How to create 5 year plan template step by step

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A five-year plan is a summary of professional and/or personal goals that you hope to achieve during the following five years. It often comprises general career, personal, health, and financial goals that are broken down into action items and milestones.

Smaller, more concrete goals are frequently included in 5-year plans to assist you reach the larger goals on your list. For example, if a long-term aim is to buy a larger house, a smaller goal could be to set aside a particular amount of money each month to go toward a home loan deposit.

One of the most beneficial aspects of a 5-year plan is that it can considerably drive you to make the life you desire. We stated make the life, not just accomplish the goal. A 5year plan that works for you will be more effective if you consider your life as a whole. Whatever your individual goals are - whether it's starting a business, becoming certified or gaining expertise, competing in an event, or taking a huge trip — a 5-year plan can help you turn a wish into a reality.

Benefits of 5-year Plan:

Making a plan is similar to pointing a flashlight in the dark. A more fair definition would be that it transforms that dark, twisting road into a clear path forward. There will be bumps in the road, but at least you'll know where you're going and how to get there.

A five-year plan can remind you of what's at risk. It's easy to forget that we shape our future every day in our regular lives.Our decisions today have an impact on how our lives will look in the future. Having a visual reminder of this can help you stay focused on your objectives.

It can not only help fuel inspiration to attain your goals, but it can also assist many people in making their vision a reality. Some people know exactly what they want in their careers and lives, while others do not. Those who have less guidance to where they wish to go may become disoriented and forget what they have previously accomplished. When you lose sight of where you want to go, it might assist guide you back.

It is not intended to be used solely to emphasize your accomplishments; make a note of the things you may have failed at as well. Because nothing pushes a person more than failure at times.

It also assists your business in determining where you wish to go. If you start a job with a company and they know you desire to advance, they may be able to assist you. Employers may provide you with their version of a PDP to assist you in meeting company goals, so let them know about your own goals as well, and they may assist you in incorporating them.

It assists you in refining your existing talents.

You most likely already have a plethora of excellent talents at your disposal. Thinking about where you want to go and knowing your goals will help you determine what skills you will need to achieve those goals. Consider your existing skills; what can you do to improve them? Are you an effective leader? Are you an excellent communicator? Are you good at math? We have a lot of skills, but we don't use them all every day. Brushing up on these abilities and remaining current with what is going on in your field of work will help you stay current and in top shape.

It encourages you to learn new skills.

A personal development plan not only summarizes what we now know, but it also allows you to see what you may need to learn in the future. We don't know everything. It is not only crucial to stay current, but it is also important to not be scared to get out there and learn something new when necessary. Take advantage of any leadership training sessions or courses offered by your organization to learn about the latest developments in your area.

Some other benefits of 5 year plan

Ø A greater grasp of yourself and what makes you tick.

Ø Being in a better position to make suitable decisions to achieve your goals.

Ø Greater understanding of your needs and how to address them.

Ø Increased awareness of your unique contribution.

Ø Creating a positive, forward-thinking attitude.

Ø It establishes a foundation for a career, business venture, or personal aim. A goal without a plan is unlikely to be realized. However, if you know you want to be a real estate broker by 2026, you'll be in a better position to begin the process and take decisive actions to get there.

Ø It keeps you focused and on track with your goals, rather than allowing your fantasies to take a back seat.

Ø It serves as a constant reminder of where you want to go and what you need to do to get there.

Ø The key is to maintain your plan as visible as possible, to ensure that it is what you truly desire, and to ensure that your goals are explicit, measurable, and time-bound.

What Should a Five-year Plan Include?

Take out a pen and a piece of paper. Visualize your life in 5 years and write down all you see without stopping to think or judge. It is common to experience anxieties, uncertainties, or negative feelings. The idea is to disregard them and not give them any meaning.

The SMART method can help offer structure to your goals and make them easier to achieve.

Specific:  Make sure you are clear about what you intend to accomplish.

Measurable: Try to include a time frame for achieving your goal. Keeping you motivated and giving you something to strive for.

Attainable: Prepare yourself to reach the goal. Make sure they are reasonable and that you give yourself adequate time to complete them.

Relevant: Make sure your goals are meaningful to you. Don't include something just because it's what everyone else is doing. Consider whether it will benefit your job and make you happy.

Timely: You must have a date or a deadline. Being realistic will help you prioritize.

Use the categories below to help you write your entire brainstorm.

Ø Health

Ø Relationships

Ø Money

Ø Career/business

Ø Service/contribution etc.

How to Create a 5-year Plan

The most critical step in creating a 5 year plan is accepting that it will not unfold as expected. Things will happen. Changes in interests and situations So your first step in developing the plan is to be flexible.

Step 1: Brainstorm what you want in life.

This is where you can be as creative, wacky, out-of-this-world as you want. Think big. Everything is on the table. Don’t censor yourself.Remember to not only think about your career but your personal and emotional/spiritual life.

Step 2: Make a list of your qualifications and experience.

This is possibly the simplest aspect of creating the plan: you know what you know, what you can do (skills), and what you've done (experience).Then go over all of them and see how they relate to the things you listed in your brainstorming session.

Step 3: Conduct research on the concepts you jotted down in Step 1.

Because you may have a wide range of interests/ideas/goals, this is likely to be the most time-consuming step in the planning process. As you explore, consider what you need to do to achieve them: more education, more talents, relocation? What are the direct costs (tuition, relocation to a more costly city, etc.)?Pay attention to your emotions as you conduct your investigation. Do you find that a huge desire becomes less appealing when you learn about the costs/actions required, etc.? Or are you unafraid? (This is probably a sign that the goal/task/thing is something you want to pursue regardless of the hurdles.)  

Step 4: Fine-tune your objectives/desires.

