Learn How To Delete Pages From PDF Documents

July 31, 2023 1.9K views

PDFs are widely utilized in business, academia, and other fields due to their easy adaptability. However, there may be a situation when it is important to remove PDF pages for a variety of reasons. One cause might be that the pages are unimportant to the overall content or that there was an error. Or perhaps you downloaded a PDF document that had blank pages, low-quality pages, or filler information. Maybe you scanned a paper and some of the photos are blurry.

How can I remove pages from a PDF file? We'll go over all you need to know about deleting PDF pages on a desktop computer. We have included free methods so you can get the most out of your PDFs.

1. WPS PDF - Best App to Delete Pages from PDF

WPS PDF app available in the free WPS Office suite, is certainly one of the best apps you should have on your PC and Mac. It is the best choice for deleting pages from PDF on your windows, linux, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Moreover, this app enables you to open, read, edit, convert and sign the PDF and you can do this just from any location-no restriction. This app can help you change the style and colors of your document without losing the formatting. In addition to this, it allows you to add markups,bookmarks and highlights as well as annotate with sticky notes into a PDF.

2 Steps To Delete Pages From PDF on WPS Office

  • To Delete Pages from a PDF with WPS PDF Tool in WPS Office, simply open your document with WPS Office and click the “Delete Page” icon from the “page” tab on the toolbar.

  • Then select the page or pages you want to remove and click on the trash icon. That's it! Your pages will be deleted instantly and your PDF will be updated automatically. Or you can save it by pressing “Ctrl+S”.

The steps above illustrate the easiest approach on how to delete pages from PDF. With WPS Office, you can delete any page in your PDF on the go, no matter how many pages are involved, the solution is right here as seen above.

2. How To Delete Pages from PDF Online

If you don't want to download the WPS Office or WPS PDF app on your device and wanna delete the pages on an online PDF editor, WPS online tools again have goog news for you. With WPS online PDF organizer tool, you can organize your PDF by deleting, adding or arranging the pages. Here is how:

  • Upload your PDF file by clicking on “Select PDF file” or drag and drop it in the box. 

  • Now add, sort or delete whatever page.

3. How To Delete Pages from PDF Using Preview App on Mac

Preview is a features-ready document management software that offers a built-in, sophisticated PDF reader out of the box that will let you perform a wide variety of PDF actions like deleting pages. With multiple and critical document functionalities in an intuitive interface, it organizes your office documents and eliminates the need for subscription services. Deleting pages from a PDF is pretty easier on preview, here’s how:

  • Double-click the PDF to open in the default preview app, OR right-click the file, then select Open With, and then Preview, if you have set another app as a default doc opening app on your mac.

  • Select the Thumbnails from the “View” menu from the menu bar at the top of the screen. This will display all pages as thumbnails to customize and arrange. 

  • Select the page you want to delete, you can also select multiple pages by pressing and holding the Command key. With that page or pages selected, press Delete on your keyboard. OR you can select the “Edit” menu and then select Delete from the drop menu.

Delete PDF Pages Quickly With WPS PDF Editor

This article has shown you several different methods to delete single or multiple pages from PDF documents regardless of your need or operating system. But our recommended method for deleting PDF pages is WPS online PDF organizer, an affordable All-in-One PDF page organizer to sort, add and delete pages in a PDF easier than ever.


How to Delete Certain Pages From a PDF?

Recommended method for deleting PDF pages is the online PDF organizer. WPS online PDF organizer is free to use. Upload PDF> Sort, Delete and add pages in a PDF.

How Can I Delete/Remove Pages From PDF?

Open PDF in WPS Office app. Click on Edit Tab and select add or remove pages option.

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