How to Print PDF with Comments: Know the Details Now!

March 24, 2023 1.7K views

People no longer need to be able to read PDF files. Thanks to modern PDF editors, you may now carry out a number of editing operations. When assessing Word documents, the "add remark" option was one of the most often utilised features. Fortunately, doing so with PDF files is now also possible.

You can print your PDF files along with your comments in a manner similar to that. Printing an annotated PDF will allow you to read the annotations and share them with friends or colleagues as you all review the document. Find out how to print a PDF with comments or notes by reading on.

How to Print PDF with Comments with Adobe.Com

  • The PDF document can be opened in Adobe Acrobat online.

  • Choose "Preferences..." from the "Edit" menu by clicking it.

  • The "Print notes and pop-ups" checkbox should be selected under the "Commenting" category. From this dialogue box, you may also change the font, background opacity, and other comment formatting parameters.

  • A dialogue box for customising printing parameters will open when you select "Print..." from the "File" menu.

  • "Document and Markup" can be chosen by clicking the drop-down menu next to "Comment and Forms."

  • The paper with comments can be printed by clicking "OK." Please take note that only markups or comments that are now discernible on the digital copy will be printed. Any things that cross over on the screen likewise cross over on the printed version.

How to Print PDF with Comments in SwifDoo

A PDF editor for Windows called SwifDoo PDF provides thorough support for all PDF-related concerns. With SwifDoo PDF, you may print PDFs in reverse, print multiple PDF pages on a single sheet, modify the pager size and orientation, and more. Naturally, it also enables quick printing of comments in a PDF.

Here's how to use SwifDoo PDF to print comments in PDF:

  • Download this app or open a PDF file after installing SwifDoo PDF on your computer;

  • In the upper right corner, there is a printer icon.

  • Click Print after selecting the Print Annotations option in Page Layout.

How to Print PDF with Comments in WPS Office

You can use this tool with WPS Office to improve document revision procedures, make PDFs stand out, and clarify information. The ability to annotate and print PDF files can help you save time and make them look more professional. This is also a free online tool and best pdf converter!

  • In the WPS Office, open the PDF file.

  • In the top left corner, select Print. Its shortcut key, Ctrl+P, is also available

  • Choose the Documents and Notes in Print content option in the Print interface. In this print interface, there are other additional choices as well, but we won't go over each one individually here. Join our WPS Academy if you want to learn more.

  • Click Print to finish.

Tips on How to Print PDF with Comments

You can save the Summary of Comments on [Your File Name] tab as a different PDF if you wish to share the comments and changed text with additional reviewers without sharing the original document.


Q. How can I make all comments in a PDF visible?

The toggle option on the PDF file allows you to choose whether to show or hide all comments. Of course, you may use the hotkeys by pressing Ctrl + Shift + 8 on a Windows computer or Command + Shift + 8 on a Mac. Following that, you can review the PDF's comments before printing.

Q. If you are unable to print a PDF containing comments, is there an alternative?

You can just save the PDF as an image if you can't print a PDF with comments. The photograph with comments can then be printed after that. You can, of course, switch between WPS PDF Editor and Adobe Acrobat to locate the perfect PDF document for your needs.

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Additionally, it can be used for a number of tasks like printing, editing, annotation, and conversion to numerous formats that are currently commonly used on the Internet. This all-encompassing application will prove to be a useful aid. Download this app directly on your laptop or desktop and start using it.

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