How To Convert PDF To Google Doc Without Losing Quality

July 31, 2023 1.3K views

PDF files are simple readability and are easy to exchange. However, you cannot change the content inside these documents. To start with the editing, you must first obtain an Adobe license or membership or convert it into an editable document. While the task may appear simple, it affects the formatting. There will be several flaws if you compare the two papers. Not only does the readability suffer, but various inconsistencies are added into the word file when it is converted from a PDF file. Furthermore, if the original PDF contains images, they may become distorted or blurred in the document. This is why you should understand how to convert PDF to Google Docs without losing the quality.

Although it is not straightforward, there are specialized techniques to rapidly create an editable document without changing the formatting, whether it be the text or the images. Even tables, graphs, and other similar components will be unaffected.

In this post, we will show you how to convert a PDF file to a word document or a Google doc without losing the formatting that was in the original file.

1. Convert PDF to Google Docs in 2 Simple Steps Using Online Converter

Do you know there is a converter that makes PDF to Google Docs conversion secure when it comes to special formatting? No or yes but WPS online PDF to Google Docs(word) converter is a quick and easy peasy choice to get your work done.

  • To convert your PDF into Google Docs or docx, you will need to find WPS online PDF to Word converter.After finding it, click the “Select PDF File” option or simply drag your file and drop into the box available in the canvas.

  • When your PDF file is uploaded, it will take almost 2 seconds (depending on your connectivity) to get the conversion succeeded. Simply click on the “Download” button to get the Google Docs version of your PDF file.

2. How To Convert PDF to Google Docs with Microsoft Office Word

There is another way to convert PDF to Google Docs without losing Quality. Instead of third party programs, you need to use Microsoft Word. This section explains the easy and simple steps to be followed for 100% accurate conversion with no glitch or error.

Open Microsoft Word and choose File from the control panel at the top. Word's homepage will appear, from where choose the Open option.

  • If the file is saved in any of these directories, just click on it. Otherwise, select the Browse option.This will launch a search window for the file. Navigate to the location where you saved the PDF and select it. Now press the Open button.

  • You must wait for a few moments while Microsoft Word is processing the file type conversion. The file will open in the document after it has been converted. However, it will be in lock mode. To modify the file, go to the top and choose Enable Editing.

  • Now, hit Ctrl+S or select File, then Save As. Choose Word Document from the file type menu and provide a suitable file name. When finished, click Save. Your Word document will be saved.

Converting PDFs using third party platforms is fine, but if you want to know one of the best online tools to convert PDFs, try WPS PDF to Word Converter - A quick and easy converter.

WPS PDF To Word Converter-Ultimate Solution To Convert File Formats

In this tutorial, we will go through the best techniques to convert PDF to Google Docs without losing formatting. No doubt the most efficient way we have found is to convert your PDF through WPS free online PDF to Google docs converter, it also provides bulk conversion facilities.  Aside from that, we've also discussed a few techniques for converting a PDF to an editable document format using standard methods like MS Word. All you have to do is understand your needs and go from there. You should be aware of the PDF file's multimedia and other specific components, such as tables and graphs.


How To Convert PDF To Google Docs Format?

Open WPS Office or Search online for WPS PDF to Word Converter. Select your PDF and press convert. Download your .doc or .docx file.

How Can I Convert PDF To Google Docs?

Use WPS PDF to Word Converter for getting a .doc or you can change the format settings to .docx or other formats while setting up the conversion in WPS Office’s PDF to Word Converter.

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