4 Easiest Ways to Convert Word to PDF: 2024 Ultimate Guide

August 4, 2023 942 views

Word is the most common document type used on PC and other devices, but to keep the data secure and not editable, it is smart to convert Word to PDF. You can convert Word to PDF for free on your own device through a few steps depending on your device and preference.

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Part 1:Benefits for Converting Word to PDF

A Word document is easy to use but it's not the optimal choice. You want to learn how to convert Word to PDF as a Word file can be easily edited and the data can be changed. PDF uses compressed information in a portable document format. Why convert Word to PDF, some benefits are:

●  A PDF file is protected through passwords and can custom setting to protect from printing or copying or editing by others.

●  The PDF file format is popular and formal for presentation, which is also widely compatible with all devices and operating systems including Mac, Windows, Android, etc.

●  PDF is not editable; this means that the file and the data in it are safe from being altered and manipulate.

Part 2:4 Methods for How to Convert Word to PDF

Method 1: How to Convert Word to PDF Free

Converting a Word document to PDF is what you want to learn but you can also do it without having to incur any cost. You can learn how to convert Word to PDF free by the steps below:

Step 1: Download the “WPS Office Software” app for free.

Step 2: Use the “Online Converter” on the WPS Office.

Step 3: Upload your “”Word document“”.

Step 4: Convert the word document to PDF by clicking on the “PDF sign” on the toolbar above.

Step 5: Save the PDF file.

Method 2: How to Convert Word Document to PDF in MS Word

Converting Word document to PDF on Microsoft Word is easy and can be done through a few simple steps. It is easy and efficient as the document can be saved on Word itself and be referred to later.

Step 1: Open MS Word.

Step 2: Open the Word document on the MS Word.

Step 3: Convert the document to WPS PDF by clicking on the File button and clicking on Export to PDF.

Step 4: Save the Document as a PDF.

Method 3:How to Convert Word Docs to PDF on Laptop or PC

There are multiple apps where you can convert a Word document to PDF free. One of the most common is WPS Office. You may have Windows or a Mac operating system on your laptop. The steps are similar for both operating systems.

Mac has the specific format of Word and converting Word to PDF while on a PC with Windows, you see a different format for Word and how the window is on the screen.

Step 1: Open a conversion forum or software on your laptop (WPS Office).

Step 2: Choose the document you want to convert from Word to PDF for free.

Step 3: You have chosen your Word document on your WPS Office, upload it and convert it using the WPS Office convert Word to PDF feature.

Step 4: Save the PDF file that you have made after converting Word to PDF.

Method 4:How to Convert Word to PDF Offline

Converting the Word document to a PDF offline free is easy if you have software installed on your laptop, or phone. Software like WPS Office can help the file offline without being online.

Step 1: Download software that helps you convert Word to PDF offline like WPS Office.

Step 2: Upload your file from the computer to the software.

Step 3: You can easily convert your Word document to PDF offline by choosing the “create PDF from the file” option as shown in the image above.

Step 4: Save the PDF file.

Part 3:Tips for Converting Word to PDF Free

When converting a Word document to PDF, you must be careful because you don’t want to change the format of the article or make changes that alter the article into some other format than the original form.

To be able to convert the Word document to PDF free without making unnecessary changes, there are a few tips that should be kept in mind:

  • When converting the file to PDF you must choose the format you want the PDF to be available in like TXT, DOCS, or RTF. The format you choose will be the one your article will be open in. so make sure your format is the right one.

  • Make sure to save the PDF document so that it is easier to share and send to others in the future.

  • Download the PDF on your Laptop or phone for ease of access.

FAQs of Converting Word to PDF

Q1: What is the easiest way to convert Word to PDF for free?

A1: The easiest way to convert Word to PDF is through software like WPS Office. This way you can also convert the document to a PDF file while you are offline.

Q2: Is it possible to convert multiple files to PDF simultaneously?

A2: You can convert multiple files to PDF simultaneously on the software. But you must be cautious and keep the tips stated above in mind for efficient conversion.

Q3: Can you convert Word to PDF for free?

A3: Yes you can convert Word to pdf file format for free by relying on good software like Adobe or WPS Office that enables you to have free trials.


Converting Word to PDF is easy and important for formal and important documents like organizational files, reports, financial year-end reports, etc. Once you know how to convert Word to PDF you can easily do it on multiple platforms like your phone, laptop, MacBook, PC, Android phones and devices, etc.

An efficient software like WPS Office software enables you to convert the Word document to a PDF file for ease of sharing and for making the article into a non-editable format for further sharing and usage on different platforms. WPS Office is a software that has multiple usages including converting PDF to Word or Google Docs and vice versa.

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