How to Create Fillable PDF Forms

January 29, 2024 3.3K views

A PDF is the best way to share documents between computers, but sometimes people need to make changes to a PDF. You may need to fill out a form only available in PDF format, or you may need to add your signature to an important document. When your working partners or customers are in different locations, fillable PDF files can boost the efficiency of your work system.  

Whatever the reason, you may wonder how to make a PDF fillable. The great news is that there are different ways to do this, and they are relatively straightforward. With the help of the right tools, you can make a PDF fillable in just a few minutes.

Read on for these tools, which will help you learn how to create fillable PDF forms.

Part 1. How to Create Fillable PDF Forms with Acrobat.

With Adobe Acrobat, you can make a PDF fillable form from the start, convert PDF files from a Microsoft Word document, or even upload a smartphone image or a scanned paper document. With optical character recognition (OCR), Acrobat can easily extract the text and convert it into an editable, searchable PDF, making it super easy to turn paper documents into fillable PDF forms.

  • It's easy to build your form in Adobe Acrobat.

  • Open Acrobat.

  • Move to the Tools tab and choose Prepare Form.

  • Choose a file or scan a document.

  • Acrobat will automatically check your document and add form fields.

  • Add new form fields.

  • With the top toolbar, adjust the layout using the tools in the right pane.

  • Save your fillable PDF.

Part 2. How to Create Fillable PDF Forms with Jotform.

JotForm is a great PDF editor and form creator. With this program, you can easily create custom PDF forms that you can use to fill out and submit via digital devices. In just a matter of minutes, you can create fillable forms that can operate anywhere, irrespective of device or internet access.

  • Open Jotform

  • Create a free Jotform account and build your fillable PDF form from the start — or upload an existing PDF form to convert it into a fillable PDF in a single click.

  • Customize your forms

  • Add page numbers, business logos, or brand images for a professional look. Download and share. Please save a copy of your fillable PDF or send it as an email attachment.


  • Users can easily download and share their fillable PDFs.

  • Users can create fillable forms that can use across any device.

Part 3. How to Create Fillable PDF documents with WPS

PDFs are a great way to share information but can be a pain to edit. That's where WPS comes in. It's convenient to use and lets you create fillable PDF forms with OCR.  This software is designed specifically for working with PDFs and includes a feature that allows you to to convert PDFs into editable PDFs.

After download WPS, you can learn more about how to make a fillable pdf. Here are some easy steps to get started.

Easy Steps 

  • If you have WPS installed on your PC, open the PDF in the program and click on the Create button in the Forms menu. If you do not have it, we recommend downloading it from WPS Office Official website.

  • Open PDFs, and Convert PDFs to editable, shareable or searchable documents with OCR in just one click.


  • When done, save the document, and the documents will be ready for filling.

    editable PDF.png

Part 4. Using Tips

WPS PDF Tools is an excellent choice for those who need to edit PDF files regularly. The program is packed with amazing features and is super easy to use. WPS PDF Tools has you covered when you're looking to fill out forms, add annotations, or encrypt your PDFs. The service is available without registration, and you can become a member for free to unlock additional features. You can password-protect your PDF files and remove watermarks from documents as a member.

The great news for everyone is that the program is free. If anyone needs to be a good PDF editor, check out WPS PDF Tools.

FAQs About WPS Office

Q1:What are the file formats supported by WPS?

WPS has all the features you need to create professional-looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can easily create pdf, txt, ppt and multiply formats of documents you want.

Q2:What are the most commonly used features of WPS office?

This tool allows you to insert/add images, videos, and charts into your slideshows. With this, you can also use the software to compress PDF files. WPS PDF Tools is a free online service for everyone that helps you merge, split, rotate, and convert PDF files. People can use it to compress PDF files without losing any quality.

Now that you have learnt about how to create fillable pdf forms, it’s your time to practically do it with the WPS office! Download now and make your forms fillable!

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