How to delete a text box in powerpoint(step by step)

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Have you ever struggled with pesky text boxes in PowerPoint? Whether you're new to presentations or a seasoned pro, this guide will navigate you through the process of text box deletion. We'll tackle common issues and provide useful tips along the way. So, let's dive in and declutter your slides with ease.

Part 1:  Shortcut Keys for Deleting Text Boxes in PowerPoint (A Quick Way)

Deleting text boxes in PowerPoint can be swift and efficient with these keyboard shortcuts:


Step 1: Select the text box you wish to delete.

select text box

Step 2: Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

Press delete


Step 1: Choose the text box you want to remove.

choose text box

Step 2: Press "Ctrl+X" to cut the text box. It will be removed from the slide and copied to the clipboard.

press Ctrl X

Ctrl+A, Delete:

Step 1: Select all text boxes you want to delete by pressing "Ctrl+A."

Press Ctrl + A

Step 2: Press the "Delete" key to remove all selected text boxes simultaneously.


These shortcuts provide a quick and hassle-free way to declutter your PowerPoint slides.

Part 2:Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Text Boxes in PowerPoint

How to Delete a Single Text Box:

Step 1: To delete a single text box, start by selecting the text box you want to remove.

Select textbpx

Step 2: Once selected, simply hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard. Or right-click on the selected text box and pick "Cut" from the menu.

select cut

How to Delete Multiple Text Boxes:

Step 1: To delete multiple text boxes, either hold the "Shift" or "Ctrl" key while clicking on each text box using the left mouse button.

Ctrl and hold

Ctrl and hold

Step 2: After selecting all the desired text boxes, either press the "Delete" key or right-click and use "Cut" from the context menu. This action will remove multiple text boxes in a single operation.


These steps make it easy to clean up your PowerPoint slides by deleting text boxes efficiently.

The methods presented in this guide for deleting text boxes in PowerPoint each serve unique purposes. Keyboard shortcuts, such as "Delete," "Ctrl+X," and "Ctrl+A, Delete," offer a swift and straightforward approach, perfect for quick removals.

In contrast, the step-by-step method provides greater control, making it suitable for precise deletions, whether for single or multiple text boxes. The choice of method depends on your specific requirements, whether you need efficiency or precision.

Part 3: How to Edit PowerPoint Presentations for Free with WPS Office?

Benefits of Using WPS Office:

WPS Office

WPS Office is a game-changer when it comes to your office productivity needs. This free office suite not only opens, creates, edits, and saves Microsoft Office files, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but it also does so with remarkable ease and compatibility on both Windows and Mac platforms.

  • Free to use: WPS Office is free to download and use. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions.

  • Compatible with Microsoft Office: WPS Office is fully compatible with Microsoft Office files. You can open, edit, and save Microsoft Office files in WPS Office without any problems.

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  • Available on all platforms: WPS Office is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. This means that you can access and edit your documents from any device, anywhere in the world.

With WPS Office, you get the best of both worlds: cost-effectiveness and seamless cross-platform performance, making it the ideal choice for your office tasks.

Steps to edit PowerPoint in WPS Office:

Step 1: Download and install WPS Office from the official website: which is available for both Windows,Mac and Linux platforms.

select version

Step 2: Install WPS Office: After downloading the setup file, follow the on-screen instructions to install WPS Office on your computer.

follow instrution

Step 3: Open WPS Presentation: Launch WPS Office and open the WPS Presentation application, where you can create and edit PowerPoint files.

open presentation

Step 4: Create or Open a PowerPoint Presentation: You can either create a new PowerPoint presentation or open an existing one

Step 5: Edit Your Presentation: Once your presentation is open, you can start editing it. WPS Office offers a user-friendly interface similar to PowerPoint, making it easy to make changes, add content, and enhance your slides.

edit content

Step 6: Save Your Work: After editing your presentation, make sure to save your changes by clicking "Menu" and selecting "Save" or "Save As." You can choose your preferred file format, including PowerPoint (.pptx) for compatibility with Microsoft Office.

save your change

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How to Recover Deleted Text Boxes in PowerPoint

If you accidentally delete a text box in PowerPoint, you can swiftly recover it using the "Undo" command. Simply press "Ctrl+Z" or click the "Undo" button in the top left corner of the PowerPoint window.

Why can't I delete a text box on my PowerPoint slide?

To resolve difficulties in deleting a text box, consider the following:

  • Check for Layers: Look for layering issues and right-click elements that obstruct text box selection.

  • Check for Grouped Elements: Ungroup text boxes and shapes if they are affecting each other.

  • Locked Text Box: If a text box is locked, use appropriate unlocking tools like PPT Productivity.

How to Delete Embedded Objects within a Text Box in PowerPoint

Begin by selecting the text box containing the embedded object. Next, right-click on the text box and choose "Group" to highlight the embedded object. Once highlighted, press the "Delete" key to remove it from your slide. To complete the process, right-click the text box and select "Ungroup" to separate any remaining elements. These steps provide an efficient way to manage embedded objects within text boxes in PowerPoint.


This guide has walked you through the steps to effortlessly remove text boxes in PowerPoint, offering both quick shortcuts and comprehensive methods. We've also underlined the value of WPS Office as a free, efficient alternative for PowerPoint editing, making it a top recommendation.

Whether you're dealing with one text box or many, these methods cater to users of all skill levels. By following these techniques, you'll declutter your presentations with ease. WPS Office, with its compatibility and cost-effectiveness, enhances your PowerPoint editing experience, making it a must-try tool for a seamless presentation journey.

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