How to Search a Word on a Page ?windows and mac

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Why Do You Want to Search For A Word On A Page?

Reading content, news, reports, and whatnot online is the daily routine of every individual nowadays. If you spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer screen, you need to learn how you can skim content and gather the most valuable information without wasting your time.

A great way you can save time is by learning how to search for words on a page. Doing so will allow you to find specific information that is relevant to your needs. Instead of reading the whole thing, you will be able to save time by online finding the information you want.

The biggest benefit of learning how to search for a specific word on a page is that it allows you to read long articles. For example, if you are reading a scientific research paper that touches a lot of subjects, you can use the search feature to jump to a specific action.

Another way the search feature can help you is in making sense of business data. Whether you own a small or large business, you can use the search feature to find out the information relevant to a specific task.

Common Browser Search Methods

As mentioned above, most people read information online instead of PDFs or any other files that are usually stored on local storage. If you also have to read online articles, news, and other types of written content online, then you should be able to identify how to search on a browser.

The good thing about advanced online browsers is that they have identified search as a priority. You don’t need to be a developer to learn how to unlock the search feature. Instead, there are several ways you can find any word or phrase you want to read with simple shortcuts.

Here is an overview of the tools that can be used for the search:

1. Using the HotKey

You don’t necessarily need to use your cursor for searching a specific word in a given text. The best way to simplify the process is by using HotKey in your browser. The good thing about HotKey is that it provides you with the results within minutes.

In most browsers, you can use the “Ctrl + F” combination if you are using the Windows Operating System. However, if you are using a Mac, you can use the “Command + F” to search for the phrase you want.

2. Using the “Find” Key

If you don’t want to use the keyboard shortcut for finding a specific phrase, then you have the option of searching via the “Find” key. The good thing about this shortcut is that it will allow you to find whatever you want, even if you don’t have a keyboard attached to your computer.

Here is how to access this feature:

browser find feature

  • Click on the three-dot menu button.

  • Look for the “Find” button in the menu.

  • Click on “Find” to enter the phrase you want to search.

The good thing about this feature is that it can run on all sorts of documents and websites. For example, if you have opened a PDF file that is scannable, then you can use this “Find” feature to look for any specific word or phrase.

How to Search In Different Browsers

All mainstream web browsers have their upsides and downsides. You need to choose the one which is fit your specific needs. If you are looking to learn how to search for a word on a web page in a specific browser, then we have got you covered!

Here is how you can search for any phrase you want in four of the famous web browsers:

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used web browser worldwide. The reason why this is the go-to choice for users is that it contains a lot of great features. Here is a brief overview of how you can search content in Google Chrome:

  • Launch the Google Chrome browser.

  • Open the webpage you want to read.

  • Navigate to the three-dot menu button.

  • Click on it and look for the “Find” section.

  • Press the “Find” Button to start searching.

You can also use the HotKey of “Ctrl + F” to find out the words from a specific page. Here is how the search bar looks like:

search field in Google Chrome

A small “magnifier” icon also pops up when you start searching. This button shows that the user is specifically looking for a sentence or phrase.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla FireFox is another leading choice for people who want to use a modern, elegant, and responsive web browser for exploring websites. The good thing about Mozilla Firefox is that it comes with a bunch of features that are not easy to find on other browsers.

  • Click on the “Three bar” menu button.

  • Navigate to the “Find in This page” option.

  • Click on this option to start searching.

Just like Google Chrome, if you don’t want to use the mouse pointer to search for something, then you can consider using the “Ctrl + F” feature on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

search bar in Mozilla Firefox

Using the HotKey for search in Mozilla Firefox will open up a bar below the webpage that gives you additional features for searching content.

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new browser that replaced the old “Internet Explorer” browser Microsoft. This browser comes installed on all Windows-operated computers. The good thing about this browser is that it contains the power of AI-Integrated Bing and the goodness of Google Chrome.

You can simply find any word or phrase on a given webpage by following this simple process:

  • Click on the Three Dots menu.

  • Navigate to the “Find on page” button.

  • Click on it to search your specific search.

browser find feature

If you want to speed up your search process, you can consider using the “Ctrl + F” shortcut to find any information you want.

4. Apple Safari

Apple Safari is the default browser that comes with iOS and MacOS. This browser is considered one of the most powerful and feature-rich browsers available in the market. It has seamless integration with the Apple Ecosystem and allows users to find information easily.

  • Click on the “Edit” button in Apple Safari.

  • Navigate to the “Find” button.

  • Click on “Find” from the dropdown menu to start the search.

search feature in Apple Safari

This manual search process can take more time. If you want to speed up the search process, you can consider using the HotKey “Command + F” to find anything you want in no time.

How to Use Advanced Search Features and Techniques

You don’t necessarily need to be content with the results that your web browser shows you. If you are looking for a specific type of information, then you can use the advanced search options to save a lot of your time and effort spent on doing research.

Here is how to get started with an advanced search:

  • Enter what you want to search in the address bar.

  • Navigate to the “Tools” button on the search page.

  • Choose the type of tools you are going to use.

google search advanced features

You can use this tool to find out results from a specific period of time. Filtering search results according to the upload date of a webpage can help you find information that is most relevant, which can help you if you are creating a report.

Another way you can save time when searching for images is by using advanced features. Here is how to do that:

google search images advanced features

  • Enter the word you want to search images against in the search bar.

  • Navigate to the “Images” button that shows when you search for a word.

  • Click on the Tools to find different types of images in no time.

Using this feature can allow you to save a lot of time when you are trying to find good quality images on a specific topic.

Common Problems and Solutions

Q. I can't find the desired word.

  • In some cases, you might not be able to find the information you want on a webpage. You need to restart your browser, as any background processes might halt the search process. Other than that, you can also try performing the same query in a different browser.

Q. There are too many search results.

  • The search feature usually returns the complete list of the results against your search query. If you don’t want to see all the queries at the same time, then you should consider narrowing down your search. You can also use the “Arrows” to scroll through the search results.

Q. The search process is too slow.

  • In some cases, if you are trying to search from a webpage that contains a lot of content, then you might face slow search progress. The best option to speed up the search process is by closing any other tabs in the browser and closing any background programs in your PC.

How to Search a Word in WPS Office Software

If you are someone who has to find specific results from the web as well as offline files, then you should consider using WPS Office. The good thing about WPS Office is that it’s an all-in-one suite, allowing you to search for any sort of information you want from any file format.

Another reason why you should use WPS Office is that it can be used on all the leading operating systems. For example, you can use WPS Office simultaneously on your Windows PC and your Apple iPhone.

WPS Office is compatible with all the leading document formats and is trusted by more than 500 million users worldwide. Try it now to streamline your creative processes and boost your productivity.

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