How To Save Screenshot As PDF On Mobile And PC

July 31, 2023 1.3K views

It's simple to take a screenshot on a Windows, Mac and Mobile etc. There are a few clever methods for capturing screenshots. A screenshot's picture format may also be readily changed (e.g., from PNG to JPG, and vice versa). Converting a screenshot to PDF might be difficult, especially if you're unfamiliar with the process. Some people are unaware that it is possible.

You might wanna use online tools and websites to convert, but it involves the usage of the internet and could be time-consuming. This post will show you how to convert a screenshot from an image file type to a PDF on your PC and mobile device. The best part is that you do not necessarily have to go online or install a third-party software; the article will describe the steps for both offline and online users.

Did You Know: Pressing Alt + PrtScn shortcut on your keyboard copies a screenshot of the currently active window on your PC to the clipboard. Here’s how to do it.

You should save the screenshot as PDF with a professional software if you need to combine multiple screenshots to one PDF file. A professional PDF software like WPS PDF Editor can help you not only turn a screenshot to a PDF but also allows you to edit the PDF and make a professional-looking format.

1. How to Convert Screenshot As PDF Using WPS Image to PDF Converter

The easiest way to convert a screenshot to PDF is using WPS PDF Editor, also a converter that can convert screenshots(JPG/PNG) to PDF in easy steps. By using this online and offline tool, you can also batch convert the screenshots to PDF, combine multiple screenshots into one PDF, annotate and edit the screenshots after converting them into PDF.

  • After downloading and installing WPS Office or WPS PDF on your computer, select your screenshots and right-click on your screenshot and open it with the WPS Office/WPS PDF app.

  • If you want to combine all screenshots in one PDF, you can customize the conversion settings.

  • You can then save the converted PDF file by clicking on the Save button and selecting the path where you want to save your document.

2. How to Convert Screenshot As PDF Using Online Converter

WPS JPG to PDF converter is easy and free to use for saving your screenshot image to a PDF file. Finding an online converter that works securely and efficiently will be a solid and effective choice for users.

  • Click on the “Select Image” option to upload your screenshot. OR simply drag the screenshot and drop it. 

  • Then the WPS Screenshot to PDF converter will automatically start the conversion and in a few seconds, it will turn into a PDF file. 

  • It will show “convert succeed”so click on the “Download” option to save the end PDF file.

Note: This method (WPS Converter) is equally beneficial for android and iPhone users, as you can download the app from any app store and can utilize it on every operating system, even in linux. Download the WPS Office app now for your Mobile.

3. How to Save Screenshot As PDF On Windows PC

There are multiple ways to take screenshots on Windows PC, and even more ways to save and turn that screenshot into a PDF. Here is the easiest way to save screenshots as PDFs on Windows PC. If you dont wanna install third party software, it is the preferred way to save screenshots as a PDF.

  • Open your saved screenshot in the Windows Photos app. (Right-click > Open with > photos).

  • In the photo app, press the Print button or (Ctrl+P) on your keyboard. 

  • Adjust the Printer Settings as “Microsoft Print to PDF” (if it isn’t already set).

  • Press Print to print your screenshot as a new PDF, then press Save.

WPS PDF Converter - Qualitative Conversion With No Pixel-loss

Finding a viable tool to convert your screenshot to PDF that does not compromise on your privacy and time, is very crucial. WPS screenshot to PDF converter is a well-optimized converter for converting your JPG or PNG screenshots into PDFs. It is available online as well as offline and free to use, however the free version is limited to 5 conversions at a time. You can enjoy unlimited conversions and more features by purchasing its premium version.


How To Save a Screenshot as PDF?

After taking a screenshot on PC, paste it in Paint software. Save as JPG. Open WPS JPG To PDF Converter. Upload your JPG file, press convert and download your PDF file.

How To Convert a Screenshot to PDF?

Search and find online WPS JPG To PDF Converter (can be found in WPS Office app). Upload your JPG file, press convert and download your PDF file.

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