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When it comes to conveying your ideas to an audience, few methods are as effective as a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation. In essence, it consists of a series of cards, or slides, each bearing relevant information, displayed on a screen. Microsoft PowerPoint, a pioneer in this field, empowers you to infuse these slides with animations, transitions, infographics, images, and more. This enriches your ability to deliver captivating and informative content to your audience, making a skillfully designed slideshow an essential yardstick for evaluating presentation effectiveness. This article is your guide to mastering how to make PowerPoint slideshows.

How to Make A Beautiful Slideshow in PowerPoint?

Before making a brand new slideshow

Before preparing a PowerPoint presentation, it's essential to consider some important factors to ensure a seamless and well-prepared presentation. This proactive approach not only enhances your presentation but also ensures you are fully prepared when it comes to delivering it.

  • Thorough Research: Conduct comprehensive research to gather all relevant information for your presentation. This step ensures that your slideshow is informative, accurate, and aligned with your objectives.

  • Determine Optimum Length: Decide on the ideal length for your slideshow based on the allotted presentation time and the audience's preferences. Striking the right balance is crucial to keep the audience engaged.

  • Choose an Appropriate Title: Craft a meaningful and relevant title for your presentation. This title should give your audience a clear idea of what to expect from the slideshow.

  • Create a Detailed Contents Page: Develop a structured contents page outlining all the topics and sections your slideshow will cover. This provides an organized framework for your presentation and helps keep your content concise and well-structured.

  • Enhance with Visuals and Multimedia: Incorporate informative and expressive graphics such as images, videos, and graphs to make your slideshow visually appealing and enrich the quality of your presentation.

Bonus Tips:

  • Audio Consideration: If you plan to include audio in your presentation, assess the audio system at the venue where you'll be presenting. Ensuring compatibility and sound quality is crucial, especially in larger venues.

  • Create a Mind Map: Before diving into PowerPoint or other presentation software, create a mind map on paper. This helps you plan the flow of your presentation, prevent overloading it with excessive features, animations, or transitions, and maintain a coherent structure.

Steps to make a slideshow in PowerPoint

The most effective way to demonstrate how to create a slideshow in PowerPoint is by walking you through the process. In this section, we will create a slideshow using various PowerPoint tools. We will show you how to make an engaging presentation slideshow that not only keeps your audience informed but also keeps them engaged and hooked to your presentation.

Step 1: First, let's start by selecting the design for our presentation. Remember that the design is a crucial aspect of any presentation and should resonate with your audience. To choose a design, go to the Design tab, where you can select a theme that suits your presentation.

PowerPoint Design tab

Step 2: After selecting a theme, you can also utilize PowerPoint Designer. It can help you create various versions of your chosen theme.

PowerPoint Designer

Step 3: Now, let's add the title and subtitle of our presentation to the title slide. To do this, navigate to the "Insert" tab and click on "Text Box" in the ribbon.

PowerPoint insert text box

Step 4: Next, we can enhance our text by applying WordArt styles. Visit the "Shape Format" tab and select from the variety of WordArt styles available. You can also curve your text by clicking on "Text Effects" and choosing "Transform".

PowerPoint curve text

Step 5: Moving on to designing our next slide, here we'll incorporate some infographics to engage our audience. Head to the "Insert" tab and click on "Shapes" to add shapes for the infographics.

PowerPoint insert shapes

Step 6: PowerPoint allows you to edit your shapes. You can adjust their size, and by moving the yellow dots, you can modify their shape to create perfect infographics.

PowerPoint interesting infographics

Step 7: Now, let's add some pictures to our slides. Go to the "Insert" tab and click on "Pictures". Adjust the position and size of the pictures, making sure not to overcrowd the slide.

PowerPoint insert pictures

Step 8: For animations and transitions, navigate to the "Transition" tab to choose your preferred transition style.

PowerPoint transition tab

Step 9: To add animations, go to the "Animations" tab and select entry and exit animations.

PowerPoint animation tab

Step 10: Various elements like audio, SmartArt, or charts can be included. Simply head to the "Insert" tab and explore your options.

PowerPoint insert tab

Step 11: Before finalizing, play your slideshow to ensure it looks appealing, animations are smooth, the content isn't cluttered, there are no information gaps, and most importantly, you enjoy it yourself. To commence your slideshow, navigate to the "Slideshow" tab and click on "Play from Start" within the ribbon.

Step 12: Save your work by going to the "File" menu and selecting "Save As Copy".

PowerPoint save copy

Creating slideshows is easy, but making them effective is a challenging task. The methods we've shared are just one approach, but not the only one. The success of every slideshow depends on the information you wish to convey, your target audience, and the presentation context. Therefore, it's essential to make necessary adjustments accordingly. Before you create your slideshow, make sure to follow the tips we've provided for a well-rounded presentation. Additionally, if you're looking for further guidance, refer to the 8 tips we've recommended below for crafting an effective slideshow.

