How to Create a Spreadsheet in Google Docs( Step-by-Step)

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Google Docs has firmly positioned itself as the epitome of phenomenal collaboration, empowering teams for real-time, highly productive tasks. While Google Sheets is ideal for spreadsheets, the enhanced visuals and accessibility of Google Docs reflect in specific scenarios. Good news is that within your Google Docs interface, you can create a spreadsheet, elevating your productivity. Our guide  navigates through the steps to  how to create a Spreadsheet in Google Docs, showcasing this combination of collaborative prowess and structured organization in Google Docs.

How to Create a Spreadsheet in Google Docs

How to Create Spreadsheets in Google Docs Online (For General User)

Let's begin the step-by-step guide on how to create a Google Excel sheet to share with others.

Create your Google Account

Before we learn how to make a spreadsheet in Google Docs, it's essential to have an email account. If you don't have one, let's see how users can create their Google account:

Step 1: Firstly, open your browser and visit the official Google website.

Step 2: Next, click on "Create an account" located at the top left of the page to initiate the process.

Google create an account

Step 3: The account creation is a step-by-step process, starting with entering your Name.

Google Enter your name

Step 4: Following that, users will need to provide personal information such as their Birth Date and gender.

Google basic information

Step 5: Now, select an email from the suggested options available. Unfortunately, finding the email of your choice might be challenging, so don't set high expectations.

Google pick your email account

Step 6: Set up a secure password for your new Gmail account. Ensure it's a combination that is hard for others to guess but familiar enough for you not to forget.

Google set up password

Step 7: Users will be prompted to verify themselves through a mobile code. Complete the verification process to finish creating your Gmail account.

Create Spreadsheets in Google Docs Website

Now that you have created your Google account, let's move on to how to create a Google Sheet. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open your web browser and navigate to the Google Sheets website.

Step 2: If you're not signed in to your Google account, sign in.

Step 3: After signing in, locate the "Start a new spreadsheet" section and click on the "Blank Spreadsheet" option.

Google Sheets create new blank spreadsheet

Step 4: A new Google Sheets document will open. Here, you can start entering your data, similar to other spreadsheet software.

Google Sheets interface

Step 5: Customize your sheet by adding titles, formatting cells, and organizing data.

Step 6: To share the sheet, click on the "Share" button in the top-right corner.

Share Google Sheets

Now, you've successfully created a Google Excel sheet and shared it with others.

How to Create Spreadsheets in Google Workspace (For Business Collaboration)

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is like your digital office, offering tools for work and collaboration. It includes apps like Gmail for emails, Docs for documents, Sheets for spreadsheets, and more. It's a smart way for teams to work together online, making tasks easy and organized.

Google Workspace


  • Collaborative Editing: Multiple users can simultaneously work on the same document, spreadsheet, or presentation in real-time, fostering efficient collaboration.

  • Integrated Communication: Gmail, Google Meet, and Chat are seamlessly integrated, providing a unified platform for communication, whether through emails, video meetings, or instant messaging.

  • Cloud Storage: Google Workspace includes Google Drive, offering secure cloud storage. This ensures easy access to files from any device and facilitates seamless sharing and collaboration.

Create an Information Sharing Spreadsheet in Google Workplace

Before we begin, note that Google Workspace requires a paid subscription. Visit the Google Workspace website and click on "Get Started". Follow the instructions for full access, and enjoy a 14-day free trial.

Google Workspace homepage

To create a Google Spreadsheet with Google Workspace:

Step 1: Open your browser and go to Google Workspace Sheets. Click "Get Started" to open Google Spreadsheets.

Google Workspace sheets

Step 2: Click "Blank Spreadsheet" under "Start a new spreadsheet" for a collaborative data visualization.

Google Workspace create a new Blank Spreadsheet

Step 3: A new sheet is created; edit, format, and easily share it with colleagues for efficient collaboration.

