How To Save A PDF As A JPEG On Windows And Mac: 6 Free Ways

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You must have encountered a situation where you need to save a PDF as a JPEG. You often share your PDF files with your friends and colleagues. A PDF file can be easily edited and split using any good PDF software, e.g., Adobe Acrobat or WPS Office. However, you can save your PDF as JPEG to avoid editing the document. How to save a PDF as a JPEG on Windows and Mac?

Here is a complete guide on how to save a PDF as a JPEG free using six different and the best ways.

Part 1: Six Different Ways To Save A PDF As JPEG

Method 1: Save a PDF as a JPEG with WPS Office

WPS Office is the best PDF solution. It has a built-in converter tool to convert between PDF and other formats. You can also convert PDF to JPEG using WPS Office. Here is how you can save a PDF as JPEG.

Step 1: Open your PDF document.

Step 2: Click on the Convert tab in the toolbar and select PDF to Image.

WPS Office PDF to JPEG converter

Step 3: There are multiple options in the Export to Picture window. You can select the image format of your choice from different image formats. You can also remove the watermark from the PDF file. After customization, click on the Export button and save your PDF as JPEG.

Save PDF as JPEG

Method 2: Export a PDF to a JPEG With WPS PDF

WPS PDF is a robust PDF tool of the WPS Office suite. It is used to open all kinds of PDF files. You can create, edit, protect, combine, and merge PDF documents using WPS PDF. It provides collaborative features to share your documents with your friends.

Benefits Of Using WPS PDF

  • Compatible with Adobe Acrobat reader

  • One-stop PDF solution -  create, edit, protect, convert, merge, split, and sign PDF files using WPS PDF.

  • Also available as a web app to view, edit and convert PDF files online

  • Picture-to-text (OCR) feature

  • Easily collaborate your documents using WPS Cloud

  • Batch PDF printing for multiple PDF files

How To Save a PDF as a JPEG With WPS PDF?

You can export a PDF to JPEG using WPS PDF in simple steps;

Step 1: Open your PDF File.

Step 2: Click on the Menu icon.

WPS PDF menu

Step 3: Click on the Export button in the main menu and then select Picture.

Export as Picture

Step 4: Select the Format as JPG and click the Export button to save the PDF as JPG. You can also customize other settings from this window.

Export Options

Step 5: Your PDF has been successfully saved as JPG. You can open the file by clicking on the Open button.

Export success

Method 3: Convert a PDF to a JPEG With Microsoft Word

You can also convert a PDF to a JPEG using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a popular word-processing software by Microsoft. There are numerous advanced editing and formatting options in MS Word.

Benefits Of Using Microsoft Word

  • Powerful word processing software with advanced features

  • Quickly edit, design, and format your documents

  • Numerous built-in templates

However, the latest version of Microsoft Word does not have the feature to save your PDF as JPEG.

How To Save a PDF as a JPEG With Microsoft Word?

You can save your PDF as JPEG using old versions of MS Word.

Step 1: Right-click on the PDF file and select the Open with option. Click on Microsoft Word.

Open with Word

Step 2: Click the Save As button and select JPEG from the options available for save as.

Save as JPG

Method 4: Convert a PDF to a JPEG With Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat is a popular PDF solution. You can use Adobe Acrobat to create and edit your documents. Adobe Acrobat Reader has the following features;

  • View, store, and share PDF files

  • Fill and sign your PDF file

  • Add text boxes, sticky notes, and comments in PDF

  • Access your file from anywhere using Adobe Cloud

  • Free to use

How To Save a PDF as a JPEG With Adobe Acrobat DC?

You can convert a PDF to a JPEG using Adobe Acrobat in simple steps;

Step 1: Open your PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Step 2: Select All Tools and click on Export a PDF.

Export a PDF

Step 3: Select the Image format as JPEG, then click the Convert button to convert your PDF to JPEG.

Select image format and then convert

Method 5: Convert a PDF to a JPEG With Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful design suite used by many professionals. It can also be used to convert a PDF to a JPEG. You can edit your image easily using Adobe Photoshop. It is complex software, and new users may need help finding it easy to use.

