How to Import PDF to Excel-A Complete Guideline

July 31, 2023 3.0K views

Microsoft Excel is among the most important software tools due to the crucial function it plays in multiple sectors. There are several reasons why you might want to import PDF to Excel. You could need to import a table from a PDF document into a spreadsheet layout, for instance. You should be aware that there are various methods available if you wish to import PDF to Excel for whatever reason. Today, we'll demonstrate a few adaptable PDF editing programmes that can convert PDF files into the Excel format as well as extract and import data from PDF files to Excel. You can follow the instructions after they have been laid out to quickly complete your import process.

Adobe Acrobat - Know about How to Import PDF to Excel!

No matter where you are, Adobe Acrobat makes it simple to convert a PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet. There is no longer a need for you to be concerned about entering numbers, formatting cells, or wasting time.

  • In Acrobat open a PDF file.

  • The Export PDF tool is available in the right pane.

  • Select Microsoft Excel Workbook as the export format after choosing spreadsheet.

  • Click on export. Acrobat will automatically conduct text recognition if your PDF documents contain text that has been scanned.

  • Converted file should be saved: Give your new Excel file a name,then click Save. You are done now.

WPS PDF Tools - Know about How to Import PDF to Excel!

One of the most logical and user-friendly software applications on the market right now is WPS PDF Tools. You can easily convert a PDF file to Excel with this tool without sacrificing quality or losing any crucial information.

  • In the PDF Tool and open the PDF file. Click the Convert tab on the main interface, then choose To Excel from the drop-down menu. Before beginning the conversion process, click on Parameters to choose your chosen output language and settings. Click OK to start converting the file once you are happy with your options.

  • Click Open File to access your freshly converted Excel spreadsheet after the conversion procedure is complete. Your file can now be edited in Excel.

Tabula - Know about How to Import PDF to Excel!

Give Tabula a try if you're seeking for free and open source. Tabula is simple to install and use, unlike some other free Python choices. Additionally, because it includes both a command-line and a browser interface, it may be used for both point-and-click operations as well as bulk conversions.

  • Upload a PDF document with a data table in it.

  • Navigate to the desired page, then click and drag to draw a box around the table to select it.

  • It is necessary to click Preview & Export Extracted Data.

  • In an attempt to extract the data, Tabula will show a preview. Make sure the data seems accurate by inspecting it. You can go back and change your choice if any information is missing.

  • Select Export from the menu.

  • Instead of using a PDF, you may now interact with your data as a text file or a spreadsheet! (You can use the free LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel to open the downloaded file.)


Q.Importance of Importing PDF To Excel?

Ans.For several reasons, you might desire to import PDF to Excel. You might, for instance, need to import a table into a spreadsheet layout from a PDF file. It may be necessary to change the table's contents as well, which necessitates using a different process.

Q. What is the best PDF editor for Excel import?

Ans. With the free PDF converter WPS PDF Tools, you can edit text, convert PDF files to Excel, and more. Additionally, you may divide and merge PDF files, convert PDFs to images, and extract text from photos with WPS PDF Tools.These tools work with PCs and can be used with any computer system or programme, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Best to Select the WPS PDF Tools!

When someone has to format their documents for Office and make them viewable on any device, they should use the WPS PDF PDF to Word Excel Converter application. This utility also provides text extraction and file conversion in addition to these features. The best advantage of it is that users may adjust the settings and tailor the converting process as they see fit. With this application, you can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, and other document formats all in one place. Text can be transformed into PDF files with this tool as well. the WPS office right away, and The WPS PDF converter is the best available choice if you require a PDF to Word Excel Converter.

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