How to Check Word Count in Google Docs (Step-by-Step)

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Word count is a pivotal pillar within writing, providing an indispensable tool for writers, students, and professionals. It serves as a guiding compass, enabling individuals to precisely navigate the vast landscape of their documents. Content writers, in this regard, find themselves grappling with an enigmatic inquiry about how does a specific word count translate into pages in Google Docs? This article will explore how to efficiently check and use word count in Google Docs to enhance your writing and editing process.

Part 1. Does Google Docs have Word Count Feature?

Google Docs is a versatile and user-friendly word-processing software that offers a cloud-based platform for creating, editing, and sharing documents online. It is a feature-rich application, and besides other amazing features is the Word Counting feature.

This feature empowers users to keep track of the length of their documents, whether for academic assignments, professional reports, or creative writing projects. It plays a pivotal role in streamlining the process of monitoring document length and enabling writers to meet their goals confidently.

Part 2. How to Check Word Count in Google Docs?

You need to log in using your Gmail ID to access Google Docs, following the below-mentioned steps to learn about the word count checker in Google Docs.

1. Open a browser (preferably Google Chrome) on your PC and visit Google Docs.

2. Click on “+Blank” and start writing your content. Once you are done writing content, click on Tools and click on the second option in the menu.

3. It will reveal you the number of words in your document. Moreover, it has all the necessary information, including pages, characters, and words.

4. If you click Display Word Count- While Typing, the word count will be displayed in the lower-left corner of the sheet.

Pro Tip: You can use the shortcut “CTRL+SHIFT+C” to display the word count. The word count applies to everything except headers, footers, and footnotes.

Part 3: Word Count Tips to Reduce

Maintaining a formidable word count is essential in conveying your message without your readers being exhausted. Here are a few tips to keep your word count to a certain extent and allow you to transfer the essence of your writing.

  • Use Succinct Language

    To keep your word count under a specific limit, you should trim down lengthy sentences and replace redundant phrases with concise wording, as it maintains clarity while reducing overall word count.

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Adjectives

    Another tip is to keep a check on the excessive use of descriptive words and retain only the most essential adjectives and modifiers, streamlining your text without sacrificing meaning.

  • Avoid Repetition

    Once you write your content, reviewing it and scrutinizing it to identify repeated ideas or information is better. Then, consolidate or rephrase redundant content to maintain coherence while reducing unnecessary word usage.

  • Optimize Transitions

    Using smooth and concise transition phrases to link ideas and paragraphs is important and efficient transitions will enhance the flow of your content while economizing on words.

  • Use Active Voice

    Incorporate active voice in your writing because active voice not only enhances clarity but also tends to be more concise, reducing the need for extra words. It is also handy in maintaining a more engaging tone.

Part 4. Best Free Alternative - WPS Office

What is WPS Office?

WPS Office is an office productivity suite comprising a spreadsheet, word processor, presentation, and PDF tool. Its user-friendly interface, robust features, and compatibility with various file formats stand out. WPS Office is reverse compatible with MS Office making it an amazing alternative for current MS Office users.

WPS Office is not an ordinary application but offers cloud integration, allowing users to collaborate on documents in real time and access their files across multiple devices. This productivity suite offers additional features like offline access, pre-defined templates, PDF editing, and advanced formatting options to fine-tune their documents' layouts, styles, and designs.



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Use WPS Office to Write & Count Words

You can write your content using WPS Docs - a similar platform to Google Docs.

1. Visit WPS Docs on your PC and click on Free to Use. It will take you to another window.

2. Select Docs to open a new blank tab on your browser.

3. Start writing your content; once finished, you can see the word count at the bottom of your screen.


1. How do I check word count in Word?

To check the word count in Microsoft Word, simply go to the "Review" tab in the top menu and click on "Word Count" in the "Proofing" section. A pop-up box will appear, providing detailed statistics about your document's word count, character count, and more.

2. Can I check the word count for a specific section?

Yes, you can check the word count for a specific section by simply highlighting the portion of text you want to analyze. Then, navigate to the "Tools" menu and select "Word count."

3. Is the word count feature functional offline as well?

Yes, Google Docs offers a real-time word count feature that dynamically updates as you type. As you add or remove text from your document, the word count displayed at the bottom left corner of your screen automatically adjusts to reflect the current count.

4. Are footnotes and comments included in the word count?

The word count feature counts the regular text, headers, and footers while the comments are excluded. However, the footnotes are also included in the count.


Google Docs is a collaborative platform part of Google’s productivity suite. It has amazing features. One of the most prominent ones is the word counter. This feature lets you control the length of your content by displaying the word count on the screen. Although Google Docs have great features, its interface is dull, and you can opt for its alternatives like WPS Office Docs.

WPS Docs is a free alternative to Google Docs, and you can use it Online on your browser, download the WPS Office, and start writing your content offline with more advanced features for editing and formatting. If you haven’t tried WPS Office, switch to it and enjoy its features.

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