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April 2, 2022 13.4K views

Microsoft Office has been improving its features based on customer feedback and missing vulnerabilities in some features and has now launched Versions of office2019Microsoft office2022 and so on. Today, let's take a look at the new features of Microsoft office 2019 and how to download Microsoft Office 2019.

What's new in Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 includes all features in Microsoft Office 365.

Ø Add online images in Microsoft Office 2019

The ability to add online images has been added in both PowerPoint and Word. Online pictures include people, technology and electronics, communications, business, analysis and other 26 categories of pictures, a full range of types, you can also fill the picture color, stroke, zoom and other basic operations.

Ø Immersive Learning function in Microsoft Office 2019

In Word, the Immersive Learning function has been added, and the file interface will change after clicking. In the Immersive Learning feature of pages, users can quickly change column widths, text spacing, and page colors, and even adjust syllables and choose to speak text.

Ø Horizontal version in Microsoft Office 2019

In addition, word has also added a new page-turning mode, which is named horizontal version. In this page-turning mode, multi-page files will stack pages horizontally like a book, and even the animation of turning pages will be the same as that of a traditional book.

Ø Add several new functions in Microsoft Office 2019

Excel has added several new sets of functions, such as IFS (multi-condition judgment), CONCAT (multi-column merge) and TEXTJOIN (multi-region merge), etc., for those who often process large data, the new commands can effectively improve work efficiency.

Ø Inking function

In PowerPoint, the Inking feature has been added, which is similar to the Brush function in Photoshop. Here, users can choose different colors to fill the handwriting lines, while also adjusting the thickness of the handwriting, etc.

Office 2019 for Windows

Ø Retail Version:

ü Home Version (Personal or Family)

ü Professional Edition (Commercial)

ü Home & SME Edition (Commercial)

Ø Massive licensed version:

ü Standard Edition

ü ProPlusOffice 2019 for Mac

Ø Retail Version:

ü Home Edition

ü Home & SMB Edition

Ø Massive licensed version:

ü Standard Edition

This is all about the versions that can be downloaded for Windows in Microsoft Office 2019. After learning about the above information about Microsoft Office 2019. So, do you know how to download Microsoft Office 2019? Come to the following link:

Open the website and slide the mouse to the bottom. You can see that there are many different versions here, and you can order them monthly or annually as needed, click Buy Now to order.

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