Learn How To Save A PDF As A JPEG File For Free

July 31, 2023 2.0K views

When you send out forms or documents to prevent them from editing, what file format do you use? Of course,PDF. But what if the website or platform does not support PDF format other than jpeg, particularly if you are making a portfolio? For Mac users, Preview may be used to save PDF as.jpeg but for windows and smartphones users, WPS PDF is the best way to go. Before we dive into quick methods for how to save a PDF as a JPEG, it's important to understand how the process differs - saving PDF as Jpeg is something different than converting PDF to Jpeg format..

Former method is used to convert the PDF as a JPEG using a PDF editor or conversion program and later can be done by utilizing Windows default apps. If you have more than one file to be saved as PDF, a bulk converting software might be a better solution. WPS online and offline converters both can rescue in this kind of situation. Now, let’s find out the processes involved in getting PDF as Jpeg.

1. WPS PDF Converter-The Best Way to Save PDFs as Jpeg

With other converters in the market, you have practically no command over the ultimate quality of a Jpeg file, when converting PDF to jpg on other softwares, the picture quality may not be what you are hoping for. This is especially important for PDFs with a lot of text and information; you don't want the final product to be fuzzy and blurry! Also, when saving many PDFs into a single JPG, you don't want to rely on the default method to deliver the greatest resolution. Because users will definitely need to zoom in to see the details in nitty gritty.

This is where a standalone converter like WPS PDF Converter comes in handy - and you'll find it more helpful than you think as we move forward. The process is described briefly below in step form:

Steps To Convert PDF To Jpeg in WPS Office Converter

  • Open the PDF doc in WPS Office or WPS PDF

  • Click on PDF to Picture (Jpeg) converter from the “tools” tab.

  • You can make export settings to customize the end JPG file quality etc.

  • Click “export” and choose your desired location to save your new JPEG file.

Note: WPS also has online PDF to image converter which can be a quick to go solution, might help you better than any other method. Try WPS online PDF to Image Converter.

2. How To Save PDF as a Jpeg on Mac

It is a good idea to manage the PDF on your Mac using the default preview app, a free Mac software that comes with macOS. It's a doc-opening tool that can handle a variety of file formats such as PDF, PPT, EXCEL and Word, but it is mainly used to modify PDF files.

Steps To Save PDF As Jpeg Using Preview

  • Right-click on the PDF then choose “Open With” then Preview to open it with the preview app. 

  • From the left navigation bar, choose the PDF page you want to convert as JPEG. 

  • Then click on the “Export” option from the “File” tab.

  • Click the Format dropdown menu and then choose JPEG.

  • Finally, click the “Save” button to save it.

Save Your PDFs as Many Formats With WPS Office's PDF Editor

Whether you just need to save a PDF as either a JPEG or in any other image format on Mac, iOS or Windows SO, WPS PDF to Jpeg Converter can roll the ball in every situation. Or if you want to do a variety of additional PDF processing activities, WPS Office is the solution for you. The icing on the cake is that it is arguably one of the most economical PDF editors in the market, while having comprehensive functionality comparable to industry leaders such as Adobe Acrobat. It is accessible for free on Windows, iOS, and Android, as well as online. Its simple design makes it a true cross-device application for business users in both small and large organizations. However, Mac users can save PDF as Jpeg using their default system app, Preview.


How To Save PDF as JPG on Windows?

Open free WPS PDF To JPG Converter online OR open WPS Office and click on PDF to Picture convertor. Upload your file and click convert. Then download your converted file.

How To Save PDF as JPG on mac?

Open PDF using preview app. Click on File> Export> As JPEG.

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