How to Add GIF to PDF- Best Online and Offline Ways 2022

July 31, 2023 1.8K views

PDF has become one of the most used file formats to transfer digital documents across any operating system. This is because PDF allows you to add any information, infographics, tables, images, or even animated GIFs to your paper without sacrificing quality. Do you want to make your PDF file more attractive using animated GIFs that accurately describe the document? If yes, you must be wondering how to add GIF to PDF.

Inserting a GIF image format to any document may sound complicated, as some editors don't support this type of insertion. Don't worry; an editor named WPS Office can perfectly perform this task without disturbing the original resolution of the PDF. We'll also show you how to add GIFs to PDFs using an online tool.

How to Add GIF to PDF Using Offline Desktop Version of WPS Office

WPS Office is one of the most reliable platforms you can use to Edit PDF files and enhance the look of your files by adding any images (JPG, GIF, etc.).To add an animated GIF to your PDF using WPS Office, follow the below-outlined steps:

1-Download the FREE WPS Office software for your PC.

2-Please install the application and then launch it to access its first window.

3-Click on the "Open" option in the vertical bar on the left side and browse for the document you want to insert a GIF and open it.


4-When the document has opened in the program's interface, hit the "Insert" tab in the toolbar and select "Add Picture."


5-You will see that this software allows you to insert all types of picture formats, i.e., Jpeg, GIF, PNG, etc. Select any GIF and click on "Open."


6-Now the GIF has been added to your file, press Ctrl+S to save the changes.

How to Add GIF to PDF Using DeftPDF Online Tool

Several online applications are available to help you edit PDF files. One of the most convenient and easy-to-use tools is DeftPDF.The Following guide is more than enough to add a GIF to PDF online:

1-Visit the official DeftPDF website, hit the edit tab on the top, and click" Upload PDF File "to import the PDF to this online Platform.


2-The PDF will open in a new window; after the document has opened, click on the “Image” option on the top and hit "Upload Image" to select the GIF file from your device.


3-Open the image, drag it to the right place on your PDF file, click "Apply Changes," and then Download it to your Computer at a specific location.


Final Verdict

"How to add GIF to PDF "is super easy using these two methods, but there is a problem that sometimes the inserted GIF will demonstrate as a simple image on your file instead of an animated image. To avoid such a situation, we suggest you convert GIF to another format (i.e., MOV or SWF) before adding it to the PDF.

WPS Office is an all-in-one, lightweight and affordable software recommended from our side for this task. It can also deal with all files conveniently and perform various functions. Download It NOW and make your life super fast and easy.

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