Google Workspace Spreadsheet

How to Edit & Format a Spreadsheet In Google Docs

Creating a spreadsheet is just the beginning. Let's navigate the Google Sheets interface and perform essential actions:

How to Edit Data in a Cell:

Step 1: Click on an empty cell or double-click a non-empty one.

Step 2: Begin typing your content.

Google Spreadsheet insert data

Step 3: Press ⌘ + Enter (Mac) or Ctrl + Enter (Windows) to add an extra line within the cell.

Google Spreadsheet multiple lines

Step 4: Hit Enter when you're done.

How to Format Cells:

Step 1: Click a cell, drag to choose nearby cells, or hold ⌘ (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) and click another cell.

Step 2: Utilize the formatting options in the toolbar to format text or numbers.

Google Spreadsheet format data

How to Add Rows and Columns:

Step 1: Select the row, column, or cell near where you want the new entry.

Step 2: Right-click on the highlighted area, to open the context menu on Google Spreadsheet

Step 3: Now, select your desired option from the context menu. For instance, choose "Insert 1 row above" to add a row above the selected one. The insertion will vary based on your selection, be it a row, column, or cell.

Google Spreadsheet insert rows, columns, or cells

Google Spreadsheet insert rows, columns, or cells

Save Google Docs and Google Sheets to Desktop - WPS Office

WPS Office stands out organically as the premier choice for office suite editing software, encompassing a comprehensive package with spreadsheet, writer, and presentation tools. Its benefits are not just common knowledge but are practically on everyone's lips, given its widespread usage. From seamless compatibility across various operating systems to its ability to handle multiple file formats, WPS Office has become a familiar and reliable companion.

 WPS Office

WPS Office

However, what often surprises many is its compatibility with other suites, including the Google Workspace suite. This means that if you've created a spreadsheet using WPS Office, you can effortlessly transport it to Google Docs, adding a layer of versatility to your workflow. Both suites are also entirely free, ensuring you can have an enjoyable and productive experience without any cost constraints.

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Q1. How to Find More Spreadsheet Templates for Google Sheets?

Here are two methods to find more spreadsheet templates for Google Sheets:

  • Explore Built-In Templates: Google Sheets provides a selection of built-in templates. Access them by opening Google Sheets and navigating to the Template Gallery.

google sheets template gallery option

google sheets template gallery option

  • If the default templates in Google Sheets don't have what you need, you can use extra templates from add-ons. Two well-known ones are:

    Vertex42's Template Gallery: Install the add-on, open your spreadsheet, click on Add-ons, then choose Template Gallery and browse templates.

    Spreadsheet123's Template Vault: Install the add-on, open your spreadsheet, click on Add-ons, then select Template Vault and browse templates.

Q2. How to insert a Google Sheet into a Google Doc?

You can utilize the guide below to copy data from a Google Sheet to a Google Doc:

Step 1: Open the Google Sheet with the data you need and the Google Doc where you want to paste the information.

Step 2: Highlight the data you want to copy from the spreadsheet and select Edit, followed by Copy. You can also use keyboard shortcuts, “Ctrl + C” (Windows), or “Command + C” (Mac).

Step 3: Navigate to your Google Doc and click on the location where you want to insert the data.

Step 4: Select Edit and then Paste.

Step 5: In the Paste table window, choose Link to spreadsheet, then click the Paste button.

 Google Docs Paste Table.

Google Docs Paste Table.

Optimize Workflow with WPS Spreadsheets

The collaborative essence of Google Docs has rightfully positioned it as the preferred choice for numerous office suite users. The trend of abandoning downloads in favor of web-based benefits is noticeable. However, with WPS, you not only enjoy collaborative features similar to Google Sheets but also gain offline capacity for working, similar to Microsoft. So, rather than navigating through the process of How to Create a Spreadsheet in Google Docs, you can streamline your experience by opting for WPS Office. Simply download WPS Office and explore its efficiency today.

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