How to Add PDF to PowerPoint: Learn these 3 Methods with Steps!

July 31, 2023 1.2K views

Delivering a presentation can be difficult enough; there's no reason to make it more difficult. Finding the appropriate files fast can be difficult if you need to display a PDF document as part of your presentation. If you want to  add pdf to PowerPoint then you have to follow some steps. However, there is a straightforward fix - you can insert PDF files directly into a PowerPoint presentation and instantly open them. Although the insertion procedure can be a little confusing, we can assist you. Continue reading to discover how to  add pdf to PowerPoint presentations.

Know How to Add PDF to Powerpoint with WPS Office

A great PowerPoint has language that is concise but to the point. When giving a speech, you need to show some supplemental material, but it's not a good idea to put everything on one slide. WPS Academy is here to show you a useful technique for inserting PDF into PPT in order to fix this issue.You can easily  add pdf to PowerPoint document.

Steps to Add PDF to PowerPoint  in WPS Office

  • Open your PPT document in WPS Presentation and get ready your supplemental content in the form of a PDF file.

  • Choose File Object under the Insert tab.

  • Click Open after selecting the PDF file to insert.

  • The PDF's size should be adjusted, and it should be positioned properly on the slide.

  • You can also relocate it outside the slide area if you want to hide it when showing the slide.

  • You can click the slide while it's playing to access the file.

  • You can double-click on a slide's content when it's in the regular mode to review the information.

  • You no longer need to overstuff your slides with content if you know how to insert PDFs into PowerPoint

Know How to Add PDF to Powerpoint with the Help of

  • Make sure to finish it before  add pdf to PowerPoint. PowerPoint can only add shortcuts to open PDF files more quickly; it cannot be used to modify PDF files.

  • To insert your completed and proofed PDF into your PowerPoint presentation, follow these steps:

  • Find the appropriate slide in your PowerPoint presentation by opening it.

  • Choose the Insert tab from the toolbar at the top.

  • Choose Object from the Text section.

  • To find your PDF, click Browse in the Insert Object window's Create From File section.

  • After clicking OK, the PDF file will be added to the slide as an object.

Congrats, you've just inserted the PDF successfully. Check to see if your PDF reader opens by double-clicking the PDF object. Your task is finished if it does.

Know How to Add PDF to Powerpoint Using Small pdf

By using this technique, you may  add pdf to PowerPoint . You'll need the appropriate (online) software for this. The paid online converter Smallpdf is what we'll be using for the subsequent steps.

  • Visit

  • Choose your PDF file by clicking Pick Files. Make sure with Open.

  • The conversion of your file can take a while. To download the converted PDF file, click Download.

  • Choose Save File in the new window and click OK to confirm. The download folder on your PC will now contain the file.

  • You'll have a PowerPoint presentation with all the information from your document when you open the converted file. You can now  add pdf to PowerPoint

Tips on How to Add PDF to Powerpoint

After delivering your PowerPoint, you can email or post the presentation online so that everyone can review the content. Your audience will be able to access and learn more about the issues you've covered if you include a link to the PDF alongside the section of the PDF you include in your presentation. So, its very easy to  add pdf to PowerPoint.


Q. When inserted into PowerPoint, does the quality of the PDF file suffer?

Yeah, when a PDF file is added to PowerPoint, there is a slight quality reduction. Larger files frequently experience this. There isn't much quality loss, though, so the file may still be read.

Q. How many PDF documents can we add to PowerPoint?

The number of PDF files we can upload to PowerPoint is not constrained in any way. However if there are too many files attached, the file size increases and the PDF files start to degrade.

Make Your Work Easy with the Best PDF Editor

WPS Office includes the module WPS Presentation. Because WPS Presentation is compatible with PowerPoint documents, users may work extremely efficiently. You can easily  add pdf to PowerPoint. Its personal basic edition is free to use and offers a wealth of features and functionalities for you to discover. Download this app now on your desktop or laptop and start using it.

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