How to Convert PDF to PPT Without Software for Free?

July 31, 2023 2.1K views

Converting PDF to PPT is possible and the process is very simple.

If you don’t have any premium tools and you have a PDF to convert into PPT, you may wonder how to convert PDF to PPT without software. Don’t worry because we have the answer for you.

The simple answer is, you cannot convert a PDF to PPT without software. But to convert PDF to PPT without using premium software, You can use online office tools without the need to install software on your devices. Use WPS Converter to change a PDF document into a presentation in PowerPoint in 2022 both in online and offline work.

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Online Conversion of a PDF file to a PPT Presentation

Are you still wondering how to convert PDF to PPT without the software? Let’s use the WPS Office online tool to do the job:

So, you can! Follow the steps!

1-Enter free PDF to PPT online converter WPS Office in your browser.

2-You will see a page looking like this:


3-Under the Drop PDF files here option, you must click on the + Select PDF file option.


4-A window will open asking you to select the PDF file you want to convert to PPT.


5-Select the file and press Open.

6-Your PDF will convert into PPT in a few seconds.

See how convenient it is! It's your turn now to give it a try.

Benefits of Using WPS Converter

For anyone who is seeking an answer to how to convert PDF to PPT without software, we recommend using WPS PDF online. The reasons for using WPS Converter are quite obvious. It has the following benefits to its users.

  • It is completely free.
  • Its interface is very simple and easy to use.
  • The effect of the conversion is very impressive. Your PDFs can be converted into editable PPTs in no time.

This is how to convert PDF to PPT without software. You can count on WPS Office cloud storage. The cloud is reliable, because it allows you the storage you need and when you need it.

WPS Office is a free comprehensive tool. You can make alterations to your office files after signing in. Having used the WPS Converter to convert your Portable Document Format file into a PowerPoint presentation file, you are free to open this PPT file and edit when you like.

Wrapping Up

Above is the information on how to convert PDF to PPT without software. We hope you get it and save a lot of your time and energy to increase your productivity.

The WPS Converter uses the WPS Cloud, a smart way to use the office online in 2022. It is safe with powerful PDF conversions and coherent sharing permissions for the files.

You can always use WPD PDF Tools to make smart PDF conversions online and offline in Windows, Android, or MAC OS.

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