How to Convert OneNote to PDF for Free: the Easiest Methods 2022

July 31, 2023 3.8K views

Are you a researcher and want to share your OneNote(.note) file containing work citations with your colleague in a non-editable format? Then, you must be in search of the easiest methods on "How to convert OneNote to PDF."

We know that OneNote is the finest software to take and share notes, but if you don't want to give anyone full access to all of them, you can convert OneNote to PDF. Whatever the reason is! Here is a complete guide on how to convert OneNote to PDF for free in 2022 Using online methods.

How to Convert OneNote to PDF Using Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote for Windows Is the Easiest and best method to export OneNote to PDF without cutting off. Follow the below procedure for this purpose:

Step1: Launch the OneNote desktop application, and open the page or file you want to export.

Step2: Click the file and then select Export from the left Panel.

Step3: Under the Current Export Options, select the one according to your requirement.

Step4: Select the file format as PDF(* .pdf) and hit the Export button.


Step5: A dialogue box will appear; choose the location, name, and Save as type for your Document and click SAVE.


How to Convert OneNote to PDF for Free Using Aspose Online Conversion Tool

If you don't have MS OneNote for Windows installed on your device, then using online conversion tools is the most convenient method.

Step1: In the Search bar of your favorite browser, write "online OneNote to PDF converter."

Step2: Choose the first website from the results (i.e.,

Step3: It'll ask you to choose from two options. Go for OneNote Converter.

Step4: Several tools are available on the dashboard; select "OneNote to PDF."


Step5: Browse the file and press the Convert button.


Step6: Now, you can download your resultant file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I'm Not Able to export my OneNote?

Maybe you're using an old browser or one drive for business, so we recommend you update the browser.

Can I annotate my PDF files using OneNote?

Yes, as OneNote allows its users to annotate their files.

Is it possible to convert an entire notebook to PDF?

For this purpose, click the 3 dots on the top right corner, select utilities, and click OneNote to PDF.

Wrap Up

Whatever your reason for converting your files, it's easier no matter which platform you use for this goal. Go for any and enjoy happy conversions.

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