Presentation

Using the above-mentioned method, you can add your PDF file to Powerpoint online as well as offline but still, it’ll be opened separately. What the above method does is save you from the hassle of finding the file, opening it, and then getting back to your PowerPoint.

Now, if you want to make your WPS PDF document look more presentable with all the data populated in it without the need to open any separate documents, this method is the one for you.

Using this method, you will be able to convert the content of your WPS PDF document to your WPS PowerPoint presentation. The step breakdown of how you will be able to achieve that is given below:

  1. Head to WPS PDF Office Suite. Open the PDF file using the WPS PDF tool.

  2. Once the PDF file is opened in the WPS PDF environment, head to the tools section available in the top bar.

  3. Click the PDF to PPT option. This will open a window in front of you.

4. Pick the WPS PDF file that you are willing to convert and select open.

5. This will convert your file into a beautiful WPS Powerpoint file which you can easily add to your existing PowerPoint and present it.

FAQs on Adding PDF to Powerpoint

Will my PDF file open inside the PowerPoint environment?

Ans: No. Once you add the pdf file to the PowerPoint presentation as an object, you will be able to see the clickable icon of your file on the selected slide. When you click on that icon, your file will automatically open in your system’s PDF reader.

How can I add the converted Powerpoint slides from PDF to my existing PowerPoint presentation?

Ans: You can add the external PowerPoint file to the current PowerPoint file by going to Home> New Slide> Reuse Slide and then selecting the file that you want to import.

Learn More about Adding PDF to Powerpoint

WPS Office suite gives you the liberty to play around with your PowerPoint presentations as you like. You can add PDFs to your presentations along with adding images or videos too. Furthermore, it allows you to play around with animation to make your presentations interactive and seamless.

So what are you waiting for? Download the WPS Office Suite right now by going to the WPS website (, and Explore what else you can do using the WPS Office software to edit, create, and convert your files on the WPS Office Suite blog.

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