How to Convert PPSM to PDF Quickly?

July 31, 2023 1.2K views

What is PPSM to pdf converter?

PPSM file extension is the MS PowerPoint Open XML file. It enables a macro slide show. And this format is mostly used in presentations. It opens by default in a slideshow presentation form. In PPSM, the files are stored by XML and ZIP to keep all the content. These files open only in the PowerPoint offices 2007 version or the new versions. But if you are using any other version, PowerPoint cannot open your file. And you'll need to install the Microsoft Office compatibility pack. Sometimes users need to convert PPSM files into pdf. So, this article will help you how to convert PPSM files to pdf?

There are a lot of tools that allow you to convert PPSM files to pdf online or offline and these are known as PPSM to pdf converters. But we will discuss here how to convert PPSM files to pdf by using WPS office as this is the handiest tool.

What is the importance of PPSM to pdf conversion?

  • PPSM files are heavy as compared to pdf files.
  • Sometimes you are not able to open the PPSM files into PowerPoint due to any virus.
  • PPSM files can't be opened in an older version of PowerPoint.
  • Sometimes PPSM files are just for display, and the users can't edit them. So, it's a must to convert them into any other file format.
  • Students sometimes want to convert their PPSM to pdf for making their assignments.

Why use PPSM to pdf converter?

  • PPSM to pdf converters is free.
  • PPSM converters are freely available online or offline.
  • These tools are secure, and the user's privacy is their first preference.
  • It's straightforward to use this software; you can even insert some pages and delete them very securely.

How to convert PPSM to pdf?

You can convert PPSM to pdf completely free by using different offline or online tools. These tools are 100% secure. You can use online2pdf,, fileproinfo, pdffiller, and WPS. We recommend you to use WPS pdf converter.


PPSM to pdf conversion by WPS is the same as PPT and PPTX. You don't have to learn any new steps. Here are the steps for how to convert PPSM to pdf.

1-Open any PPSM file by the WPS office. See the menu option in the upper menu bar. And click there.


2-Click the export to pdf option.


3-Select the directory, and select the common pdf and image pdf options.


4-You can even go to the same option by clicking on save. Select the pdf option by clicking on file type.


Improvements in PPSM to PDF converter

It's very easy to convert PPSM to pdf normally. But it will be better if these converters also allow the users to uncorrupt their corrupted files. Or there is an option to unblock the blocked file before conversion. Instead, users should be allowed to convert multiple PPSM files into pdf simultaneously.

Guide to download WPS

Here we go. How to convert PPSM to pdf? We have observed that WPS makes converting PPSM files to pdf online very easy. Download WPS to convert files, insert some pages, delete any portion, and edit any document.

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