Eight tips to make an effective presentation in PowerPoint

Making a slideshow in PowerPoint is a learned skill, but there are some crucial elements to keep in mind while preparing a presentation to maintain a clear roadmap of our course.

  1. Choose Your Theme Wisely: Before diving into your presentation, make sure to pick a theme that perfectly complements your content. Your theme sets the tone and should resonate with your audience.

  2. The Power of Typography: Don't underestimate the significance of fonts. Select a font style that aligns with your brand's personality and conveys professionalism. The right font enhances your credibility.

  3. Skip the Sound Effects: While PowerPoint offers action sounds, consider your audience's preferences over personal choices. Often, less is more when it comes to sound effects in professional presentations.

  4. Master Object Alignment: Precisely aligning objects on your slide is essential for a polished look. Let PowerPoint do the heavy lifting by using alignment tools to ensure your elements are centered and organized.

  5. Embrace Simple Animations and Transitions: Keep your presentation clean and organized with simple animations and transitions. Avoid excessive effects that might distract your audience, and maintain consistency throughout.

  6. The Visual Impact of Quality Images: Incorporate high-quality images to make your content vibrant and engaging. Strong visuals capture your audience's attention more effectively than text alone.

  7. Thorough Review and Refinement: After completing your presentation, review it with fresh eyes. Remove redundancies and non-essential content to keep it concise. Simplify your wording, check for spelling and grammar, and ensure that all animations function as intended.

  8. Craft Custom Shapes: Customize shapes by editing their points. This technique allows you to create unique shapes that fit your specific needs. Reshape arrows, lines, and more to match your dimensions.

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Crafting an impactful and polished presentation demands a great deal of creative energy. While PowerPoint provides ample space for designing exceptional presentations, WPS Office doesn't fall short either. In fact, it offers a versatile array of features that extend beyond presentations, including the creation of banners, reports with infographics, invitation cards, and more. With WPS Office, you'll find a comprehensive suite that addresses all your document needs without compatibility issues, thanks to its seamless integration with Microsoft Office. Best of all, WPS Office is available for free, making it a compelling choice.

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  • Stability and Efficiency: Exceptional performance with low memory consumption, infrequent crashes, and compatibility with older systems, safeguarding your critical presentations.

Steps to download WPS Presentation:

Step 1: Visit WPS Office official website.

WPS Office Homepage

Step 2: Click "Free Download" on the left.

WPS Presentation Download

Step 3: Open "wps_office.cid" in downloads.

WPS Office installation file

Step 4: Agree to terms and click "Install Now".

WPS Office Install now

Step 5: Start using WPS Presentation.

WPS Office interface

WPS Template - Make your presentation excellent

WPS Office templates offer an extensive and adaptable selection, featuring a diverse array of options that cater to a wide range of needs. It's akin to having a vast template repository at your disposal, encompassing a multitude of niches, styles, and themes. What's more, these templates aren't exclusive to WPS Office; you can effortlessly utilize them within Microsoft Office as well by downloading a free template from the WPS Template store.

WPS Template store

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Q1. Can I use PowerPoint for online presentations?

PowerPoint is a helpful tool that can be used for online presentations. You can construct, modify, and share your presentations from anywhere with an internet connection. PowerPoint’s collaboration features make it easy for teams to collaborate in real time. Besides, with PowerPoint for the web and the PowerPoint mobile app, you can access your presentations on any device.

Q2. What things should I take into account before using PowerPoint to create a slideshow?

Before making a slideshow, take into account the following points:

  • Organize your material and identify its main points.

  • assemble the required media, such as pictures and movies.

  • Customize your presentation to align with the specific interests of your audience.

  • select an appropriate PowerPoint theme.

  • learn how to use the fundamental PowerPoint features, such as slide creation, text and image handling, transitions, shapes, charts, themes, animations

Q3. Can I import existing PowerPoint presentations into WPS Presentation?

Yes, you can. WPS Presentation effortlessly supports the import of PowerPoint files, ensuring a smooth shift and allowing you to continue your work on existing presentations.

Empower Your Message: Mastering Effective PowerPoint Slideshows

Learning how to make a PowerPoint slideshow is a valuable asset, whether in an educational setting or a professional one. A well-structured presentation not only hinges on the tools available but also the pre-presentation thought process. Our proven method for crafting compelling PowerPoint slideshows involved the use of WPS Office. This exceptional free office suite stands out due to its remarkable simplicity and clean interface, making it exceptionally easy to navigate. Furthermore, WPS Office offers an array of templates, enhancing the overall presentation experience. Take the step to download WPS Office today, and experience its unique features and advanced functionalities to create your impactful PowerPoint slideshow.

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