How to Add Docusign to a PDF on Your Computer

July 31, 2023 1.0K views

The ease that comes with electronically signing your documents cannot be disputed. It saves you time and helps minimize stress.

It is wise to know how to add DocuSign to a pdf. It will help you make all essential adjustments to your documents online. It is software that permits the easy signing of documents virtually. The best part is that Docusign is free to use until you upgrade to a paid plan.

This article provides you with easy steps on how to add DocuSign to PDF files.

The Importance of Docusign

When you learn how to add DocuSign to pdf documents, it will benefit you in many ways. A few of them are listed below:

1. It Saves Time

Docusign makes the signing and sending of documents easier and faster. It hastens the period to close a deal as every aspect is carried out online.

2. It Is Reliable and Secure

Docusign is reliable. The Docusign editor offers extensive options for your documents. It gives you confidence in the security of your document and the vital information it carries as you process it online.

3. It Is Less Expensive

DocuSign provides companies with an option that does more than make documentation more accessible. When you know how to add DocuSign to pdf, it saves the cost of printing documents in hard copy. It is also free to use.

The Best Device for Docusign

One thing to note as you learn how to add DocuSign to pdf is the best device to work with. This knowledge will make your work easier and save you lots of time.

DocuSign is undoubtedly compatible with all devices, including mobile phones, and is available for free. However, it is recommended that you use a desktop or computer when working with DocuSign.  This will give you a wider option and flexibility on the software as you work.

Guide on How to Add Docusign to a PDF

Listed below is a guide to adding Docusign to your PDF.

1. Create an Account

The first step to using DocuSign is creating an account. You can visit the DocuSign website on your browser to get started or download the software application.

You can install Docusign for windows on your personal computer. You can start with a free account once you have the application and upgrade to an affordable plan.

2. Upload Your Document

Once your account is ready, the next step is uploading the PDF file so you can add DocuSign to it. WPS Office is highly recommended for creating your PDF files. It offers both the options to create and edit your PDF documents. The WPS PDF converter is free to use.

Once you click the "start" button, you will receive the upload option on your DocuSign application.

3. Grant Permission

After uploading your PDF document to DocuSign,  you will have to grant access to the document to be worked on. This enables you to edit and add your signature.

4. Choose Your Signing Option

DocuSign provides you with different signing options. Choose the option that indicates you as the only signer if that is the case. But if it involves more than one party, choose the multiple-signing option. It will allow you to sign and seal agreements with contractors or business partners online.

5. Add Your Signature

The next step would be to append your signature to your uploaded document. DocuSign will provide fields on your uploaded PDF file for you to sign on, edit, or add other details. Afterward, you can add the email address where you want the document sent. The other party has to download the document, sign, and then send it back to you within minutes.

6. Finish

If you are the document creator, you can use the "Finish" option to save the document. The "Finish Later" also comes in handy if you wish to continue to edit or work on the document later on. If the document owner shares it with you, the "Finish" option saves the document and automatically sends it back to the sender.


Are Electronically Signed Documents Valid Legally?

DocuSign is widely recognized and accepted legally. So every document signed online is as valid before the law as those signed physically.

Is It Possible to Edit Your Electronic Signature on DocuSign?

Yes, it is possible to edit a Docusign after you have signed. You will be sent the document again after signing to edit your signature or confirm its accuracy. However, this option must be activated by the document's author.

Where Can I Get All the Information I Need on DocuSign?

To get all your questions on how Docusign works answered, visit the DocuSign support center online. You will find lots of available resources that will help put you through and answer your questions.

Alternative Means of Electronic Signing

DocuSign is a very useful tool. It gives you all the ease and speed your work requires. Learn how to add DocuSign to pdf documents and save yourself time and cost.

The WPS Office is also a fantastic software that enables electronic signing. It provides you with the option to sign, send, and edit as many documents as you may want. Download the free WPS application software, and enjoy the many benefits!

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