Learn How To Convert PDF into JPG on Mac

July 31, 2023 1.5K views

When you send out forms or non-editable documents, what file type do you use? Of course, there will be PDFs. But what if the website or platform does not accept PDFs other than jpeg format, particularly if you are using a Mac? Preview may be used to save PDF as.jpeg on Mac for a variety of purposes. But, before we learn how to save a PDF as a JPEG on Mac, it's important to understand how the process works.

One method is to save the PDF as a JPEG on your Mac using a PDF editor or conversion program. If you have more than one file, a bulk converting software might be a better solution. WPS Office for Mac can come to your rescue in both situations because it offers both these features for professional and business use. Now, let’s find out the processes involved.

1. Convert PDF to Image Using Preview

It's a good idea to read and edit the PDF on your Mac before converting it to a JPG file. The simplest method is to use Preview, a free Mac software that comes with macOS. It's a file-opening tool that can handle a variety of file formats, but its most typical application is to open and gently modify PDF files.

Steps To Convert PDF To Image Using Preview

  • Right-click the PDF then choose “Open With” then Preview  to open it with the preview app. 

  • From the left sidebar, choose the PDF page you want to convert as JPG.

  • Then click on the “File” tab, then “Export”.

  • By clicking the Format dropdown menu, choose JPEG.

  • Finally, click “Save” to save it.

Important: This method doesn’t support exporting several PDFs or multiple PDF pages as several individual images. For multiple pages PDF conversion you will need a PDF Editor Like WPS Office PDF Editor.

2. WPS Office PDF Editor-The Best Way to Handle PDFs

You can also use Preview to convert a PDF to a JPG file, but there are certain drawbacks. You have practically no authority over the ultimate outcome when converting PDF to jpg on preview, therefore the picture quality may not be what you are hoping for. If you're wondering how to convert a pdf to jpg on a Mac, you're probably concerned about picture quality. This is especially important for PDFs with a lot of text; you don't want the final product to be fuzzy and illegible!

Also, when converting many PDFs into a single JPG, you don't want to rely on Preview to deliver the greatest resolution. Users will definitely need to zoom in to see small print or details, and Preview may exclude such fine-tuned elements. This is where a standalone app comes in handy - and you'll find it more helpful than you think, and more frequently than you realize.

The Batch Process feature uses WPS PDF's powerful conversion engine to convert multiple pages in a PDF and also PDF files in bulk. It can be utilized for large workloads as it is simple enough for new users to convert just a few files at a time. The process is described briefly below in step form:

Steps To Convert Multiple Pages PDF in WPS Office PDF Editor

  • Open the PDF doc in WPS Office or WPS PDF. 

  • Click on PDF to Picture converter from the “tools” tab.

  • You can make export settings like page range, set the image format to JPG and quality etc.

  • Click “export” and choose your desired place to save your new JPG file.

WPS PDF Converters-A Quick Way To Go

So, whether you need to simply save a PDF as JPEG on Mac or wanna do a plenty of other PDF processing tasks, WPS Office is the tool for you. The icing on the cake is that it is easily one of the most affordable PDF editors available in the market while offering advanced features to match that of the market leader like Adobe Acrobat. It is available for Windows, iOS, and Android for free as well as online. Easy to utilize interface making it a truly cross-device application for business users at small and large companies alike.


How To Convert PDF into JPG?

Open WPS Office or Search online for WPS PDF to JPG Converter. Select your PDF and press convert. Download your JPG file.

How To Convert a PDF to PNG?

Use WPS PDF to Picture Converter for getting a .png file. Also, you can change the format settings to JPG or other formats while setting up the conversion in WPS Office.

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