How to Edit Text and Images in a PDF for Free

July 31, 2023 1.7K views

Portable document format (PDF) is a universally accepted file format for sharing all types of information as it's cross-platform supported, thus maintaining its layout irrespective of the device and software used to open it. However, editing these files is a bit harder and requires dedicated software like WPS office. This article will discuss how to edit text and images in a PDF?

Editing text and images in a PDF becomes super easy with PDF editing tools and software. These editors permit users to make changes in text and images within PDF, making it straightforward to customize or update content. Let's explore how to edit text and images in a PDF” for free.

1. How to Edit Text and Images in a PDF with WPS Office

WPS Office is a comprehensive office suite that supports 47 file formats and makes editing PDFs straightforward. The below steps can better assist with how to edit text and images in a PDF utilizing this file editor:

Download and install the WPS office from the official website before you proceed to edit text and images in PDF. Once installation is done, launch the software and sign up to access its tools. Now open a PDF whose text and images you want to update, click on the Edit option in the toolbar, and then hit the Edit Content button. It'll make rectangles around all editable components of the document. Here you can edit text, add new text, add annotations, highlight text, and many more.

Similarly, you can crop, resize, replace, adjust the transparency of images, and much more. Once you've made all possible edits, Click Ctrl + S to save to changes.

2. How to Edit Text and Images in a PDF with Adobe

Adobe Acrobat is a dedicated editor that is used for creating, viewing, and editing PDF files. It can also convert PDFs to other file formats and split, merge, crop, and annotate PDFs. It's available as premium software and a free online web server to meet users' personal and business needs. To edit text and images in PDF using Adobe, follow the below step-by-step procedure:

Download and Install Adobe Acrobat on your system. Launch the software and open its Edit PDF tool. Now, select the document you want to edit in the open dialogue box and click Open. Once the document has opened, now you're free to make any changes to the text and images in the document, You can add, delete, highlight text, similarly resize, crop, and rotate any image in the content. When you're done with making changes, select “File> Save” to save all changes.

3. How to Edit text and Images in a PDF Online with PDF2GO

PDF2GO is an online PDF editor that permits users to edit text and images in a PDF directly without the need to download any extra software on their device. The below steps can assist you better to edit text and images in PDF using this online utility.

Open PDF2GO Edit PDF tool in the browser. Click on the choose file button to upload the file you want to edit.

Once the document opens in the editor's window, a new interface with editing tools will appear. Click the Pages button in the upper left corner. Now select any tool from the editing tools menu. You can easily add text to the image, resize, crop, or rotate the image in the document. Similarly, you can highlight text, add new text, add watermark and do whatever you want with your document. You can also select the options menu in the upper left corner if you want to change the color, font size, etc.

When you're satisfied with the changes, hit the Save button, and a new pop-up will appear on the screen again, click on Save to preserve the changes and download the final output file to your computer.


👍Always focus on image quality and resolution while making changes to it.

👍Select the appropriate editor to edit text and images for easy and convenient PDF dealing.

👍While editing PDFs online, be careful about the document's privacy, and avoid uploading files containing sensitive/ personal information.


1 - Can I use WPS Office for free to edit text and images in PDF?

WPS Office has a variety of editing tools; some are free, while others are premium and thus require subscriptions. However, if you sign up for a 7-day free trial, then you can access all editing tools for free.

2- How can I edit the text in a scanned PDF?

To edit the text in a scanned PDF, you can use an editor that offers OCR functionality to convert scanned PDF images to editable text.

We hope you got the solution to your query- How to edit text and images in a PDF?. We've discussed 3 authentic ways; the ball is in your court to select the one that suits you the most. However, if you select WPS Office, congratulations on your best choice, as this software not only edits PDF files but can also perform wonders when it comes to all types of document dealing. Just Download WPS Office now and explore how fantastic this software is!

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