How to Compare PDF and Word Document? The Easiest Way for 2022!

July 31, 2023 2.8K views

To convert a Word document into a PDF file, you always write your content in Word form, and then you can convert it to PDF. But what if you want to make some edits to the files, and because it's PDF, you cannot amend it? You can make edits in the Word file and then compare it to the PDF to download.

Within Word, the two documents are compared. You can make a visual or textual comparison, and the results are displayed in a short sequence file that you can keep if necessary.

We will show you how to compare PDF and Word document with a robust WPS office for free.

Steps to Compare PDF and Word Document

We will teach you how to compare PDF and Word documents in this section, and we are using the WPS office as an example tool. You can download WPS for free and enjoy its updated features for 2022 that work online and offline alike.

Step1: Go to WPS


Step2: Click Document

When comparing a PDF to a Word doc, you must click the 'Document' option on the home page. Upload a doc by clicking the menu option and choosing 'open.'


Step3: Upload Your Document

Click ‘File’ and open your word doc that you want to compare.


Step4: Click ‘Review’

Once you have opened or uploaded your word doc, check the options bar and click the 'Review' tab. The Review dropdown will show a 'Compare' option.


Step5: Upload Documents to Compare

In the Compare Documents popup window, choose the Original Document and the Revised Document. Then press OK.


Step6: Click OK

Click OK after uploading your files, and the Comparison page will show up. This was the last step for your how-to compare PDF and Word document lesson.


You can easily compare and edit PDF files to Word files anytime with the WPS office online. It is the best software that you can use to edit, convert, merge or split PDF files for no cost at all.


Comparing PDFs to Word is an important task when we wish to add or subtract points in the content. But, it's a time-consuming task without using tools like the WPS office. We hope you learned how to compare PDF and Word document.

It's specially designed for beginners with the simplest interface. Download it today if you want to make your work easier!

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