How to Quickly Add a Signature to PDF Online and Offline in 2024

July 31, 2023 1.5K views

Have you been struggling with how to add a signature to a PDF file? This may happen when your business partners or colleagues send you a PDF file to sign and you need to send it back through email. Or you need a sign from your academic tutor on your dissertation but he or she is not in the school in the present.

Electronic signature is becoming more and more prevalent nowadays, but many people don't know how to insert a signature into PDF. Don't worry. It would become really easy if you follow my two methods to add a signature to PDF online and offline.

Use WPS PDF Tools to Sign A PDF Online

Step 1: Go to WPS PDF Tools. Click Sign PDF.

Step 2: Choose your PDF file manually or directly drag and drop it in the selecting block.

Step 3: Draw your own signature, or create your signature by text or image. Then click Save.

Step 4: Drag your signature to the right place. You can also change the size of your signature as you like.

Use WPS Office to Sign A PDF Offline

Step 1: Download WPS Office and open it. Click Open on the left margin and choose the target PDF.

Step 2: Click the Insert tab. Slide to the end of the toolbar. Click the Sign drop-down menu. Then click Create signature.

Step 3: Type your signature on the keyboard and change the font style in the upper right block if you like. You can also create your signature by image or simply draw one. Then click OK.

Step 4: Drag your signature to the right place. You can also change the size of your signature as you like.

Using Tips about Adding A Signature to PDF

If you create your signature by Image, you can open the button of Black and White in the upper right so that your signature looks much more formal. If you choose to directly draw your own signature, the upper right block provides you with various choices of line weight. You can change the default line weight according to your needs.

FAQs about Adding A Signature to PDF

Q: If I add an electronic signature to PDF, will it look strange? How can I make an electronic look exactly the same as my manual signature?

A: It's super easy to make an electronic signature like a manual one. You can firstly write your signature on a blank sheet. Then take a clear picture of it and send it to your computer. And then open WPS Office to create your signature by Image. Finally, choose that picture file as your electronic signature.

Q: Do I need to create a new signature every time I want to insert a signature to PDF?

A: No, you simply need to create your signature once. You can open the button of Cloud Sync, then your signature will be automatically synchronized with your WPS Cloud. Next time when you need to insert your signature to PDF, you can easily find the former one and use it.

Learn More about How to Quickly Add A Signature to PDF

I have introduced two main ways to quickly insert a signature into PDF online and offline. Do you get it? If you still have questions on how to add a signature to PDF, you can follow WPS PDF Blog to attain quick answers.

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