Convert Text to PDF for Free

July 31, 2023 9.0K views

TEXT files are those containing .txt formats. Normally these files are written in NotePad or TextEdit. TEXT files are with simple plain text without any format, modification and layout . Sending someone a TEXT FILE is considered as unprofessional. Are you looking for some online and offline solutions to convert TEXT to PDF. We will discuss 2 ways for how to convert text to PDF online and offline for free.

How to convert TEXT to PDF Online

TEXT to PDF conversion becomes easy and seconds-game with the help of WPS TEXT to PDF converter. Search and find WPS TEXT to PDF converter online to get your work done.

Steps for converting TEXT to PDF on PC and Mobile online for free

1-Search and open WPS Word to PDF converter. Don't worry WPS Word to PDF converter can examine TEXT document and convert it to your destination format PDF.

2-Upload your TEXT file by clicking on the option “Select Word file” or just drop your TEXT file into the dropbox.


3-It will take a few seconds and eventually convert TEXT to PDF. Click on the “Download” option to download your ready-made file.


How to convert TEXT to PDF Offline

Converting TEXT to pdf is way easier with WPS Office when we talk about offline  quick conversion. WPS Office is available on any app store and its features are accessible for free on mobile or iphone, PC or Mac (windows store, apple store and google play store). Download the WPS Office and avail offline available features.

Steps to convert microsoft word to pdf Offline

1-Launch The WPS Office App. Open Your TEXT file (to be converted into PDF format) by clicking on “+” Icon.



2-Find the “Menu” option from the left top corner of the screen and click on it. For iPhone or android users, you have to click on the “menu icon” with four tiny boxes at left bottom.



3-From the drop down, choose the “Export to PDF” option. Mobile users should look for the “File” option available on the bottom.



4-Your converted file will be directed to the default path set by WPS. But if you want to save it in your customized folder you can set the custom path by clicking on the “edit” icon with pencil.


5-When everything is set properly? Then click on “Export To PDF” export file into PDF. If you are doing this on an iPhone or android, you have to look for the option “output as pdf”. Congrats! That's all we have to do for TEXT to PDF conversion.




TEXT file is a file with .txt extension name normally written in Notepad and TextEdit for large data management and for coding. But you can only use text files for your own ease regardless of sending them to others. You can also convert pdf to text easily. For sending your file to another device or for printing you have to convert TEXT to PDF. If you have no idea about what is a pdf, WPS Office is an offline app used to convert TEXT to PDF. For online conversion you can use WPS Word to PDF for TEXT to PDF conversion because it supports .txt file extension.

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