Methods to Combine PDF Files on Mac

July 31, 2023 1.3K views

Most people use PDFs every day, and macOS makes it simple to merge PDFs. As a result, you may easily combine many PDF files into a single document. It's also possible to merge individual pages from two PDFs into one. Third-party tools such as the Preview app can be used to do this. On Mac, there are a variety of ways how  to merge PDF files on Mac.

So, let's take a look at how to combine PDF files on Mac.

How to Merge PDF Files on Mac with Preview

Preview, Apple's default app, has a lot of power. It makes it simple to merge several PDF files into a single document.

If you'd want to combine two PDFs on Mac files together, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Launch Preview and choose the first PDF file you wish to merge.

Step 2: Take a look at the top menu and pick "Thumbnails".

Step 3: The sidebar will now show thumbnails of the currently viewed pages.

Step 4: Click on the thumbnail.

Step 5: Page from the file may be added by selecting "Edit" and then "Insert".

Step 6: Then you choose the "Page from File" option and select and open the PDF file that you wish to combine.

Step 7: By doing so, a second PDF will be added to the first. Rearrange the pages by dragging the thumbnails.

Step 8: Go to "File" Now. Click the "Export as PDF" option to save your combined document as a PDF file.

Here is how to merge two PDF files on Mac with different parts:

Step 1: Launch the Preview.

Step 2: Set up separate windows for each of the PDF files you wish to merge.

Step 3: Select "Thumbnails" from the "View" menu in each PDF window.

Step 4: The sidebar will now show thumbnails of the currently viewed pages.

Step 5: Do a quick drag-and-drop of thumbnails between the two PDF files.

Step 6: You may pick several thumbnails by using Command–Click.

Step 7: Go to "File" > "Export as PDF". Save your combined document as a PDF file.

How to Combine PDFs on Mac with Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat's ability to work with numerous files is one of its most impressive features. Almost any file format can be combined or merged into a single PDF. To save time, you might open each file and save it as a PDF. Here are a couple of insider hints on how to combine PDFs on Mac.

Install and then run Adobe Acrobat to get started.

Step 1: Select "File > Create > Combine Multiple Files into a Single PDF" from the drop-down menu. (Note: You may select "Combine Files" from the right-hand menu if you've already opened the file.)

Step 2: Drag files into the "Add Files" box or use the Add Open Files or Add Files buttons to do so.

Step 3: Word, Images, PowerPoint presentations, emails, and other types of documents can all be selected at once.

Step 4: To create a single PDF document, just select all of the files and then click "Combine".

How to Combine PDFs on Mac with WPS

We all know that the mobile office has become a very common form, in addition to the computer to choose a suitable office software, its compatibility is also to be considered. For example, when working outside the office, the use of laptop computers outside the office is also very common, so how to choose a suitable for you and support MAC and other systems of mobile devices office software?

Now many online information, save the format are stored in PDF format, because the PDF format interface is neat and easy to be modified, has been more and more people like. In organizing data integration or management, often need to integrate the same type of PDF information, if the use of PDF documents, then directly merge PDF documents to manage the most convenient, then, mac how to merge PDF it? Many people find it difficult to solve this problem, in fact, only with the help of an office software can be easily solved, the next we will introduce you to a free PDF editor with comprehensive editing features, so you can easily achieve PDF file merging in the MAC above!

WPS Office PDF Editor is a King soft company launched a free PDF editor to support online editing, you can easily achieve PDF file merging and other document editing operations.

Step 1. Open WPS Office into the PDF interface, select Create a new PDF

Step 2. Open the above options in the [Page] function, select [Merge PDF]

Step 3. Select the operation and save the document

We can see here not only to support the PDF merger, but also to support the PDF split function. Select [PDF Merge] function, click the [Add File] button, the need to merge PDF files into the software. After the file is uploaded, if you need to adjust the order of the pages in the file, you can change the order of the pages in the sorting function, through the [Sort] in the [Move Up] or [Move Down] button to adjust the sorting of the file. We can also click the corresponding file [Modify Settings] button to select the pages that need to be merged, if you all need to merge, then you can ignore this step!


Q1: Can you combine multiple files and file types into a single PDF?

Ans: Multiple files (optionally even different types of files) can be combined into a single PDF file using Create PDF From Multiple Files. You can also use this command to combine multiple PDF files.

Q2: Is there a limit to combining PDF files?

Ans: Remember that Adobe Acrobat is unable to combine PDF files if the total file size is larger than 2 GB. To overcome this limit, we suggest using tools like WPS in order to merge or split your PDF files. WPS has an Online or Desktop app, both of which are easy to use for combining multiple files into one.

Why WPS is Prefered

WPS Office is supported by Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and other platforms, xp, windows 7, windows 10 and other MAC systems are supported, either on the PC or cell phones, can provide users with a variety of document services. And it is an office software that supports online editing. Now go to the official website to download can also experience free membership features, receive 7 days membership access, free to use all the editing features inside. Master a variety of PDF document merging and conversion methods are very useful for later work, I believe it will also become the best assistant for your office.

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