How to Convert PDF to JPG on Laptop, Android Mobile and iPhone?

August 4, 2023 12.1K views

When the users want to store and review the image files regularly, they prefer to have a conversion from PDF to JPG pictures. Do you want to convert your PDF documents to Pictures for free online and offline? Look no further. We‘ve got you covered! This blog covers the answer to a common question; how to convert PDF to JPG on iPhone, android mobile and laptop?

WPS Office, formerly known as Kingsoft, comes with a handy solution for how to convert PDF to JPG on iPhone, mobile and laptop for free. Smart, convenient, time-saving WPS free features for almost all your devices? what else do you wish for? 

Easy Steps to Convert PDF to JPG on iPhone, Mobile and Laptop in 2023

1. Convert PDF to JPG - Laptop 

Step 1- Download and launch WPS Office on your laptop.

Step 2- Open the PDF files you want to convert.

Step 3- Click button Tools.

Step 4- Choose PDF to Picture.

Step 5- You will enter the Export to PDF interface.

Step 6- Choose JPG in the Format box.

Step 7- Customizes other options as needed.

Step 8- Click on the Export option.


PDFs are our simple tools to use. However, converting pdf files to various other formats helps in certain situations, like the one above. Those are the steps to convert PDF to JPG on a laptop with WPS Office.

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2.Convert PDF to JPG - Mobile (Android)

WPS desktop pdf to jpg can be multi-format conversion of images, such as save a pdf as a jpeg and so on. 

Step 1- Open any PDF document that needs conversion to JPG.

Step 2- First, click Tools.

Step 3- In the File Window, choose the PDF Tools option, then more.

Step 4- Click on the option PDF to Picture. You will be asked to select the picture on your phone.

Step 5- Click on Save Image.

Step 6- Your JPG file is then saved in the phone album.

Above are the steps to convert PDF to JPG on android mobile.

Tips: The basic users can use the Output image layout and the SD with Watermark output mode. While WPS Premium users are allowed to use HD without Watermark output mode. Purchasing a Premium membership gives you the liberty to use all features and maximize productivity. Or you could get a free trial for the WPS Office premium features.

3.Convert PDF to JPG - iPhone

The iPhone can convert PDFs into JPGs with or without third-party software. Here ‘s how:

Step 1- Select the PDF.

Step 2- Select the Share option.

Step 3- Scroll down and select the option PDF to Image.

Step 4- Click on Save Image.

Let the magic happen! See the exported images in your iPhone’s photos.

Using WPS Office makes solutions fast for users when they are looking for how to convert PDF to JPG on iPhone, mobile and laptop.

Tips to Save a PDF as a JPG (High Quality)

When saving a PDF as a high-quality JPG, it's important to consider the following tips:

  • Choose the right resolution: Select a resolution that balances image quality and file size. 300 DPI is a commonly recommended resolution for standard use.

  • Optimize image compression: Adjust compression settings to find the right balance between file size and image quality. Higher compression levels reduce file size but may result in some loss of quality.

  • Preserve color accuracy: Use an appropriate color profile, like sRGB, to maintain accurate and consistent colors during the conversion.

  • Retain the original aspect ratio: To avoid distortion, keep the original proportions of the PDF when converting it to a JPG.

  • Consider cropping and scaling: If needed, crop or scale the PDF content before converting to a JPG to remove unwanted elements or adjust the size.

  • Use professional conversion tools: Consider using dedicated PDF to JPG conversion tools for more advanced options and better control over output quality.

By following these simple tips, you can save your PDF as a high-quality JPG image with the desired image fidelity and optimized file size.

Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat - WPS Office

Looking for a reliable alternative to Adobe Acrobat? Look no further than WPS Office. With its comprehensive set of features and user-friendly interface, WPS Office provides a seamless and efficient experience for managing your PDF documents. Whether you need to view, edit, convert, or create PDF files, WPS Office has got you covered.

Here are some key reasons why WPS Office is a top-notch alternative to Adobe Acrobat:

  • Free and user-friendly

  • Comprehensive PDF editing tools

  • Seamless compatibility with various file formats

  • Built-in OCR functionality

  • Secure document protection features

  • Cross-platform availability

Experience the power and versatility of WPS Office as the ideal alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Download WPS Office today and streamline your PDF document management tasks with ease.


1. How to Convert PDF to JPG Offline?

To convert a PDF file to JPG offline, you can use various software applications that provide this functionality. One popular tool that you can use is Adobe Acrobat Pro, which offers a wide range of PDF manipulation features, including conversion to different image formats like JPG.

2. Why should we convert PDF to JPG?

Converting a PDF to JPG is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Compatibility: JPG is widely supported and can be viewed on most devices.

  • Image Editing: JPG files are easier to edit and manipulate.

  • Web Compatibility: JPG is suitable for online platforms and websites.

  • Extracting Images: Converting to JPG allows you to extract individual images.

  • Presentations: JPG is convenient for integrating content into slideshows.

  • Printing: Converting to JPG enables selective printing of specific images or pages.

3. How to Batch Convert PDF to JPG?

To batch convert multiple PDF files to JPG format, you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro, which provides a feature for automating the conversion process


This article has provided step-by-step instructions on converting PDF files to JPG images using different tools on various platforms. It emphasizes the use of WPS Office for Windows users due to its simplified sharing, smaller file size, and user-friendly nature. Additionally, alternative options and FAQs provide additional insights and resources for users seeking to convert PDF to JPG efficiently.

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