How to Import A PDF into InDesign?

July 31, 2023 973 views

Here's the good news for publishing agencies, graphic designers, artists, and marketing experts: they do not need to use plugins or other tricks to learn how to import a PDF into InDesign directly. Say thanks to advancements in technology that have brought new tools to save time and energy. Using InDesign versatile tools to open a pdf file, you can choose a single page or multiple pages and then edit to add more creativity or crop to form individual layers. There are multiple tools available, but we will discuss the top three user-friendly tools to Import A PDF Into InDesign.

1. FOXIT PDF Editor:

It allows its users to directly import PDF files to InDesign software without going here and there to add plugins to open a PDF in InDesign just by following a few steps mentioned below.

  • Open your design in InDesign.

  • Select the File and Place option.

  • Then click on the Show Preview Box to view the PDF where you want to place it in the project, and then go to the Show Import Options.

  • Now open the PDF file, select a single page or multiple pages, or you can import the entire document.

  • At last, click on the Open option to complete this job.

If you choose the number of pages or the entire document and then crop and place it in the design, it will not work efficiently with large PDF files. So, it's better to split large PDF files into smaller pages. Even though this method will require some time, you can manage better this way.

2. Markzware PDFMarkz:

This tool provides remarkable features to import PDF single or larger files into Adobe InDesign. In addition, it does not import PDFs as an image but in the form of live data, which you can edit, whether it is an image, table, text, style, color, links, or font. This ability to edit makes this application exceptional. There are the following steps to import a PDF into InDesign.

  • Open PDFMarkz and drag the PDF file on it.

  • Now you will view the PDF file in the PDFMarkz window.

  • Then, click on the Convert to InDesign icon at the top of the bar.

  • And here's the complete PDF file, not just the images but a fully editable file for you.

3. WPS Office:

Another brilliant application of WPS Office allows you to import a PDF Into InDesign which you can place on your project design in InDesign. This feature can assist you in manipulating your data in a PDF file; once you are done with all the changes, convert the finalized data into JPG. This way, there will be no hassle of editing or cropping large PDF files in InDesign; you can place them into your design and get ready to take printouts. It will make your work more controllable and mistakes-free. Here's the step-by-step guide to follow.

  • Launch the PDF file in the WPS office by clicking on the Open option.

  • Go to the Tools option on the top, and select the PDF to Picture option.

  • A new dialogue window pop-up. Select the settings for JPG as Export Type, Watermark, Pages, Quality, and Export Path.

  • In the end, click on Export to save JPG files.

Moreover, remember to download WPS Premium to access its more powerful features through which you can improve the image quality and get the option of customizing or removing watermarks when you import a PDF Into InDesign.

Using Tips for WPS Office:

In a nutshell, WPS Office is the finest option for publishers and brand managers to increase their working efficiency because it delivers the most competitive attributes of editing, annotating, merging, and signing PDFs collaboratively. If you want to take JPEGs for books, brochures, flyers, or pamphlets, they will continue to meet your requirements professionally for placing into InDesign. Plus, it supports all types of screens Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS, and Android.

FAQ about WPS

Is the WPS office a paid tool?

Anyone can download it for free, unlock its more beneficial features, and subscribe to WPS Premium at reasonable prices.

What file formats WPS office support?

It is an all-in-one solution tool for editing, managing, and converting documents, Presentations, and PDFs.

Grab this opportunity now and take advantage of its services in all life scenarios to be a pro when it comes to PDFs!

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