How to Use the Mod Function in Excel (Step-by-Step)

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Simple calculations can only take us so far in our data analysis and management endeavors. The MOD function in Excel provides a swift solution for deriving remainders, which becomes an invaluable asset, augmenting our computational capabilities.

In this article, we'll explore how you can use the Excel Mod Function to help you with handling data ranges.

Excel Mod function

What is MOD Function

The MOD function is a mathematical function that calculates the remainder of a division operation between two numbers. It returns the remainder after dividing the given number (the dividend) by the specified divisor. In other words, it calculates the modulus of the two numbers.

The Excel MOD function is used for performing such modulus calculations and has various applications in data formatting, analysis, and conditional logic. It is a versatile function that helps simplify complex calculations and manipulate data. If you need quick calculations like a MOD function calculator involving the remainder of a division, the Excel MOD function is what you need.


The main purposes of the Excel MOD function are as follows:

  • Remainder Calculation: It is used to find the remainder when dividing numbers, which is useful for various calculations in finance, engineering, and other fields.

  • Cyclic Patterns: MOD is used to create cyclic patterns in spreadsheets or to perform cyclic calculations based on periodicity.

  • Conditional Logic: Based on the Excel MOD function, conditional formatting helps in creating conditional statements based on the remainder, which is helpful for data categorization or filtering.

  • Data Analysis: The MOD function is utilized in data analysis scenarios to categorize data into specific groups or to identify repeating patterns in a dataset.


The syntax of the MOD function in Excel is as follows:

=MOD(number, divisor)

number: This is the dividend, the number you want to divide.

divisor: This is the divisor, the number by which you want to divide the "number."

Here, the MOD function will not always return a modulus positive remainder when the "number" is divided by the "divisor,” the sign of the remainder will always match the sign of the "number."


  • You can effectively manage and analyze time-based data by using the Excel MOD function to calculate time intervals.

  • The MOD Function and DIV Function are different. The DIV function divides an integer by discarding the remainder, whereas, the MOD function in Excel performs division by computing the remainder.

  • Make sure you have used the proper syntax and provided accurate input values if the Excel MOD function is not working as expected.

How to Use MOD Function in Excel

Using the Excel MOD Function is a simple process. Consider the following example: we have five numbers that we wish to divide by the number "3" and we only want to obtain the remainder as a result. We have presented a step-by-step guide on how to obtain the remainder through the MOD function to assist you further in your calculations.

excel MOD function sample

To calculate the remainder of these numbers, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Select the cell where you want the remainder.

excel remainder cell

Step 2: Begin the formula with "=MOD("

excel MOD formula

Step 3: Select the cell that contains our number i.e., A3

excel MOD formula sample

Step 4: Select the cell that contains our divisor i.e., B3

excel Divisor cell sample

Step 5: Finish the formula with ")" and press Enter; Excel will compute the remainder of this division for you.

excel MOD function sample results


Now you can use this same formula for other cells to calculate their remainder.

And if you want to apply the formula to all the other cells, just drag it down using the Autofill handle to the desired cells.

excel MOD function formula

Example - Identifying Even & Odd Numbers

Consider the following table that demonstrates an Excel MOD function example. In this example, we want to determine whether the given numbers are even or odd. This function finds relevance in various Excel templates and data analysis scenarios. Let's explore the table provided:

Excel MOD function Odd and Even numbers

In this example, the IF and MOD functions will be used to detect whether each number is even or odd. The formula will be written in column B, under the "Even or Odd" heading.

Step 1: In cell B2, write the following formula:


excel MOD function even or odd formula

The formula works like this:

  • If the given number is an even number, the method returns 0 since even numbers can be divided by 2 without leaving a remainder.

  • On the other hand, If the number given is odd, the formula returns 1 since odd numbers leave a remainder of one when divided by two.

  • The formula returns "Even" if the number is even, and "Odd" if the number is odd based on the result (MOD(A2,2)=0).

Step 2: Simply press Enter after entering the formula, and Excel will automatically determine whether each number is even or odd.

excel MOD even or odd results

To apply the formula to all the other cells, just drag it down using the Autofill handle to the desired cells.

excel drag and apply results

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WPS Office


Q1. What does MOD(A2,2) = 1 mean?

MOD(A2,2) is an Excel function that computes the remaining after dividing the integer in cell A2 by 2. If the answer is 1, it means that the number in A2 is an odd number.

Q2. Can the MOD function handle negative numbers in Excel?

Yes, the Excel MOD Function can handle negative numbers. When using a negative number as the divisor, the function still calculates the remainder as expected. For example, MOD(-10, 3) will return 2, as -10 divided by 3 leaves a remainder of 2.

Q3. Does WPS Office's MOD function support decimal numbers?

Yes, WPS Office's MOD function supports decimal numbers both as the dividend and divisor. For instance, you can use MOD(10.5, 2.5) to find the remainder when 10.5 is divided by 2.5.

Q4. How does the MOD function handle errors or invalid inputs?

The MOD function will display an error value (usually "#NUM!") if any of the inputs are non-numeric or if the divisor is 0 (division by zero is not allowed). It doesn’t mean that your Excel MOD function is not working, make sure to handle such errors appropriately in your calculations.

Enhance Data Analysis With MOD Function

The Excel MOD function is an incredibly versatile tool that offers a wide range of applications, from conditional formatting to handling cyclic operations and creating sequence patterns. Excel and WPS Spreadsheet alike have undoubtedly made our lives easier by providing a simple MOD formula. Download WPS Office now to experience its intuitive interface and unleash the potential of the MOD function!

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