How to Add Bookmarks to PDF Using Different Tools?

July 31, 2023 1.1K views

You want to know how to add bookmark to pdf don’t worry. Here’s the solution!

Bookmarks in PDFs function similarly to bookmarked pages, allowing you to return to your previous location quickly.Regarding bookmarks in PDFs, you may add a bookmark to any page or section you wish to return to quickly. Multiple bookmarks make it faster and quicker to navigate to multiple important pages. PDF bookmarks allow readers to rapidly jump to a page, section, or other location.PDF bookmarks are advised for this reason. It's especially beneficial for PDFs with many pages or content to read. Bookmarks make PDFs easier for you and your recipients

How to Add Bookmarks to PDF with PDF Pro Converter?

  • Launch PDF Pro, then use the navigation tools to find the page in the document you would like to bookmark and access.

  • Select the symbol that looks like a book on the left side of the screen to access your bookmarks. This icon is located in the top-left corner of the screen.

  • To begin adding a bookmark to the current page, it is essential first to click the icon labeled Create Bookmark.

  • Make a note of the name you want to give your bookmark.

How to Add Bookmarks to PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro Converter?

It is not possible to create bookmarks or make changes to PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF reader; these applications can only read and display PDF files, including bookmarks, and read and display PDF files.

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro and open your PDF file.

  • To open the Bookmarks panel, press "ctrl" and "b" simultaneously on your keyboard.

  • When you want to add a bookmark to your page, click the icon that looks like a book, then enter a name for the bookmark you want to create. This will add the bookmark to the page you're on. You will need to perform this step multiple times for each bookmark you wish to create and for each page.

How to Add Bookmarks to PDF with WPS Office Converter?

  • Click the Tools menu, then click View, and then click the Add Bookmark button. After that, a bookmark of the current page will be added. It is possible to add numerous bookmarks.

  • By selecting All Bookmarks from the drop-down menu, we can follow our performance through the bookmarks.

  • We also can customize the bookmarks' names to correspond with our individual reading preferences.

  • We can erase the bookmark when we have finished what we are reading or when the reading progress has changed.

  • We can easily travel back to the previous page we were on by using the bookmark after we have closed and reopened the document.

Tips to Add a Bookmark to a PDF

You may create bookmarks in a couple of different ways: by choosing text on a page and turning it into a bookmark, by adding an untitled bookmark and then setting and naming it in the Bookmarks pane, and by using a shortcut.

You are not limited to just linking to a page number when adding bookmarks that link to another part of the same document. Instead, you have precise control over the exact View a user gets. For instance, a bookmark may transport users to another page and zoom in to a small page area.

FAQs about WPS Office

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  1. Does this version of WPS Office require any subscription?

If you follow these procedures, PDF Editor will make it easy and free to add bookmarks to your documents.

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