We can do anything we want; we just can't do it all. And we can't accomplish everything all at once. As a result, decisions must be made. A five-year plan simplifies this because you may only want to choose goals that can be fulfilled in five years or fewer. Alternatively, if a goal cannot be accomplished in five years, develop a sub-goal within it that can.So, decide what you want to pursue first. They may be the simplest, the cheapest, the ones with a set deadline, and so on. Rank the objectives in order of significance (the most critical or time-bound first).

Step 5: Develop steps/goals/a timetable for each.

Consider making them SMART objectives (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound). You should make a timeline for each objective so that you know when you've completed one goal/step, you can go on to the next. Consider establishing sub-goals for each (weekly, quarterly, yearly, etc.). This helps you to monitor your progress toward your greater goals.

Step 6: Begin taking the steps required to achieve your objectives.

In other words, you devised the strategy; now put it into action.

Step 7: Review your objectives every six months/year.

You might discover that your desires have shifted...again! They frequently do. Checking in on your goals will also help you stay on pace to fulfil them.

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  1. WPS Office

WPS Office is a full-featured office productivity package that contains a word processor, spreadsheet application, and presentation software. It provides a variety of templates, including 5-year plans. WPS Template Store is a great resource for users looking for professionally created templates to help them be more productive. One significant category among the many accessible templates is the 5-year plan templates.

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  • WPS Office offers a comprehensive office suite for document creation, editing, and management.

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  • Templates offer structured frameworks, but predefined sections may be restrictive.

  2. Smartsheet Template Gallery

The Smartsheet Template Gallery is an excellent resource for companies and project managers looking for ready-to-use templates, such as 5-year plan templates. It provides convenience and efficiency in planning and organizing long-term initiatives due to its large range of options.


  • Smartsheet's template gallery enables real-time collaboration, promoting efficient teamwork and communication.

  • Its flexibility in customization allows users to create personalized templates for specific business needs, including layout modifications and formula adjustments.


  • Smartsheet offers a free trial but is primarily a paid platform, limiting resources for budget-conscious individuals and small businesses seeking free alternatives.

  • Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform requiring a stable internet connection, limiting offline and remote work capabilities in areas with poor internet access.

  3. SCORE

SCORE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting small businesses, has a template gallery that includes a variety of business planning templates, including 5-year plan templates. These free Excel-based templates are an excellent tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


  • SCORE provides free templates, including 5-year plan templates, for small businesses and entrepreneurs with limited budgets.

  • SCORE templates cater to business planning needs, providing strategic tools for long-term goal setting.


  • SCORE templates are free but may have limited updates, leading to outdated or less relevant templates.

  • While SCORE provides useful business planning templates, its overall template selection may be more focused on business-related needs than other platforms.

  4. Hloom

Hloom is a platform that provides an extensive selection of free templates, including 5-year plan templates, to meet a variety of document purposes. Templates are accessible in Word, Excel, and PDF formats, allowing users to modify them to meet their needs.


  • Hloom provides numerous templates for various document types and purposes, including business, education, and personal use.

  • Available in Word, Excel, and PDF formats, users can easily modify and customize templates to suit their specific needs.


  • The Hloom website's user interface may not be as intuitive or visually pleasing as other template websites.

  • Hloom's extensive templates may lack regular updates or become outdated.

  5. is a platform that provides a collection of professionally created templates, including 5-year plan templates, to meet a variety of document demands. Users can effortlessly download and customize templates in formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint.


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Personal & professional Plan Templates By WPS:

We've got you covered if you're ready to develop your own five-year plan.To help you produce an effective 5 year  plan, WPS Office Software have created a variety of templates that you can use. Below, you can take a look at some of the templates provided by WPS  and download your free template.You can get the following five-year plan template from WPS Office Software.

1. Plan for Work

This plan sheet is specifically designed for can plan your objectives and organize them from the most important to not so important. This process is also known as prioritization and it also demands that you allocate your resources, time, and effort where they are most required.

2. Visuable Year Plan Table

This Visual Year Plan Template provides different sections including plan section in which you can enlist all your objectives with date ,and notes section in which you can enter the updates regarding the progress or performance made in achieving that objective. Other sections are location, helper ,importance of project and completed or not section.

3. Fresh Green Work Plan Schedule

Fresh green work plan schedule by WPS office software is a work plan template which incorporates almost all the required sections from objectives to the current status. You can use this template to enlist your objectives at your workplace and evaluate your performance on the basis of no of completed tasks or objectives.

4. Simple To-do List

This simple to do list by WPS Office Software can be used for personal as well as  workplace objectives.To-do lists are vital for managing work overload. When you don't utilize them successfully, you'll appear disorganized and untrustworthy to those around you. When you apply them effectively, you'll be much better organised and more dependable.

5. Simple Blue Project Plan

Every project is based on resource utilization, which includes personnel, equipment, budget, office space, and time. It is practically impossible to ensure that an organization distributes and uses resources in the most cost-effective and suitable manner without strategic planning.A strong project plan serves as a road map for your project team. It precisely specifies the scope of your project, the delivery methods and procedures, and the anticipated outcomes. Simple blue project  plan by WPS  includes all the key elements of a project plan and each element is crucial in ensuring that the project team proceeds toward its completion.

Final Thoughts

Creating a  plan is one of the best ways to see your dreams come to life. The success of a plan is dependent on keeping all of the important factors in balance. The key inputs of time, people, and money must all be regulated and managed in order for project goals to be met on time and within budget.Taking the time to develop a detailed, realistic strategy is an important step in project management, as is communicating and getting sponsorship and stakeholder buy-in to that plan.If you need help putting together a plan, our personal and workplace plan templates are here to help. Download WPS Office Software and enjoy  free and printable templates from WPS. 

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