How to Create A Microsoft PDF Printer

July 31, 2023 1.0K views
A PDF printer is a simple and quick software tool that can be used in our daily life and can help in the design and print of good quality PDFs.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a type of virtual printer, simple is also known as “PDF virtual printer, printer software or maybe drivers”. Their PDF printer makes life easier. A big thanks to the portable document ( PDF ) files that allow you to transfer information across various computers, phones, and tablets so that readers will view what you have made on your computer in the same format as when you create it.

PDF has become more widely used in today's life, we mostly want to use these easy and simple tools to save time and money. These PDF printers are typically used to create a PDF file to format and protect a document. Also, you can easily convert your document into a JPEG file. So when viewed on a computer screen it looks the same as it does when printed.

As most computers do not come with a built-in printer, creating, printing, and saving files all require the use of a separate Print to PDF option. But users must still use a separate Microsoft PDF printer program to print files to PDF and unfortunately, windows lack a WPS print-to-PDF option. A wonderful thing is that you can easily print and save a document as a PDF by using WPS PDF Printer. Also, you can freely download our PDF printer software online.

What would be better than that? The question is why has the WPS office become popular day by day? There are many features and characteristics which cause the popularity of this tool to enhance and encourage the editing and printability of PDF

Is It Possible to Get a Free Microsoft PDF Printer?

Yes, it is free for you all to use and get the benefit from it. Here are the following benefits for users who want free Microsoft PDF printers:-

There are many tools and software that are freely available online for PDF printing but most people prefer the WPS office because the WPS PDF Printing tool is safe and easy to use. You can get a free subscription, which you can easily and freely download.

How to Add Pages in a Microsoft PDF Printer?

Want to add a pages in your document and feel difficulty in adding a page, we will let you know how to add pages in your PDF.

Place the cursor where you want the new page to start in your Word document, Then click on the Insert Blank Page. The page is open and waiting for your changes when it opens.

How to Get PDF by Using Adobe?

Create PDF files on one computer and then open them in Adobe Reader is another free, cross-platform program. It is available for free download directly from Adobe's website, and other websites might as well if they agree to Adobe's license restrictions. Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are two separate tools, even though Adobe is the creator of both. You can do more with PDFs than just read and print them; you can fill out forms and add comments, convert PDFs to Word or Excel, verify and certify documents, and more.

Following are the some benefits of using Adobe Acrobat:-

  • It can allow you to make PDFs in different ways like images or any other format of your file document.

  • You can easily edit or modify it as per your requirement.

  • You can also add signatures to your files on your need. But there are also some cons of using Adobe, it may cause problems in signing in, and it automatically logs out every time. Another disadvantage is that you may not be able to rename your PDF file. So, it is better to use WPS office than Adobe.

Can You Use Microsoft PDF Printers for Windows?

Do you want a PDF printer for Windows free? Then this is a great opportunity to get PDF printers for windows for free. WPS made it easy for all of us to make PDFs from word documents, Excel sheets, and Powerpoint presentations by using the WPS office. And this is completely free.

You can easily use the Pdf Printer for windows such as in Windows 10. WPS makes it simple for users to generate PDF files from several programs, including word processors, spreadsheets, and web browsers. You can even add images and text to your PDF. Windows 10 for Microsoft PDF printer might also come with extra characteristics like the capability to add password protection, identity verification, and other security measures to the PDFs they produce.

There are the following features that can help you in selecting a microsoft PDF printer by using WPS office:

Ease in Use:

WPS Office has an easy and user-friendly interface, everyone can use it without facing any difficulty.


WPS Office is completely secure and also gives the security issues like password protection and digital signature.


Technical support is also available in the WPS office if you are stuck somewhere or if you need any help and are facing difficulty.


Your operating system and any applications you want to use with the WPS Office free PDF printer Windows 10 both are compatible with it.

How Can You Get an Online Microsoft PDF Printer?

Today everyone wants us to be able to do everything online so why not any tool for PDF? Well, if you are wondering if there would be a PDF tool online that you can get printed out from this, then here is a complete solution for getting an Online pdf tool for you all. WPS Office is a complete solution for PDF Printer. Follow the following steps to use the online microsoft PDF printtool:-

  • First of all launch the WPS office

  • After launching drag and drop your PDF file (what you want to print) into the printer option.

  • Click on the  “ Menu” button

  • After that click on the “Print”

  • On the right side of the pop-up dialogue, click on “Document and Note Contents”.

  • After that click on the comment Button and select the Note Mode

  • Now again enter Print Interface.

  • Now your Print is ready

Why Should You Prefer WPS Office for Microsoft PDF Printers

There are many reasons that you should prefer WPS Office for your PDF Printers. That will exactly meet your demands with good quality. The following are the reasons to use WPS Office:

Complete Guide:

It completely guides you with clear instructions and from its easy interface, you can easily do anything that you want.

Compatible While Using Formats:

WPS Office is completely compatible while using Windows or macOS, they support all formats including JPG and Png.

Language Support:

The main and good thing is that WPS supports multiple languages, so you can work easily. It provides 13 languages on Pc.

Multiple Templates:

WPS office provides you with 10000+ templates that are available in the template store. You can use it for your resume or other educational work

Download WPS Office Instead of Microsoft PDF Printer

Microsoft PDF editor has many features to edit documents, you can print, edit and even get PDF in all formats, but some of their features are not reliable and good enough to use.

So, all features related to PDF printers are available, WPS is a multitasking program that is offered online for free. It is conveniently accessible to Mac users. Surprisingly, WPS supports more than just opening MacPDF files. You can carry out a variety of PDF-related tasks in this. You can edit and convert PDF files to Word, images, PPT, and other formats.

The last recommendation is WPS Office because it is easy to produce PDF prints and has extensive functions like OCR, and converter. Obviously, you can also get PDF print from WPS Office as it is free to download.

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