How to Remove Hyperlink in Word (In Easy Ways)

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Hyperlinks provide a convenient way to direct readers to other web addresses, connecting them to useful content. However, there are instances when you may need to fix or remove an incorrect link. This article will guide you through the process of how to Remove hyperlinks in Word.

When not to Use Hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks can add extra content and information to your webpage, but they can also backfire if not used wisely. Here are some scenarios and tips on when it's best to avoid using hyperlinks on your webpage:

  • Sensible Link Usage: Exercise caution when incorporating hyperlinks in your Word document, ensuring they enhance reader experience and accessibility. While their inclusion is straightforward, their necessity should be evaluated.

  • Balanced Link Density: Avoid saturating your document with excessive hyperlinks, as an abundance can bewilder readers. Overlapping links may lead to unintended clicks, causing distraction and confusion.

  • Anchored Clarity: Opt for clear and descriptive anchor text for hyperlinks. A well-crafted anchor concisely conveys the linked content's essence, enabling readers to discern its relevance swiftly.

  • Value-Added Links: Prioritize linking to information that enriches your document's understanding. Unnecessary or tangential links consume readers' time and dilute their engagement.

  • Connectivity Consideration: Before integrating hyperlinks, verify your audience's online connectivity. The absence of internet access renders hyperlinked content inaccessible, potentially diminishing the document's utility.

  • Accessibility Concerns: Hyperlinks should be accessible to all readers. Check for compatibility issues, such as incompatible file types, language, or formatting, which may hinder the reader's ability to access the shared information.

2 Methods to Remove Hyperlink in Word

Copying text from web pages into Word can inadvertently bring along a few hyperlinks. In this segment, we'll learn how to remove hyperlinks from their Word documents using two effective methods.

Method 1: Use the Word context Menu

The Word context menu provides a quick-access shortcut that pops up when you right-click within a Word document. Tailored specifically to your selected text, this menu offers commands pertinent to your context. Here’s how users can make use of the Word Context menu to remove hyperlinks from their word documents:

Step 1: Highlight the text containing the hyperlink.

Step 2: Right-click to unveil the Word context menu.

Step 3: Opt for the "Remove Hyperlink" choice to remove the hyperlink from your selected text.

Step 4: Alternatively, users can access the "Edit Hyperlink" option from the Word context menu.

Step 5: In the ensuing Edit Hyperlink pop-up, locate and click "Remove link". By doing this, the selected text's hyperlink will be deleted.

Method 2: Shortcut for Windows and Mac

For those seeking to save valuable time, using shortcut keys can swiftly remove hyperlinks on Mac as well as Windows platforms:

Step 1: Highlight the text housing the hyperlink. Simplify the text selection process by holding down the “SHIFT” key while employing the “ARROW” keys to encompass the hyperlinked content.

Step 2: With the text duly selected, execute the keyboard shortcut “CMD + Fn + Shift + F9” on your MAC or "CTRL+SHIFT+F9" for Windows to promptly remove the hyperlink embedded within the chosen text.

Pro Tips for Hyperlink-Free Document Handling:

  • Smart Pasting with "Paste Special": When copying content from webpages or various sources, utilize MS Word's "Paste Special" feature. Opting for "Paste Values Only" ensures a hyperlink-free transfer, maintaining the document's integrity.

  • Prevention through Styles: Customize your document styles to control hyperlink behavior. Adjust the default hyperlink style to mirror your document's formatting.

How to Add Hyperlink in Word?

Adding hyperlinks in Word opens the door to numerous opportunities, enhancing the overall quality of your document by providing links to additional content. However, WPS Writer takes this functionality a step further with its user-friendly interface, simplicity, and ease of use. What's even better is that WPS Writer offers all these benefits for free. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can easily add hyperlinks to your documents.

Method 1: Using keyboard Shortcut

Step 1: Select the text where you want your hyperlink to be placed.

Step 2: Press “CTRL + K” on your keyboard to open the “Hyperlink” dialog box. Simply add the website link in the “Address” field.

Method 2: Using Context Menu

Step 1: Use your cursor to select the text for hyperlinking.

Step 2: Right-click to open the context menu and select “Hyperlink.”

Step 3: Add a website address that you want to be linked to your selected text in the “Address” Field.

How to modify Hyperlink

  • Modify Hyperlink Appearance: Users can change their hyperlink font styles and color by visiting the Home tab. To modify the hyperlink text color, click on the "Color" dropdown menu and choose a new color. To change the underline style, click on the "Underline style" dropdown and select the desired style. Additionally, you can adjust the font style and size using the respective options.

  • Set Hyperlink Hover Effects: To customize how the hyperlink looks when hovered over, click on the "ScreenTip" button in the "Insert Hyperlink" dialog box. Here, you can add a tooltip text that appears when the mouse cursor hovers over the hyperlink. This can provide additional context or information to the reader.

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Q1. Can I remove hyperlinks without losing the linked text?

You may delete a hyperlink in Word without losing the associated text. In simple words, your text remains in the document even if you remove the link. It guarantees that your information stays consistent and in context, even if the hyperlink is no longer present.

Q2. Will removing a hyperlink affect the formatting of my text?

No. You can remove a hyperlink without impacting the formatting of your text. It will return to its default style, preserving the original appearance without any changes to the formatting of the text. It allows for flexibility in managing hyperlinks while upholding a uniform visual presentation of content.

Enhance Your Content with WPS Office

This guide aims to provide you with a clear understanding of hyperlinks, their significance, and when they can be beneficial. Through this article, we have established how to Remove hyperlink in Word without any adverse impact on content. For a more streamlined experience, consider downloading WPS Office now.

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