How to Type on a PDF in Minutes: Top Methods and Tools

August 4, 2023 760 views

If you are a student or an organizational employee that deals with PDF files frequently, you must know how important making edits and changes to the PDF file can be at times. For typing on a PDF, you must know the right tools and methods that would enable you to write on PDF Form.

There are hundreds of pdf softwares and online tools that help with typing on a PDF on Windows 10, Mac, online, or offline. You must be acquainted with the type text in PDF or where you can get a free trial of good PDF software or a good free online tool.

How to Type on a PDF with WPS Office

PDF files are easy to share on a network and you can make a group of people work on it simultaneously. But when you need to edit the text on the PDF or write on a PDF form, you can do it with a few different tools. WPS Office is a user-friendly software, you can also have an online WPS forum to make edits on your PDF. You can type on a PDF on WPS Office by the following steps.

Step 1: Upload a PDF to the WPS Office

Step 2: Click on Edit on the toolbar on the top of the WPS page

You can see that in Edit you get the option to Edit the Content of the PDF.

Step 3: Click on Edit Content

Once you click on the Edit content, you will get to see the content benign divided into different boxes, you can select a box you want to type on and edit the text.

You can also edit the non-interactive PDF Forms in the same way. Go to edit and add text to the PDF form and type on the PDF.

Step 4: Save the changes that you have typed on the PDF.

How to Write on a PDF on Windows / Mac

If you are using a laptop with Windows 10 on it or are a MacBook user, you can type on a PDF by following the method stated below.

Step 1: Download free software for editing PDF on your Windows or Mac, WPS Office works on both operating systems.

Step 2: On your laptop or MacBook open your Software and sign in

Step 3: Upload the PDF

Step 4: Write on the PDF on your Windows laptop or MacBook

Step 5: Save the PDF document that you have written on.

The method of typing on the PDF is almost the same, just the operating systems are different. One runs on Windows and the other on iOS.

How to Type on a PDF File for Free

Do you want to write on a PDF but you are not yet ready to make an investment by purchasing software or buying a subscription? You can download the free trial to be able to experience the pdf features and tools that enable you to write on a PDF. This is how you can do it.

Step 1: Look for Software or an online tool that has a free trial or offers free services. WPS is a good option for a free trial in the beginning and then purchase the app for premium benefits. Download the software or go to the website.

Step 2: Go to PDF Editor

Step 3: Upload the PDF file on the PDF Editor

Step 4: Make the edits and save the changes.

Tips to Type on a PDF

No matter whether you use WPS Office to edit or organize your PDF documents or not, while typing on a PDF, you need to be sure that the data you are adding is accurate and what you need to add to the content.

There are some tips to make accurate edits and be sure that the PDF file doesn't lose its credibility.

  • Use a PDF Editing tool: This way you can easily add text on the PDF and write and make changes. You can also save the changes that you make on the editing tool, like WPS Office.

  • Choose the right tool: You must be sure about the tool you use. Go for the tool that is free and credible. Tools with high credibility like WPS Office will surely be beneficial.

  • Plan the Layout: Before you dive right into writing on a PDF you should have a layout about the structure and the content you are about to add.

  • Use text boxes: You open a PDF file on an editing tool, and you will see boxes around the content. You must edit the box you choose.

  • Save the changes: You must save frequently to be sure of not losing the edited content.


Q1: How to type on a pdf document without Acrobat?

You can write on a PDF document by using PDF editing tools like:

  1. WPS Office on its app or online

  2. Adobe provides online typing options as well as on the software

Q2: How to edit or type text in a PDF?

You can edit or type text in a PDF by selecting edit after you open your PDF file on the editing software or website. Then you can select the box you want to edit the text and make the changes and, in the end, save the edited PDF.

Q3: Why can’t I type in PDF forms?

You can edit PDF Forms on editing tools like WPS Office. You can also edit non-interactive PDF forms by following the methods and tools that help with editing. Tools like, and Adobe Acrobat have features that enable you to write on a PDF form.

Summary - Easy to Type on a PDF File

You can write on a PDF on a PDF editing tool. This is easy and doable on free software as well as online websites for editing PDFs. By using WPS Office with the above steps, you can type on a PDF and save the changes made easily. WPS Office is a software that you can free download and use WPS PDF tools to edit and write on a PDF. This software also has powerful pdf converters to help convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PPT, Image documents and vice versa. 

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