How to Convert XLA into PDF Quickly?

July 31, 2023 1.2K views

What is an xla to pdf converter?

The tools used to convert XLA to pdf are called xla to pdf converters. .XLA file extension is the add-in used in MS excel.

This file format helps us to add extra features and modules. We can even add more tools to ms excel by using this file format. To enjoy additional functionalities of this file extension, you must have the Microsoft 2007 or later version. It doesn't work in older versions than 2007. XLA files have mime data applic ation and binary file format. Most of the issues faced by users by using this file format are the corrupt file registry path during windows. Users are not able to open their XLA files in Windows 10. So, mostly they are searching for how to convert XLA to pdf.

There are a lot of tools that allow you to convert XLA files to pdf online or offline. But we will discuss here how to convert XLA files to pdf using WPS office as this is a user-friendly and budget-friendly tool.

Importance of XLA to pdf converter

  • XLA files are mostly corrupt. And the users can’t open them.
  • XLA files don't open in MS excel and Windows 10.
  • XLA files can't be opened in an older version of Excel that is older than 2007.
  • It's challenging for laymen to deal with the XLA files because they cannot open the xla files on their laptops or mobiles.

Why use XLA to pdf converter?

  • XLA to pdf converters is free.
  • XLA to pdf converters is freely available online & offline.
  • These tools are secure, and you don't have to worry about the leakage of your file information.
  • You can easily open the pdf files and read them.

How to convert XLA to pdf?

You can convert XLA to pdf for free by using many offline or online tools that are a hundred percent reliable. You can use Microsoft Excel or WPS. Both Ms excel and WPS are recommended. We will discuss here how to convert XLA to pdf by WPS.

Method: XLA to pdf conversion by the WPS office is not more different than the conversion of other excel files into pdf. There is no need to learn any new steps. Following are some steps for how to convert XLA to pdf.

1-Open your XLA file by the WPS office. In the top left corner, you'll find the menu option. Click there.

2-Go to the export to pdf option. And click it.


3-Select the directory. Choose either you want to select the common pdf & picture pdf options.


4-The other method is to go to save as option and click the file type as pdf.


Improvements in XLA to PDF converter

It's not easy to open XLA files in Microsoft Excel or WPS. The XLA converters should quickly find a solution to solve this issue. It's very hard to convert any file into the xla, and if some files are converted into XLA, then the opening is the other challenge. The facility to open XlA files into the WPS or MS word is not available directly. So, there is a sudden need to address this issue.

Guide to download WPS

Here we go. How to convert XLA to pdf? You can see XLA to pdf conversion by WPS is the game of three to four clicks. Download WPS to convert your excel, word, and ppt files into pdf. WPS office will help you to edit your document and insert any additional information into them. You can even resize your document and the pictures in it.

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