How to Convert PDF to Numbers on Mac

July 31, 2023 2.1K views

Need to convert a pdf to a spreadsheet? Using particular tools, you may quickly convert pdf to Numbers on a Mac, even macOS 11, and vice versa. A spreadsheet application that is part of Apple iWork's Numbers package. iWorks Numbers can export files in various formats, and this article will show you how to convert pdf to numbers on mac.


How to convert pdf to numbers on mac with WPS Office for free

Your presentation can be quickly converted into excel using WPS PDF, the best free pdf editor. Let's have a look at some of the methods.

1-Open a WPS PDF. Click pdf to Excel under the Tools menu.

2-You can add additional presentations by clicking the Add Files button in the pop-up window.

WPS supports the following languages: English, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, and Turkish. Language allows you to select a language that suits the document's content. The accuracy of the converted text can be improved by using the correct language to extract the information from the pdf.


3-After clicking Start, your file will be converted to Excel format so that it may be handled more efficiently.

WPS PDF makes it easy to edit pdf files and convert them online to other formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PNG.

How to convert pdf to numbers on mac with PDFelement

1-Import the pdf file you want

Open PDFelement from the applications menu. Drag and drop the files you want to convert into the application. The "Open File" button can also be used to add files.

A "Lock" icon will appear in front of the file name if it is an encrypted file in the list. The encrypted file can be decrypted by simply clicking on it and entering the password. You can do so if you'd like to convert numerous files at once.

2-Adjust the Conversion Settings

Once you've finished editing, select "File > Export To > Excel" from the menu. When you press the button, a new window will open immediately. The converted Numbers file will be saved in this location. Click "Save" when you've made the adjustments you desire.


3-Mac Numbers to pdf Converter

How to convert pdf to numbers on mac: next step: The "Batch Process" option on the Home screen is where you can add more files for conversion. Select "Microsoft Office Excel" as the output format in the pop-right-hand up corner. At the bottom, click the "Start" button. Within a matter of seconds, the file will be transformed.

4-Import XLSX files into Numbers

Go to the transformed Excel file once the conversion is complete. Open it in Numbers to make use of all of its features.

Download the best pdf editor for mac: WPS Office

WPS Office will be available on mac for free download in 2022. Besides being attractive, this software may be utilized both online and offline. In light of its interoperability with so many major file formats, it is in high demand.

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