Benefits Of Using Adobe Photoshop

It has the following features;

  • Retouch and remix your pictures

  • Remove the background from the pictures

  • Remove objects from images quickly

  • Create gradients with on-canvas control

How To Save a PDF as a JPEG With Adobe Photoshop?

You can convert a PDF to a JPEG using Adobe Photoshop in simple steps;

Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop and click the File Menu to open your PDF file. You can also right-click the PDF file and open it with Adobe Photoshop.

Open PDF file

Step 2: Select the PDF pages you want to convert.

Select PDF pages

Step 3: Click File > Save As and save your file as JPEG in your desired location.

Save as JPEG

Method 6: Save a PDF as a JPEG on Mac

Mac users can also save PDF files as JPEGs. Mac OS provides better security and privacy features as compared to Microsoft Windows.

How To Save a PDF as a JPEG On Mac?

Step 1: Right-click on the PDF file and select Open with option. Select Preview.

Open with options on Mac

Step 2: Open the File menu and click Export.

Click Export

Step 3: Select JPEG from the format options and hit the Save button.

Export as JPEG

Part 2: Differences between a PDF and a JPEG

PDF is a portable format used to store text documents, whereas JPEG is an image format used to store images. A PDF can include text and images in the document. A JPEG can consist of text on the pictures. There are specific differences between PDF and JPEG, which are as follows;

  • JPEG is used to store images, while PDF is used to store documents.

  • JPEG uses compression, so the file size of JPEG images is small. The compression algorithm for JPEG is lossy, so it may loss some data. PDF documents can also be compressed without losing data and picture quality.

  • Due to their small size, JPEG images can be easily shared and incorporated into web pages compared to PDF documents.

  • PDF documents are editable, whereas JPEG images can only be edited using specialized software such as Adobe Photoshop, which is a cumbersome task.

  • PDF files are of higher quality as compared to JPEG.

Part 3: Differences between JPG and JPEG

You have probably listened to JPG and JPEG alternatively. What is the difference between JPG and JPEG?

  • There is no difference between JPG and JPEG. JPG was used initially due to the limitation of earlier Windows versions for a three-letter extension.

  • Mac and Linux had no limitation on the number of letters in extension. So, JPEG was used on Mac and Linux.

  • Newer versions of Windows, i.e., Windows 10 and 11, support a four-letter extension.

Part 4: Why should we save a PDF as a JPEG?

You may need to save a PDF as a JPEG for the following reasons;

  • Easy Sharing

JPEG files can be easily shared on social media with a preview. However, PDF files can not be easily shared and previewed on different social media platforms.

  • Portability

JPEG files are small in size and can be easily accessible from any device. They can be easily uploaded to the web pages.

  • Compatibility

JPEG files are compatible with almost all devices. You can easily open JPEG images on any device without installing additional software.

  • Vibrant

The JPEG standard supports 24-bit color with up to 16 million colors. It can be used to store vibrant and high-quality images.


Q1: How to Batch Save PDF Files as JPEGs?

You can easily save multiple PDF files as JPEG using any software, e.g., WPS Office or Adobe. Select all files you want to convert, open them in your desired software, and convert them to JPEG.

Q2: How do I Save a PDF as a JPEG without Losing Quality?

You can select higher DPI or higher output quality in the options window of your desired software while converting from PDF to JPEG. Generally, conversion from PDF To JPEG does not involve losses.


We have described various easy and free ways to save a PDF as a JPEG on Windows and Mac. JPEG files are portable and compatible with all devices. You can easily share and open JPEG images on any device. You can also easily embed JPEG images in the web pages. There are many software available in the market to convert PDF To JPEG. However, WPS PDF is the best solution among all of them.

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WPS PDF is the best alternative to Adobe PDF. It is an exceptional and remarkable PDF solution for all your requirements. You can create, edit, fill, sign, convert, and protect your PDF files using WPS PDF. WPS PDF is part of the WPS Office suite. WPS Office is a complete suite containing Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and PDF solutions.

WPS Office suite is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. It is compatible with all Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader file formats. You can download WPS Office from its official website for free.

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